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apply for indian visa from uk

How To Get Indian eVisa For UK Citizens?

In this digital era, we can now get our visa to India online from the United Kingdom without taking the help of anyone because government offices are not that much user-friendly. If you don’t have enough time to fill the form then try to take the help of a travel agent so that you don’t have to bear a headache. All foreign nationals who want to visit India require a visa to get entry and exit. You can choose any type of visa depending upon your reason behind applying. If you have an inappropriate lead then this can be the reason behind declining the entry.

Can you get a Visa for a UK citizen on the arrival in India?

In India, we will not get the facility of Visa on arrival and this is the reason why you have to apply for a visa at the time or before booking flights. Doing this will help you not facing any issues in traveling.

What are the Types of Indian visas for UK Citizens?

indian visa types

Indian visa types

  • E-tourist visa 30 days
  • E-Tourist visa for 1 year
  • E-Business visa
  • E-conference visa
  • E-Medical visa
  • E-Medical attendant visa

All of the above is the type of visa for which you can apply by using an online site and if you want to apply for a longer period then it is required to get for 1 year and then apply for extending the year of expiration. With the help of the internet, you will be able to get the desired result without facing any problem in your day-to-day work. Connect with E-Visamart and get an Indian visa for UK citizens online instantly via mail.

How to Apply for an Indian e Visa from UK?

There are two ways to apply for an Indian visa from the UK. One can easily apply for a visa by using eVisa Mart or doing it individually. Applying with eVisa Mart would mean a more relaxed process but might cost a few greens. Applying through the government site might be tedious and cost one a lot of time as there are several applications. When with eVisa Mart, the process will be quicker. All one might need is the cost for the e-visa, the documents, and the processing fee

Instructions while choosing the site or agent:- If you are going to take the help of an agent or want to fill the form of visa yourself then you have to be very careful otherwise you will end up being the scam victim.

What Documents Required to apply for Indian Visa from the UK?

requirements for indian visa from uk

Required Documents for the Indian E-Visa for the UK Citizens:

The UK Nationals, when applying for an India visa, here are the documents that are required to fulfill:

  • Complete e-Visa application form.
  • Passport copy: The applicant will be required to submit a colored scanned copy of the first and last page of the passport and submit the same in PDF format along with the application form. The passport should at least be valid for six months.
  • Passport-size photo: The passport-size photo is required to have a white background. There are a few specifications of the photo that are – The photograph must be in JPEG format. Also, the photo's dimensions should be – 350 x 350 pixels and 1,000 x 1,000 pixels or Image Size- From 10 KB to 300KB

UK Citizens will be required to follow every one guideline as stated above and provide the listed documents. Otherwise, the chances of visas get rejected can increase. Also, the above requirements for the eVisa stay up to 180 days granted to UK Citizens. To apply for the online Indian eVisa, the UK applicant will be required to make an online payment, hence owning a debit or credit card is necessary. Also, UK Citizens, can apply for the Indian e-Visa twice a year, and not more than that.

If you are unable to follow all the above instructions while filling the form or not understanding the term then you have to take the help of a visa agent or fill offline. Many people think that they will apply for a visa at the end after booking a flight, accommodation and all the things but this can cause problems at the end because it is possible to not get instant approval and then you have to cancel all the plans for that period. Don’t you want to face this situation? Apply for an Online visa at right time and get the Written approval via mail.

What are the things to keep in hand while traveling to India?

There are many things that you have to keep in hand while traveling to India these are as follows-

  • Information of parents (If available)
  • Spouse information
  • Port of entry
  • Information related to work
  • Personal identification card

If you have to these things then no one can decline your entry into India. If you don’t want to waste your time and money then try to take the help of online sites so that it will be easy for you to get a visa in the desired period.

What is a 10-year Indian E-visa for UK citizens

Getting an e-Visa to visit India has become easy for UK citizens. Hence, if you are a UK Passport holder, there here is what you need to know to get the Indian e-visa for UK Citizens.

The 10 Year Indian e-Visa for UK Citizens

As the name suggests, the 10-year Indian e-Visa is valid for ten years. However, here there is a catch, by ten years, we do not mean that you can stay in India for ten years. This means that the visa allows UK nationals to get multiple entries in and out of the country. When a UK citizen can reside in India for a 10-year visa, the maximum amount of time is ‘6 Months’. This means that for a continuous period of 6 months, the UK national can stay and post that they will have to leave. This can carry on for a total of 10 years.

How to apply for the Indian Visa in the UK:

To apply for the Indian e-Visa UK, the first thing one will need to do have is a valid passport. The UK nationals require an applicant photo and must scan the passport personal detail section. Here are the few basics steps one would require to follow:

  1. The applicant must submit the application form online, which hardly takes about a few minutes.
  2. Once the information gets completed, upload the additional documents that include passport size photographs.
  3. Once all the information is submitted, the e-Visa gets processed.
  4. The visa will be given to you through email.
Basic documents required for a 10 Year Visa for the UK Nationals:
  1. Passport: This is the basic document without which you cannot apply. The passport should have mandatorily two blank pages and must be valid for a minimum of six months when you get your visa insured.
  2. Photograph: The applicant is required to submit a total of two passport size photographs, and the photo must be recent.
  3. Travel Proof: The applicant is required to submit a computer-generated flight schedule that shows the proof of the departure from the UK
  4. Residency Proof: Applicants are required to submit a legal copy of the residential proof of either their driving license or the state I.D.

How long does it take to get an Indian e-Visa for UK Citizens?

UK citizens are required to get an E-visa to travel to India. The Indian E-Visa for UK citizens takes about 2 – 3 business days to process. However, UK citizens are recommended to apply for the E-Visa at least 4 days before their flight to India. However, one can also apply for at least 120 days in advance. The processing time is really fast, and UK citizens can easily plan a trip for 14 days and can get enough time to apply for the visa as well as book everything.

Ideally, when applying for an eVisa, the Indian visa for UK citizens takes around two business days to process. At least four days before the arrival day, the visitors are advised to apply for the India e-Visa. If you have enough time to apply for a visa and book everything, you can easily plan a trip for two weeks in advance. You also need to note that UK citizens can only apply for an eVisa twice a year.

Getting an Indian e-Visa for UK citizens has become really easy now.

What are the eligibility criteria to get an Indian e Visa for UK Citizens?

For UK citizens India is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations, thanks to its rich and vibrant culture. Additionally, Indian cuisine is quite popular in the UK. You need to know whether or not you need a visa to travel to India from the UK before you plan to travel to India.

Do UK Citizens Need a Visa for India?

The country first introduced an electronic visa system back in 2014, and it is now on offer to 166 countries. One of the most eligible countries to get this is the UK. Above all, if people want to travel to India, then a visa is required. The best part about Indian Visa UK is that it has made visa processing timeless consuming and more accessible. Additionally, it is 100% online people don’t need to make an appointment at the Indian embassy as everything is done online, including application, visa fee, and document submission, and it also helps you in saving you a lot of time and money.

You have the option of an Indian tourist visa for UK citizens based on the type of traveling you intend to do, including a business visa or a medical visa. For the India visa for UK citizens application, the applicants need to submit personal, professional, and educational details along with travel history.

Important Facts to Obtaining Indian e-Visa for UK Citizens

UK Nationals require an e-visa to visit India, and depending on their travel purpose; they can apply for the visa type. The UK citizens can either apply for a tourist visa, business visa, medical visa, etc. The Indian E-Visa application form requires UK citizens to submit their personal, professional, and education details, including their travel history, when they plan to travel within the country.

Firstly, to get started, the UK nationals need to be aware of the Indian visa requirements that consist of the documents required to apply for the e-Visa.

Other FAQs related to an Indian tourist visa for UK

1. Can we get the validity of the visa for 90 days of the e-tourist visa?

The validity of the tourist e-visa to India is for 30 days, 1 year, and 5 years. You can stay continuously for 90 days on 1 year and 5-year tourist visa.

2. Is it possible to extend the Indian e Visa for UK tourists?

No, it is not possible to extend or convert an e-tourist visa and this is the reason why you have to be very careful while choosing the type of visa.

3. Can I get a refund after canceling my e-tourist visa?

No fees are non-refundable so you will not get any refund after canceling the form of visa.

4. What benefit we get with e-tourist visas- Single, double,multipleiple entries?

You will get double entry or Multiple entries for e-tourist

5. For cruise ship e-tourist visa is valid or not?

It is valid but only at the following destinations- Cochin, Goa, and Mangalore. If you want to use a cruise at any other seaport then it is required to have a traditional visa that has a stamp.

6. Is it required to be vaccinated before traveling to India?

No, it is not required but if you don’t want to face any health issue then go for it for your precaution but don’t think that it is mandatory.

7. Can I get entry to any airport in India after getting a visa?

If you have a valid visa then you will get the entry in India from 28 designated airports.

8. What to do if the website continually crashing while applying for an Indian visa?

While filling the form of a visa many people face the problem of website crashing. If you are facing the same then it is recommended to stop using it at that time and reconnect your internet and then log in to that page again. Doing this may help you in saving your money because you may lose your money while doing transactions at that time.

9. Do I need to contact the Embassy for my Indian Visa for UK citizens?

No, if you are applying online through E-Visa mart you are not required to visit the embassy anymore. Get the visa and travel to Indian within 60 days.

10. What do I need to apply for Indian Visa from the UK?

We need the following documents mentioned below to apply for Indian Visa for the UK citizen:-

  1. Applicant Photo
  2. Scanned copy of passport
  3. Last Page of Passport (if applicable)
  4. Personal details with scanned proofs
11. What are the requirements related to Photo while applying for an Indian visa online?

You need to submit the digital photograph while applying for an online visa for India. Photo requirement is the same for all citizens. Photo related requirements are mentioned below:-

  • The photo must have equal height & length
  • Full Photo must have a front view with open eyes. The photo should present the complete view from center head to chin.
  • Light-colored Background is mandatory, a white-colored background is preferred.
  • The photo should not be older than 6 months
  • No shadow should be visible on the face & the background
  • The photo should not have any border.
12. What are the processing Time & prices to get the Indian Visa for UK Citizens?

If you are getting the Indian E-Visa from the UK through e-Visa Mart, The pricing will entirely depend on the type of Visa and Processing time. If you want the Visa on an immediate basis, the pricing would be higher as compared to a regular Visa. While applying for Indian Visa for the UK, you may opt for the following options:-

  • Regular: Standard Processing Time is 5 days and it is the cheapest option. UK Applicants may choose this if they are applying for the Indian Visa at their own comfort. The fee including services charges and the government visa fee.
  • Faster: The cost is a bit higher than the regular Indian Visa. It takes 3 days to get an Indian visa and the fee including services charges and the government visa fee. 
  • Immediate: It is also called super rush processing Visa as you can expect the Visa in just 2 days. The fee including services charges and the government visa fee.
13. Do I need to have a Vaccine When traveling To India?

Vaccine regulations are implemented by the Government only. So vaccine requirement will depend on these regulations & the current situation. Some governments require proof of Yellow fever vaccination if you are arriving from a country with the risk of yellow fever. So it is the traveler's responsibility to check with the concerned government's regulations and get it verified by Own.

14. What if I made a mistake while filling the application form online?

If you made a mistake in your application, contact our representatives. They will be ready to serve you 24*7 through messages, chat, or online queries. If you have already submitted the applications, you can’t make any changes and you will have to apply again for the Indian Visa. While applying through our E-Visa Mart portal, we won't charge any service fee again.

15. If I have more unsolved queries, from where I can get the information?

If you have some specific queries related to Indian E-Visa for UK citizens, feel free to call our representatives or fill the query form here to get the callback. Alternatively, you can check the FAQs mentioned here and May explore the Blog section.

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