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Everything you need to know about Indian E Visa for Germany Citizens

Visiting countries for purposes ranging from business to medical-related or simply for pleasure is a common feature. One can easily fly from one particular destination and land in a country of their choice and fulfill the purpose of their trip.

However, traveling internationally requires a lot of paperwork and documentation, the nature of which can make it a painstakingly slow and tiresome process. Important documents ranging from visas to passports and everything in between are required by all countries when you wish to travel to them, and dealing with the documentation can be a tiresome process.

Here’s where we come in. We can take your documentation needs and complete the process for you, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. If you wish to know more about Indian E Visa for German Citizens, read on.

How to apply for the Indian Visa from Germany?

To apply for the Indian e-Visa from Germany, the first thing one will need to do have is a valid passport. The German nationals require an applicant photo and must scan the passport personal detail section. Here are the few basics steps one would require to follow:

  • The applicant must submit the application form online, which hardly takes about a few minutes.
  • Once the information gets completed, upload the additional documents that include passport size photographs.
  • Once all the information is submitted, the e-Visa gets processed.
  • The visa will be given to you through email.

What are the Requirements to get an Indian visa from Germany?

Required Documents for Getting the Indian Visa for Germans:

indian visa for german citizens

When you're applying for an Indian visa from Germany, here are some of the documents you must keep at hand:

  • Passport: The most important document of them all, a passport is the first document you need to for your travels abroad. Its validity should exceed your need for a Visa by 6 months. The passport should have enough pages for the authorities to be able to sign and stamp your documents when you arrive in India. With a copy of the passport, applicants need to submit a colored scanned copy of the first and last page. Lastly, the passport should be in a presentable condition and not torn from anywhere.

  • Photographs: If your passport satisfies all the requirements, then the next thing you need is passport-sized photographs. These photographs are not your standard kind and have specific visa-based requirements. The photograph should be no older than 3 months since the day you apply and should spot a white background. You're not allowed to wear spectacles or sports headgear either. To ensure you get the right-click, it’s advisable to visit your nearest photo booth and tell them to take your photograph for a visa. They’ll follow the necessary steps.

  • ID proof: ID proof is the next thing you need. This will be required to verify your permanent address when you're applying for the visa for verification purposes. The most preferred ID proof is a driving license that contains all the necessary details as required by the visa-issuing authorities.

  • Incorporation certificate (if applicable): In case you're hitting the Indian shores for work in a firm that operates out of the country, then you need to present a certificate of incorporation. This certificate also has certain parameters to be adhered to, such as a proper format, details such as the address and credentials of the organization, a proper invitation letter with necessary signatures, and a statement of sponsorship.

In short, You are required to submit complete information related to origins such as marital status, religion, last 10 years travel history, education, profession, Date of birth, Birthplace, Contact information: address, email, and phone numbers. And lastly, the eVisa application form must be completed with payment.

These are the documents you need to provide us with when you're trying to apply for a visa to India from Germany. When you submit these documents as requested, you'll be asked to fill in the visa application form. After going through the application process, you can make a payment (via credit or debit card) and wait to receive your approval. You can generally get support in 2 business days, and you will get the same by email. , applying for an Indian tourist visa for Germans couldn’t be easier without a streamlined application process.

How to fill in an Indian Visa application form?

indian e visa for german citizens

German people are required to submit the application form online here. The form is relatively easy to fill and shouldn’t present you with any unnecessary complications. It’s important to fill it correctly for a smoother process.

  • The first thing to fill in will be your name. Be sure to ensure that your application form and the passport have the same spelling as your name.
  • There are a variety of fields to deal with in the form. Be sure to fill in the right ones correctly with the appropriate details.
  • The next thing to fill in is your preferred visa. Depending on your motives for traveling to India, you can choose your preference.
  • When the form is filled in, be sure to print it out and sign on top of your photograph and right at the end of the application.

When we have all your necessary documents and a duly filled-in application form, we’ll send it ahead for processing. If and when the visa gets approved, we shall send it back to your address with the other documents for your travel abroad.

How to Apply for 10-year Indian E-visa for German citizens?

Getting an e-Visa to visit India has become easy for German citizens. Hence, if you are a German Passport holder, there here is what you need to know to get the Indian e-visa for German Citizens.

The 10 Year Indian e-Visa for German Citizens:

As the name suggests, the 10-year Indian e-Visa is valid for ten years. However, here there is a catch, by ten years, we do not mean that you can stay in India for ten years. This means that the visa allows German nationals to get multiple entries in and out of the country. When a German citizen can reside in India for a 10-year visa, the maximum amount of time is ‘6 Months’. This means that for a continuous period of 6 months, the German national can stay and post that they will have to leave. This can carry on for a total of 10 years.

What basic documents are required to get a 10 Year Indian Visa for the German Nationals?

  1. Passport: This is the basic document without which you cannot apply. The passport should have mandatorily two blank pages and must be valid for a minimum of six months when you get your visa insured.
  2. Photograph: The applicant is required to submit a total of two passport size photographs, and the photo must be recent.
  3. Travel Proof: The applicant is required to submit a computer-generated flight schedule that shows the proof of departure from Germany.
  4. Residency Proof: Applicants are required to submit a legal copy of the residential proof of either their driving license or the state I.D.

So the answer to “Essential Documents for Getting e-visa To India” would be:-

The E-visa requirements for German citizens are straightforward. The applicant needs a few documents to get access to an e-visa that includes an entirely authentically filled e-Visa application form along with the full payment. A valid passport and the applicants will be required to submit colored copies of the passport pages. Lastly, the applicants will be required to submit passport size photographs with a white background.

All the documents are required to be submitted online. Hence, German citizens can now apply for the visa sitting at home, in their comfort zones. Also, the citizens should make sure to provide all the authentic information, as each information stated is verified.

How long does it take to get an Indian e-Visa for German Citizens?

While applying for the Indian E-visa it might seem to be time consuming, but in reality, it is a very easy process. However, the Indian E-visa process has transformed entirely and the overall application process can be done in the three simple steps. One has to go through the application process in detail, review the entire process and then pay the application fees visa either debit or credit card. It takes about 2 business days for the decision of the visa to get mailed to you. If you are sure you have filled everything correctly, then 99% of the times, the visa gets approved.

Important Facts to Obtaining Indian e-Visa for German citizens

India has slowly and surely, become one of the most desired nations when it comes to visiting it for multiple purposes: tourism, business, etc. The Indian government has made the Indian E-visa process for German citizens much more comfortable.

German citizens traveling to India require an e-visa permit to enter the country. India does not need citizens to apply for a visa on arrival. The Indian government has introduced the E-tourist visa option for citizens of Germany through which German Citizens can apply for Visa Online. Every purpose of the visit to India has its subcategory within the E-visa application; hence, mentioning India's purpose in the application form is a must. Now it has become super simple to apply for an Indian visa online. German citizens are allowed to submit the E-Visa application at least 120 days in advance before the trip. The latest time when the application can be submitted is four days before their flight.

German citizens can stay for 90 days in India. Indian government gives no option to extend the visa duration once granted. The German citizen can enter the country via the three seaports, 24 designated airports, including Chennai, Mumbai, Goa, and Delhi.

What are the eligibility criteria to get an Indian eVisa for German Citizens?

Undoubtedly, India is at an all-time high, and it is expected to boom with few years down the line. While for business people, the booming economy of India makes it a great investment opportunity. India is a haven for anyone looking to invest because it is the biggest economy in South Asia and the 7th largest globally in nominal GDP. The economy is headed for positive growth in the next decade, all thanks to the young population. It is no wonder more foreigners from countries like Germany put India high on their vacation and investment list as all that India has to offer tourists and business people alike.

Do German Passport Holders Need a Visa for India?

To enter the country, Germans traveling to India require a visa. The country doesn't es the option of a visa on arrival as of now. The Indian government introduced India's e-Tourist visa application system for citizens from 166 countries, and Germany is also one of them. The visa is granted to any German citizen who plans to visit India for a short trip as a tourist and a medical or business-related purposes. Within the eVisa application, Each visit purpose has a subcategory; hence you need to mention within your application what is your definition of visiting India. You can do everything online with the eVisa process when applying for an Indian visa from Germany. At the earliest, 120 days before your trip, the eVisa application can be submitted. At least four days before the arrival day, the visitors are advised to apply for the India e-Visa.

Required Documents for Getting the Indian Visa for Germans

  • eVisa application form must be completed with payment.
  • With a copy of the passport, applicants need to submit a colored scanned copy of the first and last page.
  • The passport-sized photo; must have a white background.

Some other details you need to give are:

  • Name as it is on your passport.
  • Place and date of birth
  • Contact information: address, email, and phone numbers
  • Passport
  • Professional
  • Educational
  • Religion
  • Travel history for the past ten years
  • Marital status

After going through the application process, you can make a payment (via credit or debit card) and wait to receive your approval. You can generally get support in 2 business days, and you will get the same by email. , applying for an Indian tourist visa for Germans couldn’t be easier without a streamlined application process.

While these are the necessary documents required for your visa processing, you may have a few queries as well apart from the above-mentioned information. Here is a list of frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

While these are the necessary documents required for your visa processing, you may have a few queries as well. Here is a list of frequently asked questions

Q. What’s the validity of an Indian Visa For German Citizens?

Ans. The validity of your visa to the country is heavily influenced by your purpose of travel to the country. If your travels are for holidays or other short-term visits, then you can apply for an Indian Tourist visa that’s valid for a year. In case your need for travel needs you to apply for a longer duration of time, then you can apply for a tourist visa valid for either 5 or 10 years. The validity is based on your personal preference.

Q. How will I get the Update on Indian E Visa?

Ans. Once we take the documents and send them ahead for approval, you can wait till we send you an email with additional information. You can also check the same for any information from the visa processing representative by contacting him at 831-859-2074. The E-Visa Mart Representative can be contacted online by writing a mail at

Q. What is the Payment Method accepted while Applying for Indian Visa Online for German Citizens?

Ans. There are a variety of payment methods available for you to choose from to pay for the documentation and processing of your Indian visa, namely with credit and Debit cards.

Q. Do you need an original passport to Reach India?

Ans. Yes, you do. All the documents for visa processing should be original. The passport needs to be too and should be valid until 6 months after the validity of your requested visa.

Q. Do I need to be present at the visa office?

Ans. No. Many visa processing firms need you to be physically present to hasten up the processing of your visa. But we never want you to come to the Visa office. You need to submit the Visa Application form online at E-Visa mart.

Q. The additional particulars form

Ans. This form holds other important information related to you and your travels. The nature of the questions demands a yes or no answer, and it’s not advisable to answer any other way. The form is also for minors traveling abroad, in which case it’s the parents who shall sign the application. This application will be used as a valid document when processing the visa.

If there are any other questions you may have related to India Visa for German Citizens, feel free to contact us.

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