Frequently Asked Questions On Indian E-Visa

Q. What Are The Types Of E-Visas Offered By The Indian Government?

Ans. Business E-Visa, Medical E-Visa, Tourist E-Visa, Conference E-Visa etc are some of the types of E-Visas offered by the Indian government.

Q. What Of The Documents You Provided Had Problems?

Ans. In such a case, you are required to re-upload the concerned document by accessing the re-upload tab on the eVisa Martwebsite of the E-Visa application.

Q. How Long Does The Approval Process Take For An Indian E-Visa?

Ans. When you are done with submitting the online application for an Indian E-Visa, you are required to wait for 24 hours in general, following which you receive an approval email.

Q. How To Deposit The E-Visa Application Fee?

Ans. One can easily deposit the E-Visa application fee through an online payment. Debit cards and credit cards are supported by the online portal where you need to submit your application.

Q. What happens when your application gets rejected?

Ans. Upon rejection of the online visa application, you are supposed to get a full refund of the fee as a credit under your account which you can use later.

Q. What if You Identify An Error In Your E-Visa application?

Ans. Now this depends a lot upon how much time you have taken to identify the error. If you have identified before the processing of your visa with the government authorities, you do stand a chance to get it correct.

Q. What If You Lose Your Printed Visa Copy?

Ans. Well, try not to do so but even if you have done this, you don't need to panic as you can still get your visa printed again with the help of your email.

Q. Are The Payment Gateways Used Safe And Private?

Ans. You don't need to worry about any account details from which you have initiated the payment as the payment gateways used are verified your account details are never backed up or tracked during the process.

Q. What Is The Processing Time Of An Online Visa Application?

Ans. The processing time is usually very less as your applications are sent to the concerned authorities as soon as possible. Also, as the approved visa is sent to the people v.i.a. email so the authorities make sure that no time is wasted.

Q. Do the application department approve the E-Visas?

Ans. No, the E-Visa is approved by the concerned government authorities. The application department just forwards all the applications to the concerned authorities.

Q. Should You Arrange All The Accommodations And Convince Before Approval Of The Visa?

Ans. It is normally advised not to do so because you cannot enter a country without a visa and you never know what problem arises. So it is always good to wait for the visa approval before you make arrangements.

Q. From When Does The Validity Term For Your Visa Starts?

Ans. Your validity term starts as soon as the visa is being issued to you by the concerned authorities. One should no have misinformation that it starts when you arrive in the country whose visa you have.

Q. Is it possible to edit your visa after getting it issued?

Ans. No, it is impossible to make any changes when you have received your e-visa which is now ready to get printed.

Q. What is the fee charged for applying for an Indian E-Visa?

Ans. One can easily find out all the information regarding the fee charged on the eVisa Mart website.

Q. What steps to take if applying an E-Visa For a minor?

Ans. If you are a minor and you are carrying out the application filling procedure, you just need to get the signatures of your parents on the application form before you submit.

Q. What should we submit, original documents or the photocopied ones?

Ans. One should very necessarily make sure that one ends up providing the photocopied documents so that one can provide their original documents at other places.

Q. What are the dates when the visa application centres don't operate?

Ans. One can find the most accurate information concerned to this on the eVisa Mart website. Generally, the visa application centres operate every day except for the national and festive holidays.

Q. What Is The Role Of Passport In Visa Application?

Ans. Upon approval of your E-visa application, the visa is stamped on the passport only. So the passport is very important for making your visa useful.