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Australia is one of the visa-exempt countries, meaning that Australian citizens can travel to Canada with an ETA. To reach Canada, Australians are expected to obtain an electronic travel approval or ETA.

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The ETA was adopted by the Canadian authorities in 2015 to pre-screen and determine their credentials for international visitors to Canada. The system's use has reduced visa applications and allowed the authorities to deal more effectively with foreign visitors causing more restricted holding times and reduced customs and migration lines.

Read on to understand how allows you to travel with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am an Australian citizen. Do I need an ETA to visit Canada?

Canada's electronic travel authorization is only available by air for explorers entering Canada. Those that turn up by land or ocean do not need to bother with an ETA but will require ID and travel reports in any case.
For Australian citizens, the Canadian ETA is designed for tourists who venture out to Canada for the following reasons:

  • For tourism, especially for short vacation stays.
  • Business meetings.
  • Traveling to their next destination through Canada.
  • Clinical care or consultation.
To enter and leave the country, most foreign residents traveling through Canada need a visa. Be that as it may, Australian nationals holding the ETA will fly without a visa if they enter and exit via a Canadian air terminal.
Since the Canadian ETA is electronic, all travelers need to have a machine-readable electronic passport. All advanced Australian passports are machine-readable, but the Australian passport office should be consulted by explorers questioned about their document qualifications.

Canada's ETA does not offer Australian citizens the choice of living or working in Canada.

Can an Australian citizen enter Canada without a visa?

To enter Canada visa-free, Australian residents who go by air need an ETA. Australians flying or traveling via a Canadian air terminal to Canada for tourism or business will not be granted entry without an authorized electronic travel permit (ETA). The ETA application is made online. With no valid justification to implement desk work face to face at a department or embassy, the application can be completed within a few moments. For up to 5 years or before the passport expires, a similar ETA may be used to enter Canada visa-free.

How long can an Australian stay in Canada with an ETA?

Australians with an affirmed visa may stay in Canada for as long as 180 days; one of those approved by the ETA gave the reason to travel. While an ETA holder's precise measure of time will remain in Canada fluctuates, the most crucial half-year stay is given to most Australian visitors. A Canadian ETA for multiple entries is legitimate. Australians may make many short outings to Canada with electronic approval. Australian citizens need a regular visa to Canada to stay longer than the period approved by ETA.

Will an Australian citizen appreciate a quick entry utilizing the ETA program?

Canada's ETA processing times are fast. It is recommended that, in any case, 1 to 3 business days before the flight, travelers apply the application form and that most applications would be accepted within 24 hours. A Primary Immigration inspection kiosk will be coordinated for Australians with an ETA who turn up at one of Canada's main air terminals. Here, before being welcomed into Canada, explorers checked the passport and associated ETA electronically. The interaction is quick and manages to avoid the long lines that are often associated with border control. Australians who need to acquire the license quickly can register for the urgent ETA administration to be used within 60 minutes to ensure readiness.

In how much time will I receive my ETA and How??

It also depends on the mechanism you are using. You'll get your ETA within a relatively short timeframe with evisamart. Within a business working day, you will receive an email from evisamart containing your authoritatively affirmed document after applying for your Canadian ETA. You can get your authorized Canadian ETA from evisamart for additional charges within 30 minutes, which is incredible if you are now at the air terminal and have forgotten to apply for a visa before your departure. Before moving on your trip to Canada, make sure you cover all of your travel bases regarding global documentation needs. To make sure that you have the exact travel permission, request your ETA periodically via

How does my Canadian Eta look like?

visa for india from australia

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