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Medical e-Visa is an authorized way of allowing people or foreigners in India for medical treatment concerns. But there are some terms and conditions that the e-medical visa holder has to follow. Indian Government approved this facility of Medical eVisa in late 2017 by adding a category in the e-Visa service. So if you do live out of India and looking for medical treatment of a disease that you’ve been suffering so far, you can then apply for an e-Medical Visa for India.

Initially, it was allowed for some countries, but the Indian Government expended it for most countries, just like the e-Visa category. The best part of this online authorization for medical treatment is that a holder of an e-medical India visa is allowed to enter this country three times within 60 days. Yes, you heard it, right.

This e-medical visa is valid for sixty days. The patients are allowed to stay in India for a maximum of sixty days regarding medical treatment, and they can come and go to India three times within this period. The main thing to remember is that this e-visa can be held by the patient, not the other member of the family.

If the family members need to go with the patient during treatment, they are then required to have a medical attendant visa. That is only being granted to the two people as attendants with a medical e-Visa holder. If you are a holder of Medical eVisa you then have to follow some protocols suggested below. The protocol can vary from country to country.

Needed document to apply for a Medical eVisa online

The requirements of documents might vary according to nationality, but there are common requirements that apply to anyone while applying for Medical eVisa online.

  • A passport of an applicant
  • For getting any kind of visa, a passport is a must-have document. So while applying for Medical eVisa online, an applicant has to submit or upload a scanned copy of the passport. Before you get scanned your passport, adjust it according to the asked parameter and requirements.

  • Photograph or image
  • An applicant has to upload a recent passport-sized photograph while filling the Medical eVisa application form. The size and type of the photograph are suggested in the notification. And do not forget to make the image according to that. Otherwise, this application may be rejected instead of approved.

  • Essential evidence for Medical e-Visa for India
  • While filling the application form online, an applicant is asked some questions related to disease and hospital that are needed to be answered.

    And a hospital letter and a letter from your doctor is very important to get Medical eVisa for India. That ensures that the applicant is needy for medical treatment.

    So these are the documents that you need while filling the application form of Medical eVisa for India. There is an additional thing in comparison with regular e-visa, and that is a hospital letter.

Essential points regarding details

  • When you start filling the application for e-Medical India Visa, you are then suggested to put the essential details correctly. Otherwise, the wrong detail can lead to the rejection of the application.
  • First of all, type your full name as exactly as appears on your passport. You also need to fill other details like date of birth, address, and contact information. An applicant has to answer a couple of questions. You can pay the fee for Medical e-Visa through a credit or a debit card.
  • After completion of the form, check the filled details twice for better confirmation. And as the application of Medical eVisa for India gets approved, then a visa will be sent to the email address of the applicant.

Some key points that an applicant must know

  • An applicant is needed to carry a hard copy of the e-Medical India Visa while the time of traveling to India, and for staying in India.
  • The passport of the applicant should have at least two blank pages. If it is not so, an applicant may not be allowed to travel through Medical e-Visa.
  • The passport should be having a validation period of six months.
  • And this medical e-visa for India is non-convertible and non-extendable.
  • Only three entries are allowed to a patient for medical purposes.
  • The applicant has to have a return ticket when they apply for Medical eVisa online.
  • It is needed that the applicant should have enough funds while staying in India.
  • Only two attendants can go with a Medical e-Visa holder.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What are the most required documents needed for Medical eVisa for India?

A. The essential documents are a scanned copy of the passport, a recent photograph, and a hospital letter. While filling the application form of Medical eVisa, the candidate needs to upload these.

Q. What are the pieces of stuff essential to carry while traveling?

A. The passport of the candidate and a copy of medical e-Visa are essential pieces of stuff to carry. Remember, the passport should have a minimum of two blank pages and six months of validation from the date of arrival.

Q. What Medical e-Visa can be converted into another e-Visa?

A. A big No, this Medical eVisa cannot be converted into another visa. It is non-convertible and even not-extendable.

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