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How To Get Indian eVisa For UK Citizens

In this digital era, we can now get our visa to India online from United Kingdom without taking the help of anyone because government offices are not that much user-friendly. If you don’t have enough time to fill the form then try to take the help of a travel agent so that you don’t have to bear a headache. All foreign nationals who want to visit India require a visa to get entry and exit. You can choose any type of visa to depend upon your reason behind applying. If you have inappropriate lead then this can be the reason behind declining the entry.

Can you get a visa for UK citizen on the arrival in India?

In India, we will not get the facility of Visa on arrival and this is the reason why you have to apply for a visa at the time or before booking flights. Doing this will help you in not facing any issue in traveling.

What are the Types of Indian visa?

indian visa types

  • E-tourist visa 30 days
  • E-Tourist visa for 1 year
  • E-Business visa
  • E-conference visa
  • E-Medical visa
  • E-Medical attendant visa

All of the above is the type of visa for what you can apply by using an online site and if you want to apply for a longer period then it is required to get for 1 year and then apply for extending the year of expiration. With the help of the internet, you will be able to get the desired result without facing any problem in your day to day work.

How to apply for India visa?

There are two ways to apply for an Indian visa. One can easily apply for a visa by using eVisa Mart or doing it individually. Applying with eVisa Mart would mean for a more relaxed process but might cost a few greens. Applying through the government site might be tedious and cost one a lot of time as there are several applications. When with eVisa Mart, the process will be quicker. All one might need is the cost for the e-visa, the documents, and the processing fee.

Instructions while choosing the site or agent:- If you are going to take the help of an agent or want to fill the form of visa yourself then you have to be very careful otherwise you will end up by being the scam victim.

What Documents Required?

requirements for indian visa from uk

  • Scan copy of first and last page of your passport and it has to be in PDF form in PDF format
  • Passport size photograph in JPEG format with the white background
    1. Format of image- JPEG
    2. Image Size- From 10 KB to 300KB
    3. Height and width of the photo has to be equal with a minimum dimension of 350 pixels X 250 pixels
    4. The maximum dimension will be 1000 pixels X 1000 pixels

If you are unable to follow all the above instructions while filling form or not understanding the term then you have to take the help of a visa agent or fill offline. Many people think that they will apply for a visa at the end after booking flight, accommodation and all the things but this can cause problems at the end because it is possible to not get instant approval and then you have to cancel all the plans for that period. Don’t you want to face this situation? Apply for a visa at right time.

What are the things to keep in hand while traveling to India?

There are many things that you have to keep in hand while traveling to India these are as follows-

  • Information of parents (If available)
  • Spouse information
  • Port of entry
  • Information related to work
  • Personal identification card

If you have to these things then no one can decline your entry in India. If you don’t want to waste your time and money then try to take the help of online sites so that it will be easy for you to get a visa in desired period.

FAQs on an Indian tourist visa

1. Can we get the validity of the visa for 90 days of e-tourist visa?

The validity of the tourist e-visa to India is for 30 days, 1 year and 5 years. You can stay continuously for 90 days on 1 year and 5 year tourist visa.

2. Is it possible to extend e-tourist visa in India?

No, it is not possible to extend or convert an e-tourist visa and this is the reason why you have to be very careful while choosing the type of visa.

3. Can I get a refund after canceling my e-tourist visa?

No fees are non-refundable so you will not get any refund after canceling the form of visa.

4. What benefit we get with e-tourist visas- Single, double or Multiple entry?

You will get double entry or Multiple entry for e-tourist

5. For cruise ship e-tourist visa is valid or not?

It is valid but only at the following destinations- Cochin, Goa, and Mangalore. If you want to use a cruise at any other seaport then it is required to have a traditional visa that has a stamp.

6. Is it required to be vaccinated before traveling to India?

No, it is not required but if you don’t want to face any health issue then go for it for your precaution but don’t think that it is mandatory.

7. Can I get entry to any airport in India after getting a visa?

If you have a valid visa then you will get entry in India from 28 designated airports.

8. What to do if the website continually crashing while applying for a visa?

While filling the form of a visa many people face the problem of website crashing. If you are facing the same then it is recommended to stop using at that time and reconnect your internet and then log in to that page again. Doing this may help you in saving your money because you may lose your money while doing transactions at that time.

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