Canada is the world's 2nd-largest nation. There is no lack of astounding scenery in Canada and exciting places for travelers to discover. From the coasts to the beaches, alongside amazing natural wonders, this country is a haven of vibrant and culturally rich cities.

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In 2015, Canada launched the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) to allow eligible citizens of visa-exempt countries to go to Canada before traveling by completing a simple online form. The online form for Canada ETA is easy and straightforward to finish. Applicants will be able to include personal details, passport numbers, and more information to reach them. Applicants will also get to answer a few basic questions, like medical records, about their history.
It is electronically connected to the traveler's passport once the ETA application is accepted.


What is a Canadian ETA for Mexicans?

Canada ETA is a new entry requirement document. The authorized ETA is electronically connected to the applicant's passport and is valid for 5 years or until the applicant's passport expires, whichever comes first.

North American partners with strong economic, political, social, and cultural relations are planned for Canada and Mexico; this is also why Canada and Mexico's governments are persisting with the implications of a revived planned partnership to build up economic opportunities respect for our typical climate. Both Canada and Mexico believe that it is now time for students to come together, establish business partnerships, and create a sustainable economic mechanism.

How long can citizens of Mexico stay in Canada with an ETA?

Per entry, all Mexican citizens may stay in Canada for 180 days.

What documents are required for Mexicans?

You do not require too many documents when applying online. And, in the Canadian ETA scenario, you require a legitimate passport. Just understand that to provide you with the online paper adequately, you need to send us:

  • A correct email address
  • A debit/credit card to pay fees from ETA.
  • Passport Details.
  • Contact Information.

What time does it take to apply for a Canadian ETA Online?

It depends on the processing type you select. However, the most comfortable alternative is to use it online, which could take you no more than 15 minutes.

How many entries are allowed in Canada with an ETA?

There are Multiple Entries allow in your Canadian ETA. You can reach Canada several times, along with your Mexican passport.

How long the passport which I will use for a Canadian ETA should be valid?

If you are ready to apply for an ETA from Mexico, your passport must be valid for six months from your first entry into Canada from Mexico.

I am traveling with my children. Does he or she need an ETA?

Yes. All foreigners, no matter their age, will need their separate ETA to visit Canada.

How can I apply online for a Canadian ETA?

To receive an Electronic Travel Authorization, eligible people may fill out an online form. Applicants must complete their details, passport information, email address, and pay application fees through credit or debit card. Since the Canadian ETA is attached electronically to the passport, there is no requirement to print a copy of the accepted Canadian ETA. Upon arrival in the country, applicants can contact the Canadian border control and present their passports.

Why should I use the services of

At evisamart, we guarantee that you get maximum security for your details, mainly because we invest security loads in our database. If you continue to have any questions about it, you will review our privacy policy & terms and conditions.

What if I make an error in my application?

Before submitting the online application form, it is essential to counter-check all the Canadian ETA form information. If the small printed ETA information does not fit the passport used during the application, boarding the aircraft will be postponed or denied entry into Canada.
Applicants must complete and apply a new or replacement ETA form to receive an error on the document.


visa for india from australia

Do I need to take travel or health insurance to be granted a Canada ETA?

No documentation of travel or health insurance is necessary for accepting the Canada ETA application. Travelers are, however, recommended to have travel insurance to hide the length of their stay in Canada only if medical care is needed during the journey.

Can I extend my ETA while I am in Canada?

Yes, the ETA can be extended while you're in Canada. The extension for the Canadian ETA must be made at the nearest Canadian office in Canada within 30 days per the stay approval period's end date.

Where will I get more information about the Canadian ETA?

More questions and additional details are answered during this page, but just if you continue to have concerns, you can begin talking with one of our customer service staff here.
It's effortless to apply for a Canadian ETA by Mexican citizens'. It is a more suitable choice than getting a visa from the Embassy of Canada. That is why we encourage you to start your adventure by applying in the most comfortable way possible to your Canadian ETA today!!

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