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About Egypt e-visa

Despite ranking within the top 30 largest countries with its 1 million square kilometers of land, Egypt may be a country that's notorious for its geographic 'distribution'; 99% of Egypt's population utilizes only 5% of the entire acreage, but nearly 100% of its aquatic resources may be a result of the predominantly barren ecosystem.
Are you planning a vacation in Egypt? Then you would like to use it for an Egypt visa. This will easily be done online, through the digital form. Egypt Tourist Visa Authorization was issued by the Government of Egypt in December 2017, allowing citizens of eligible countries to go to Egypt for touristic purposes by completing an online visa form before departure. The Egypt Online Tourist Visa allows for single and multiple-entries counting on the applicant's necessities at the instant of application. The online Egypt e-Visa allows travelers 30 days within the country. The validity of both the single and multiple online visas is 90 days from the date of issue. The Egypt online tourist visa form is straightforward and easy and may be completed within a couple of minutes. Applicants got to provide passport information and personal information, get in touch with details, proof of sufficient funds, Confirmed Air flight tickets, and current employment status.
Like business activities, foreign citizens must contact their nearest Egyptian Embassy or Consulate to visit Egypt for other purposes. In addition to the Egypt eVisa, you may need to get the Egypt Declaration Form before your departure to Egypt. You've got to fill it and submit it when boarding within the flight. Please notice that the Declaration Form may be a mandatory document to enter the country.

Online application

The candidates need to fill the application with the supportive documents, pay the fees online and then finally submit the application for verification.

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Visa Approval

The visa approval letter will be sent via e-mail. The candidate does not need to visit the embassy physically.

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Once the candidate arrives at the destination, they must show the documents along with the passport.

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Planning to visit Egypt during your busy schedule, you cannot bear to burn through your important time within the paperwork needed for Visa Process. It is better to consult the Visa Professional to execute the Visa Formalities for your benefit. The govt has dispatched an e-visa by e-mail. The govt of Egypt presented the e-Visa. E-visa is accessible for 47 countries. The Egypt eVisa may be a single entry or multiple entry visa that permits a stay of 30 consecutive days in Egypt for both Single or Multiple entries. The Egypt eVisa is valid to use and enter Egypt within 3month from the date of issue. Remember that the Egypt e-visa allows visitors to travel for Tourism purposes, and therefore the e-visa validity is for 90 days from the time of issue.


Tourist e-visa (Single Entry): - Applicants who visit Egypt for brief-term tourism or visiting to meet their family or relatives can apply for a single-entry tourist e-visa online. This e-visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue and permits 30 days continuous stay only. It allows you to enter Egypt once thereupon e-visa during the validity of the visa period.

Tourist e-visa (Multiple Entries): - Egypt Visa is allotted to the tourists who decide to visit the country and other places of interest within the country. The applicants must fill the form for a tourist e-visa online and submit it with all required documents online. The e-visa validity is for 90 days from issue dates and permits only 30 days to stay. Within these 30 days, you'll be able to enter Egypt Multiple times.

Looking at the priority
  • Insurance is mandatory for everyapplicant, which covers covid-19 too during your visit to Egypt.
  • You need tomention your Insurance details on the health declaration form.
  • All passengers must fill a health declaration form
  • All passengers, including Egyptian nationals, will need to carry a printed negative COVID 19 PCR test certificate from an accredited lab in Arabic or English for a test taken within 72 hours before the departure of their final flightto Egypt. The certificate must be stamped by the hospital or laboratory and must include the subsequentinformation:
  • The time & date the sample was taken
  • Details of the date of a sample taken for the swab
  • For passengers traveling from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Thailand, Paris, North and South America, Canada, London Heathrow, Frankfurt, South Korea, and Rome, the COVID 19 PCR test is oftentaken 96 hours before their final flightto Egypt.
  • Children under 6 years old and transit passengers are exempted from the negative COVID 19 PCR test certificate requirement
  • Incomplete applications are going to berejected.
  • The possession of a visa isn't the ultimateauthority to enter Egypt
  • Provision of false information will causeautomatic rejection of the visa.
  • The Visa processing fee is non-refundable
  • Documents that youupload should be clear and accurate with proper format (Jpg, Jpeg, PDF, etc.)


The Egypt e-Visa Application Requirements are listed below: -

  • Passport with 6 months of remaining validity from the date of entry in Egypt
  • A Scan copy of the passport’s information page
  • Recent photograph (passport size)
  • An e-mail address
  • Accommodation information
  • Credit or debit card 
Documents required upon arrival: -
  • Original Passport
  • e-Visa printout
  • Travel itinerary
  • Supporting letter,
  • e.g., a letter from the company or an invitation letter for business/family visits.
  • Hotel bookings/details about places to go toif going as a tourist

Upon approval, the Egyptian e-Visa will be electronically linked to the traveler’s passport and sent to the traveler’s e-mail address. It's required to print the e-Visa to present at the port of entry in Egypt for border officials to verify. Travelers must provide an equivalent passport used for applying for the Egyptian e-Visa online when arriving in an Egyptian airport.

Directions to Be Considered for Egypt e-visa
  • A visa is required before entry into the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Applicants must hold a standard passport valid for a minimum of six months beyond their arrival date in Egypt.
  • It is suggested that you have a minimum of 2 blank pages in your passport.
  • After the application has been submitted and approved, the traveler must print and carry a minimum of one copy of the evisa.
  • You will get to present your printed e-Visa to the immigration officer at the port of entry.
  • The Egypt e-Visa isn't required for visitors from the US, the EU, or the United Kingdom traveling to Sharm-El-Sheikh, Dahab, and Nuweiba Taba trip stays under 15 days; they will travel visa-free.
  • If you exceed the duration of staying the e-Visa without holding a residency permit, you'll have to pay fines and be deported or otherwise forbidden from future visit Egypt.
  • Children can apply for a visa with their parents' online accounts.
  • Egypt e-Visas are issued for single-entry or Multiple Entry to residents who require visas to enter Egypt.
  • Your Egypt e-Visa validity is for 90 days after issued. The utmos
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Countries Eligible for Egypt e-visa
Residents from the below listed Countries can apply online for Egypt evisa
Albania Finland Lithuania Norway Spain
Australia France Luxembourg Poland Sweden
Austria Germany Macedonia Portugal Switzerland
Belgium Greece Malta Republic of Cyprus Ukraine
Bulgaria Hungary Moldova Romania United Kingdom
(England, Northern
Ireland, Scotland, and Wales)
Canada Iceland Monaco Russian Federation United States
Croatia Ireland Montenegro Serbia Vatican City
Czech Republic Italy Netherlands Slovakia
Denmark Japan New Zealand Slovenia
Estonia Latvia North Korea South Korea
E-Visa FAQs
General Questions
Do I require a visa for my vacation to Egypt?

Indeed. Everybody needs a visa to go into Egypt. This applies to all voyagers, including (underage) children.

What sort of visa do I need for my vacation to Egypt?

If your stay in Egypt concerns about the occasion to visit companions/family and keeps going under 30 days, then you can utilize this electronic visa. This Egypt e-visa application can be submitted through the online application form on

What If your intention to stay in Egypt for more than 30 days, or would you say you are going for an explanation other than vacation or a visit to companions/family?

You need to apply with the Egyptian international consulate or embassy to have an actual paper visa applied to your passport.

I got my visa. Do I need to do something else?

Indeed. You need to print your visa and take it with you on your outing. Every explorer needs to keep his/her visa with the passport and grasp gear on their excursion to Egypt.

Do I have to apply for a visa to go to Hurghada in Egypt?

Qualified residents venturing out toward the South Sinai Red Sea resorts, for example, Hurghada, Dahab, Nuweiba, Taba, or Sharm-el-Sheik, for a duration of 15 days may get a free-entry authorization stamp upon landing in the air terminal. Those who wished to go outside of the previously mentioned zones or stay for longer periods than 15 days will be needed to acquire a visa for Egypt.

I applied for a visa yet didn't get any email; what now?

After you have finished the payment for your visa application, you will get an affirmation by email. This email contains your transaction id or temporary application id for your reference. You can check the status of your (gathering) application. If you didn't get the email, then first, check the organizer 'undesirable messages' in your email inbox, otherwise called the 'spam' or ‘Trash’ folder. Can't discover an email from a sender named Have a go at looking into the situation with your application online.

Would I be able to check the status of my Egypt e-visa on the web?

Indeed, it is possible to check your application status online for the Egypt e-Visa once an electronic application has been finished and submitted.

Do I need an Egypt e-visa for each trip?

Regardless of whether a voyager needs an Egypt e-Visa for each outing relies upon the off chance that they pick the choice for a single entry or multiple entries while finishing the online application.

  • A Single entry e-visa considers the most extreme stay of 30 days in the country for tourism and is substantial for 90 days to enter the country.
  • A Multiple entries visa for Egypt, in the meantime, likewise allows a most extreme absolute stay of 30 days, yet this can be utilized across various entries to Egypt over a 180-day legitimacy period.

The individuals who pick the multiple entry visas won't have to apply for each outing to Egypt along these lines. However, those with a single entry visa will.

Inquiries for Application for Egypt E-visa
How can I apply for a visa for Egypt?

You can present your application for the Egypt visa through the online application structure. Then, you make the visa fees (Visa, MasterCard). You will get your visa by email within 2 to 7 days. You need to print the visa and take it with you on your outing to Egypt. You subsequently don't have to go to the Egypt consulate or embassy for your Egypt visa.

When would I be able to present my visa application?

You can present your application online 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You need to present your application in any event 7 days before your arrival in Egypt. Regardless of whether your arrival in Egypt is over 30 days away, you would already be able to present your application online. All things considered, your application is required to be postponed until 30 days before arrival and consequently prepared at that point.

Could or would it be a good idea for me to present a group application?

If you are going with a group, you are needed to apply for the entirety of the visas for the whole group in a solitary application structure through a group application. Regardless the nationality of all group members should be the same. If nationality is different, then they have to submit separate applications.

What documents do I have to required to apply for an Egypt e-Visa?

The Egypt visa reports needed for an online application are as follows:

  • Passport legitimate for a half year from the proposed date of entry in Egypt
  • A scanned copy of the passport's information page
  • A recent photograph (passport size)
  • Accommodation details
  • Proof of adequate funds

To present an Egypt Online Visa Application, you need a credit or check card for visa expense payment and an email address.

What data and records do I need to take to Egypt?

During your outing to Egypt, you need to bring:

  • Your printed visa
  • Your passport (substantial for at any rate 8 additional months from the snapshot of arrival)
  • A printed copy with all flights and overnight appointments
  • If you are visiting companions/family: a letter of invitation
How and when do I get my visa for Egypt?

You will get your visa by email inside about fourteen days of presenting your application. You need to print the visa and convey it with your passport when you arrive in Egypt.

Do I have to visit the consulate or the government office of Egypt?

No. If you need to venture out to Egypt on vacation for under 30 successive days, you can present your application online altogether through You will not have to go to an international embassy. Just submit an application with the required documents, and you will get your visa to Egypt deliver to you on your email.

Do I need to have effectively reserved a Flight before I can apply for the visa?

You don't have to have effectively reserved your flight to apply for your Egypt visa. You have to organize any event one short-term stay; you present the application right now. You need to fill in the contact data of that place in the application structure. It isn't important to have masterminded all for staying at the hour of the visa application. Observe: You have to set up all short-term stays right now; you are venturing out to Egypt. You should have the option to outline that on paper, and the immigration administration can request this on arrival in Egypt.

Do I require a letter of Invitation if I apply for the Egypt e-visa?

If you are venturing out to Egypt to visit loved ones or family members, you require a letter of invitation. If you are visiting Egypt for a holiday/vacation, a letter of invitation isn't essential. The family and companion you will visit need to compose a letter of invitation that states the personal data (total names and address data). The letter likewise needs to say who is being welcomed (all explorers, including passport number, names, and address data). At long last, the letter needs to state when the voyagers show up and leave Egypt.

I don't have the correct data where and when I was in Egypt the last time; what now?

You need to demonstrate this in the application structure at your visa application hour on the off chance you have been to Egypt. You will, at that point, be requested an arrival date at that point, date of takeoff, and address of the last home in Egypt. On the off chance that the movement dates are not, at this point, known, you can make a gauge of this present: what's most significant is that the year and month are correct. You can found the stamp page dates if you made the excursion with your present passport. If you don't recollect your home's location at that point, you can fill in a location close to the area you were remaining. You can look into a location by squeezing the catch "look into address."

I don't yet have the foggiest idea when am I'm showing up in Egypt. Is that an issue?

No. In the application structure for the Egypt visa, you are requested the day you are entering, and the day you are leaving the country; however, you can go amiss from that. Allowing happens on normal 25 days before the filled-in date of arrival (except if the filled-in date of arrival is prior). When the visa is true, the legitimacy term begins, which keeps going 90 days. It doesn't make any difference when you show up in Egypt: as long as you show up and leave inside these 90 days and are not remaining in Egypt for more than 30 successive days. If you don't know when you are leaving, you can subsequently fill in an estimated date.

Inquiries concerning the visa for Egypt
What is the legitimacy span of the Egypt visa?

The visa for Egypt is legitimate for 90 days, from the second that your application is endorsed. For the most part, endorsement takes 2 to 7 days from the second you submit and pay for your application. If you are leaving in over 30 days, the application is required to be postponed until 30 days before takeoff, so your visa will, in any case, be substantial during your arranged outing. Observe: your visa may be legitimate for 90 days, yet each stay in Egypt can last a limit of 30 continuous days.

How long would I be able to remain in Egypt with my visa?

You can remain a limit of 30 back-to-back days in Egypt per trip. It doesn't make any difference if you apply for a single entry or multiple entry visas. On the off chance that you apply for a multiple entry visa, you can go to Egypt a limitless number of times inside the visa's legitimacy period.

Do children also need a visa?

Yes. All travelers who want to visit Egypt may apply for an e-visa first.

Am I able to work in Egypt or continue a business trip with a visa?

No. If your purpose is for a business trip to Egypt or to figure within the country for an Egyptian employer, you would like to apply beforehand at the Egyptian embassy.

Do I want a visa if I'm arriving by boat or cruise liner?

Yes. It doesn't matter how you arrive in Egypt, and you need a visa. With the visa which you'll apply for on this website, you'll arrive in Egypt by land (car, bus, etc.), by sea (boat, cruise ship, etc.), or by air (airplane).

What does my passport need to comply with?

You can only use the visa form on this website if you possess a traditional (regular) passport. You cannot apply with an emergency passport, diplomat passport, residence document, or Residence permit.

How am I able to provide my passport scan or photo?

After filling out the form and making the payment, you'll upload a scan or photo of your passport's information page. That's the page that shows your passport photo. The remaining pages don’t get to be provided. Confirm that the photo or scan is sharp, which all text is clearly readable. Submitting the photos is often easily done by uploading your scan or photo through this website. If you can’t figure it out, you'll try sending your passport by email; this might cause some delay.

If I even have a new passport, do I want to use it for a new visa?

Yes. The visa is automatically linked to the applicant's passport and, therefore, the passport number used when filling within Egypt's visa form. If you received a new passport and need to visit Egypt, you would like to use it for a new visa.

FAQs regarding Changing or canceling an application
Am I able to change the address of my overnight stay?

After applying for your visa for Egypt, it's not possible to form any changes. If your place of residence has changed, you do not get to apply for a new visa. If your visa is approved, you'll also make use of other places than those you filled in on the form.

Can I able to change my travel dates?

After applying for your visa, it's not possible to form any changes. However, if your residence has changed, you will not always apply for a replacement visa. From the instant that your visa application is approved, you'll see on the visa what the validity term is 90 days. If you arrive in Egypt within this validity period and leave the country within this term, and your stay isn't longer than 30 days, you'll still use your visa. It's only necessary to use for a replacement visa if you're staying in Egypt for extended than 30 days or if you would like to delay your travel date, making it, so you do not wish to go away from Egypt before the expiration date of the validity term of the visa.

I made an error filling the form; what now?

It is impossible to vary an already filled-in form. If you entered wrong passport information or incorrectly answered other questions, this will cause your visa to be denied or becoming invalid. Just in case your visa is denied, you'll apply for a replacement visa (this will get to be purchased again). It also can happen that your visa is approved but is invalid due to wrongly filled information. The Egyptian immigration service cannot check the status and might not approve your application and reject the visa. Still, on arrival in Egypt, you'll not be allowed in the country because your visa can't be linked to a legitimate passport number. Albeit you received a visa that seems valid, except for which you provided wrong information, it knows to submit a completely new application.

Can I get my application fees refund if I don’t need my visa anymore?

No. After processing the visa application, the requested service has been delivered. It's not possible to annul it or get a refund.

I want to vary or cancel my application?

As soon as your application is processed, it's not possible to cancel it. Usually, after making the payment, applications are processed within 5 minutes. If you're traveling in additional than 30 days, your application will be processed exactly 30 days before departure.

Other questions for EGYPT e-visa
What is the difference between an Egypt Visa on Arrival and an Egypt e-visa?

The e-visa to Egypt is an electronic travel authorization that's approved before traveling to Egypt. Upon arrival at the country's border control, it only takes a couple of minutes because the e-Visa is already approved. The visa on arrival can be applied or obtained at an Egyptian airport upon arrival. The doorway to the country depends on the border control queues for the visa on arrival, and therefore the processing times at the instant of arrival. Also, the visa on arrival is merely one entry, and therefore the passport is going to be stamped.

What is the simplest currency to require for Egypt?

The money (currency in cash) travelers should fancy Egypt is Euros, US Dollars, and British pound. We also recommend that travelers exchange a number of their currency for the Egyptian pound

Do I want a Vaccination for Egypt?

No, travelers aren't required to urge any vaccination for Egypt. However, travelers who have recently visited a rustic where yellow fever may be a problem are recommended to take vaccination proof.

Can I extend my e-visa while in Egypt?

Yes, you'll apply for an Egypt visa extension form at the Immigration Office in Egypt to receive an Egypt visa extension.

What am I able to do if my e-visa application for Egypt is rejected?

The applicant will receive an email with a shred of evidence or rejection reasons. Counting on the rationale of rejection, applicants could also be ready to re-apply if corrections are often made.

What happens if you overstay in Egypt?

If you overstay with your Egypt tourist visa, you're required to pay a fine before exiting Egypt.

Can I apply for a replacement Egypt visa online if my previous e-Visa was denied?

If the Egypt e-Visa is declined, the rationale it's been denied will be communicated to the applicant so that they may apply online for a replacement Egypt visa.

How does evisamart handle my personal data?

We use your information only for your visa application. Furthermore, on our website, we respect all the users' privacy and ensure that the knowledge you give us during your application is treated confidentially. It's important to understand that your information won't be sold or used for any commercial purposes whatsoever. Should you have any questions on privacy, check on our privacy policy or contact us for more.

Where can I receive more information or help regarding the Egypt e-visa?

Always attempt to find the solution to your question on this page first; this is often the quickest thanks to finding answers to any questions you've got about Egypt's visa. Should you be unable to seek a solution on this page, we are happy to assist.