Canada Visa for Japanese Citizens

Japanese residents visiting Canada are among the nationalities excluded from the visa requirement to enter the country. For stays of as long as half a year for business, tourism, or education purposes, Japanese residents may enter Canada without a visa. In any event, all Japanese visitors should meet the entry criteria and present the necessary documents to the Canadian border immigration authorities. Similarly, if you arrive by plane, an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) would be required (an ETA is not essential if you come by land or ocean).

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The Canadian electronic ETA can be applied online via, and in just 30 minutes, it can very well be yours.

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Frequently Asked Question for Canada ETA

What is a Canadian ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization)?

Since 2016, for visa-excluded foreign nationals who want to travel to Canada by air, ETA has been a mandatory entry requirement. After approval, the Canadian ETA will automatically be linked to the candidate's passport. An affirmed ETA confirms the public's qualification to go visa-free to Canada and is filled in as a visa waiver document. While the ETA, for example, fulfills a visa waiver essentially equivalent to a visa, the technique for obtaining one is somewhat different from that for getting a regular visa. It is an extra lengthy procedure to apply for a traditional Canadian visitor visa; however, ETA candidates are generally told of a decision within a time frame.

I'm making a trip to Canada through a boat, cruise, or driving across a border. Do I need an ETA?

No, travelers who are just coming up to Canada via commercial or private flights need ETA.

Are there any age necessities for an ETA?

Notwithstanding the age restriction, all eligible ETA travelers should apply for an ETA.

I have a Canadian travel visa yet also hold a passport for a visa-excluded country. Do I need an ETA to Canada?

No, you can use your current passport with the Canadian travel visa that has been affirmed. You can apply for an ETA using the passport of a visa-exempt country if you wish.

What are the fundamental requirements for Japanese citizens visiting Canada?

To apply for the Canada ETA, there are a few easy prerequisites. All applicants should have:

  • A substantial Japanese passport valid for a half year in any case from the date of arrival in Canada.
  • A valid credit or debit card to paying the fees
  • An existing email address
The Canadian ETA is connected with the same passport used in the application and cannot be transferred. Japanese residents with double citizenship can apply with a single passport and make a trip to Canada.

In comparison to a visa, ETA applicants are eligible to enter Canada several times within five years time frame. Line authorities will determine how long that person is entitled to reside in Canada on the ETA holder's arrival. Generally, a stay of up to 6 months is permitted upon each entry.

How might I apply for Canada ETA Online?

Japanese citizens qualified for ETA must complete the straightforward online application form and provide some individual details that are required, including:

    • Name
    • Nationality
    • Profession
    • Details of passports, including passport number
    • Date of passport issue and expiry date
Explorers need to answer additional security and health-related inquiries before submitting their applications online. Before it is done, it is advisable to intentionally check all the data on the form, as errors or anomalies may cause the ETA to be deferred or rejected. There is also an ETA charge that can be charged online with either a debit or credit card.

How long can a visitor from Japan stay here in Canada?

If you can arrange the Canadian ETA, you can be in Canada for about 180 days per visit on an ongoing basis.

How long would Canada Eta be valid for?

Your ETA will expire 5 years after acceptance or until the expiry of your passport.

How long do I need to fill the application form?

All you need is 20 minutes of the time to complete the application form.

Does the ETA guarantee that I can enter Canada?

We emphatically comment that it does not mean that you can join Canada if you get a Canadian ETA on the off chance. All of that will depend on the judgment of the immigration officer at an airport checkpoint. An immigration official will check you upon arrival in Canada, who will confirm that you are appropriate to come to Canada or not.

I have more unresolved questions. Where could I acquire more information about the Canadian ETA?

Yet, when filling in the application, if you have questions or concerns, contact one of our administrators via Chat or by calling. Try not to miss your chance to learn about Canada! For you, this mighty nation is holding tight!

How does my Canada ETA look like?

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