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Avail All The Information Regarding Indian E Visa for Australian Citizens

Are you curious to enjoy your traveling by visiting different countries and invite interesting experiences to you but you don’t know about the process of getting the visa to India from Australia? You have landed on a suitable article which will tell you all about the visa, how to get it and most importantly, what documents are required for its’ application and lots more:

Why Indian Visa is required for Australia?

Before jumping to know the process of getting a visa, let us first unveil the answer to the big question which you must be having in your mind that after all, why do we need visas, and what is it? Visitors International Stay Admission, abbreviated as the visa is an authorized paper which is an allowance to enter the country for a particular period for a specific purpose (business, study, tourist, etc).

Do you need a visa to travel to India from Australia?

visa to travel to India from Australia

A valid Indian visa is required to enter and exit India for a variety of purposes. The visitors are required to apply for visas before entering the country as it is mandatory for all visitors entering India, regardless of the purpose of visit, length of stay, or the country of origin as a traveler without a visa may be immediately deported. We are going to let you know everything related to India's visa for Australian citizens.

How to apply for the Indian Visa for Australia Citizens?

Tourists who want to travel to India who plan to stay for personal travel can apply for an Indian e-visa online. The application requires a photo of the traveler, a passport scan, and payment of the application fee which varies differently for different countries. For travelers whose visits are not included in the parameters of thee-visa, the visitor may submit his application to the nearest embassy or consulate.

You have to follow the given steps to apply online for the visa:

  • Fill the online application and pay with Paypal or credit card.
  • Receive documents via email.
  • Enter your destination.

After the launch of an online visa or eVisa by the Indian government in 2014, travelers from over 160 countries are allowed to apply for a medical, tourist, or business eVisa to India with either 1 month, 1 year, or 5 years of validity. Travelers applying for this program receive their electronic visa via email after filling the application form with the required information and paying the required fee.

What are the Required documents for e Visa to India from Australia?

what are the Required documents to travel to india

Without knowing the required documents, you will not be able to fill the application form. However, the list of the necessary documents is very limited but all the documents must be valid. The first and foremost necessary thing is the passport which must be valid for up to 6 months beyond the validity of the applied visa for India, must have some blank pages (2 or 3) for stamping during the visa application process. Moreover, the passport should not be torn from anywhere. It must be straight.

Photographs are the second most important thing you need while applying for a visa. There are certain criteria for the photographs too!

  • The background of your photograph must be plain or white
  • No headwear is allowed in the photograph
  • Wearing sunglasses is also not allowed
  • The photography must be taken in the last three month of applying for a visa
  • It should be clear
  • If you are going for business purposes, you also need a certificate of incorporation of the company that is inviting you to India.

Important instructions for applying Indian eVisa for Australia Citizens

There are some important guidelines one must keep in mind while applying for a visa. They are:

  • The Indian eVisa is not extendable.
  • At the time of travel, the applicant is required to carry a copy of the Indian eVisa along with them.
  • Applicants can enter India anytime within the period indicated on the validity of the Indian eVisa.
  • Applicants must arrive using the same passport they used to apply for eVisa.

We can aid you in processing your visa. The processing time is estimated at around 2 days for every type of visa you require. Fees vary differently for different purposes. For business eVisa, the processing fee is USD 45, whereas the processing fee for tourist eVisa is USD 35. The processing fee for medical eVisa is the same as for business eVisa. By contacting us, you can avail of affordability and easy accessibility to your visa without many efforts. We are intended to help individuals and legal entities in their paperwork to usher in any country for a short-term stay. You can consult us for more information. Some general FAQs are provided by us to sort out your problems.

How long does it take to get an Indian e-Visa for Australian Citizens

For the Australian citizens to get the E-visa approval, it takes about 2-3 business days. Hence, this is the reason why there is a compulsory 4 days period between the arrival day to India and applying for the visa. The e-Visa to the Australian citizens can be granted for a maximum of 1 year. Hence, it is recommended to apply at least 2-3 weeks in advance before you arrive in India.

There are times when there could be other complications as well, and to avoid that one should always apply well in advance and be on the safer side.

How Much Does It Cost For Indian E-Tourist Visa From Australia?

e Visa Fees for India from Australia vary according to the type of India Visa, an Australian is applying for. As per the Government guidelines, Visa processing charges are fixed. Private Visa Consultants may charge some additional amount to facilitate you with Visa approval services. Find below the E Visa India cost for Australia:-

  • e-Tourist Visa for 30 days costs $25. It is valid for 30 days only with Double entry.
  • E- Tourist Visa for 1 year costs $40. It is valid for 365 days with multiple entries.
  • E-Business Visa costs $80. It is valid for 365 days with multiple entries.
  • E- Conference Visa costs $80. It is valid for 30 days with a single entry.
  • e-Medical Visa costs $80. It s valid for 60 days with triple entry. 
  • e-Medical attendant Visa costs $80. It s valid for 60 days with triple entry.

EVisamart provides Indian Tourist E-Visa for Australian Citizens as the Government decided fees only. No hidden cost is involved while applying for Indian Visa online

What is the processing time? What is e visa Fees/Cost for India from Australia?

If you are getting the Indian E-Visa through e-Visa Mart, The pricing will entirely depend on the type of Visa and Processing time. If you want the Visa on an Immediate basis, the pricing would be higher as compared to a regular Visa. While applying for Indian Visa for Australia, you may opt for the following options:-

  • Regular: Standard Processing Time is 5 days and it is the cheapest option. Australian Applicants may choose this if they are applying for the Indian Visa at their own comfort. The fee including services charges and the government visa fee.
  • Faster: The cost is a bit higher than the regular Indian Visa. It takes 3 days to get an Indian visa and the fee including services charges and the government visa fee.
  • Immediate: It is also called super rush processing Visa as you can expect the Visa in just 2 days. The fee including services charges and the government visa fee.
Can Australian citizens get visas on arrival in India?

The Visa on arrival for the Australian nationals is an official document that the traveler can obtain once they arrive at the border entry of India. An Australian citizen who is planning to visit India and looking for an on-arrival visa needs to directly go to the border checkpoints upon arrival and then wait in the queue until they are provided with a visa application, which is required to be filled. Australian citizens are granted a visa for a maximum of 180 days.

The citizens will be required, to either pay in the local currency or through another mode of payment.

What are the eligibility criteria to get an Indian eVisa for Australian Citizens?

Like most nationalities, Australians also need to have a visa before they can embark on their journey to India. It can be confusing and time-consuming to apply for any visa. Some Australians are put off from traveling to India when they think of all the documents that need to be arranged, application forms that need to be filled, and the trip to the embassy. The Indian government has made the application process for an Indian visa from Australia both swift and easy to promote tourism. Australians can apply for an Indian visa online With the introduction of the eVisa and that too from the comforts of their homes. Additionally, there is no longer a need for a trip to the nearest Indian embassy, which allows them to save time and money.

What Visa Do I Need to get India Tourist Visa from Australia?

A tourist visa would be required for visiting purposes. An Indian tourist visa for Australians granted by the government lasts up to 90 continuous days. Through the eVisa system online, the tourist visa can be applied. There is no need to go anywhere to apply. You can think of it as a visa on arrival. The main difference here is; you need to apply for a visa before you make the trip instead visa being granted at the Indian airport. You should apply for it a minimum of 4 days before you are to travel to give the eVisa application enough time for approval.

What Documents Do Australians Need to Get an Indian Visa?

The Indian embassy requires certain documents along with your eVisa application as part of the Indian visa requirements for Australian citizens.

Some of the documents you need are:

  • Professional: such as Visiting purpose written on Company Letterhead, Company identity proof or Salary account details. 
  • Educational: qualifying certificates
  • Travel history for the past ten years
  • The passport-sized photo; must have a white background, and the head must be centered.
How Long Does It Take for an Indian Visa to Be Approved?

Generally, 2-3 business days is a turnaround for an eVisa approval. Hence it is the only reason a 4-day minimum period is set before traveling. Once granted, the visa is valid for 365 days. In simple terms, you will have a period of 365 days during which you can travel to India. You can only stay for the specified period mentioned on your visa upon arrival in India.

FAQs for Indian Visa

1. How to fill the application form for Indian Visa from Australia?

It is quite easy to fill the form. While filling the form, the visa must include the name as mentioned in your passport, the type and validity of the visa must have two signatures. You have to answer all the field and the application has to be printed on single-sided paper.

2. How will I get the information about the approval and shipment of the visa?

The email id is to be checked which had been provided by you while applying for the visa to know about the approval.

3. What is an additional particular form?

A type of form where you have to answer all the questions by using yes or no is known as an additional particular form. If you are applying for a minor then the application requires your parents’ signature then only it will become a valid document.

4. What is the meaning of personal appearance?

It is important for the person applying for the visa to be physically present in the office to verify if the person is genuine.

5. How Do I Make Sure That Australian Citizen Eligible to Apply for an Indian E-Visa?

Go to the eVisaMart Website, on the Indian visa page under the right sidebar you can find the "Check Eligibility" section Where you can make sure of Indian visa eligibility by filling the in required details.

6. For how long, Australian Citizens can stay in India?

An Australian Citizen can stay for a maximum of 90 days having validity of single entry & multiple entries as well.

8. How long it takes to apply Indian Visa Online via eVisamart?

It hardly takes 10 minutes to apply online. Make sure to carry your all Documents soft copies with you while filling the application form online.

9. How does Electronic Tourist Visa Looks like?

Indian Visa from Australia Look Like

Indian Visa from Australia Look Like

10. What to be done after applying for Indian Visa?

After submitting the Visa application, you just need to relax and wait for the Visa. You will get the approved visa online at your email-id in PDF format. You Visa will be in your inbox forever. You need not visit the embassy anymore! Once you get the Tourist Indian E-Visa on your email, you may get the visa printout to be shown at the time of arrival in India.

11. It is safe to apply through E-Visa Mart?

It’s obvious to have the fear of information leaks. But E-Visa Mart is equipped with trusted professionals only. Your personal info is in safe hands which will never be leaked to anyone. Our portal is secured through a high-quality server which ensures maximum safety of your personal Data, confidentiality. We Invest in database security so that your information can be safer.

12. Do I need to have a Vaccine When traveling To India?

Vaccine regulations are implemented by the Government only. So vaccine requirement will depend on these regulations & the current situation. Some governments require proof of Yellow fever vaccination if you are arriving from a country with the risk of yellow fever. So it is the traveler's responsibility to check with the concerned government's regulations and get it verified by Own.

13. What if I made a mistake while filling the application form online?

If you made a mistake in your application, contact our representatives immediately. They will be ready to serve you 24*7 through messages, chat, or online queries. If you have submitted the applications and the application is processed, you can’t make any changes and you will have to apply again for the Indian Visa. While applying through our E-Visa portal, we won't charge any service fee again.

14. If I have more unsolved queries, from where I can get the information?

If you have some specific queries related to Indian E-Visa for Australians, feel free to call our representatives or fill the query form here to get the callback. Alternatively, You can check the FAQs mentioned here and May explore the Blog section.

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