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How to get Visa to India for US citizens?

India is a culturally rich and diverse country. There are so many different cultures and traditions and this makes it the perfect destination for adventure and travels. More than a million US citizens visit India every year. If you want to travel to India, it is extremely simple to obtain a Visa for India from the USA. The US citizens of the countries eligible can easily apply for an Indian visa online if they are planning a visit to India.

US citizens who want to enter India for tourist or work purposes or any other reason can apply for an electronic travel authorization. We allow the applicants to apply for an Indian visa from the USA only the day before they arrive in India through a consultant. You have to be a US passport holder and must fulfill all the rules and regulations to acquire a tourist visa or work visa.

What is Indian E Tourist Visa for US Citizens?

how to apply visa to india from usa

The Indian Tourist eVisa is an official document that is approved by the Indian embassy. This document permits the US citizens and other citizens of eligible countries can travel within all the states in India. This visa is electronically linked to your passport. We will make sure that the e-visa process is extremely simple and quick.

How to apply Visa to India from the USA?

Since the Government of India has launched the e visa services, it has become easy and quick for people living in the US to apply for Indian visas. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to fill up the application form and only a few hours to get the entire process complete. Our services also offer quick delivery to all the applicants to avoid any delays in the visa application procedure.

To apply for the Indian e-Visa, the first thing one will need to do have is a valid passport. The U.S. nationals require an applicant photo and must scan the passport personal detail section. Here are the few basics steps one would require to follow:

  1. The applicant must submit the application form online, which hardly takes about a few minutes.
  2. Once the information gets completed, upload the additional documents that include passport size photographs.
  3. Once all the information is submitted, the e-Visa gets processed.
  4. The visa will be given to you through email.

Applicants from the US have to fill the online visa application form by visiting our website. You will have to fill in all the information and details correctly and along with the required documents, you must submit the finished form. After the application is submitted, we will process the application and review it to complete the authorization and confirm the visa application. The applicants can check the visa application status on the visa inquiry page on our website.

All citizens of the US need to possess a valid Indian visa to enter the country. If you have an incorrect visa, your entry will be rejected. US citizens cannot stay in India for more than 90 days. Visas are not available on arrival for US citizens and you must get your visa application approved before making your hotel reservations and booking the flight tickets. We will assist you with your visa application process and help in formulating all the proper documentation that is required to get the application approved. One must always carry photocopies of their visa when arriving at the airport for security and immigration checks.

What are the documents required for Indian E Visa for US Citizens?

e visa for india from usa

Documents and other Requirements for Indian e-Visa for Americans:

a valid passport, a debit or credit card, and an email address are mandatory for travelers who wish to apply for their electronic visa to India. U.S. citizens need to provide several details on the application form to obtain the eVisa for India successfully.

Some of the mandatory details are:

  • Address and contact info
  • Passport details
  • Nationality
  • Full name as it appears on the passport
  • Date and place of birth
  • Countries visited in the last ten years.
  • Religion
  • Visible identification marks
  • Educational qualification
  • Marital status
  • Profession or occupation
  • Expected port of entry and port of exit

These requirements are essential to get the authorization to travel to India. Hence, getting access to E-Visa has become easy for US citizens in India. Just get the information of the valid documents in detail:-

  • Visa application form: This is the most important document for visiting India.
  • Proof of address: You must provide proof of address. For this, your passport will do the job.
  • Proof of income: You must show that you can support yourself during the stay in India. This is especially important if you are applying for a work visa.
  • Passport: The passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of arrival. The last two pages of the passport must be blank. You are required to present the original passport and not a photocopy.
  • Birth certificate for the minor: If you are a minor traveling to India, you must have a birth certificate issued by the US Department of State. You must have consent from your parents.
  • Photographs: A photograph that is of a passport size in white background is compulsory. The photo must be a recent one and must be of a matte or semi-matte finish. The photo of the applicant must be of a neutral expression.
  • Proof of stay: You must show the reservations and or the place you will reside in Indian during your stay. If you are visiting a relative or friend, you must show the letter of invite during immigration.

During the time of the application process, the applicants must submit the visa application fee through an online payment. Without paying the fee, the application will not be processed. The online payment mode is extremely easy and secure. After the application is processed, the e- visa will be sent to your e-mail by E-Visamart and you will also receive a message update on the contact number you have provided.

What is the process of Student EVisa Indian for US Citizens?

You must bring your school identity and transcripts and degrees/diplomas if your purpose of travel is educational. Also, bring evidence of financial support. This could include monthly bank statements, fixed deposit slips, or other such evidence.

  • Working adults: They must bring an employment letter from their employer and payslips from the past three months.
  • Business visitors and company directors: They must bring all the important identification related to their company or workplace and remuneration.
  • Visiting a relative: Bring the photocopies of the relative's proof of status.

What is The 10 Year Indian e-Visa for U.S. Citizens?

10 Year Indian e-Visa for US Citizens

Getting an e-Visa to visit India has become easy for U.S. citizens. Hence, if you are a U.S. Passport holder, there here is what you need to know to get the Indian e-visa for U.S. Citizens.

As the name suggests, the 10-year Indian e-Visa is valid for ten years. However, here there is a catch, by ten years, we do not mean that you can stay in India for ten years. This means that the visa allows U.S. nationals to get multiple entries in and out of the country. When a U.S. citizen can reside in India for a 10-year visa, the maximum amount of time is ‘6 Months’. This means that for a continuous period of 6 months, the U.S. national can stay and post that they will have to leave. This can carry on for a total of 10 years.

The Fees for 10 Year Visa Fees for a U.S. Citizen

As per the officials, the 10-year tourist visa can be received at USD 86.00, which includes a service fee. Rest, you can contact our Visa representative to know more.

Basic documents required for a 10 Year Visa for the USA Nationals
  1. Passport: This is the basic document without which you cannot apply. The passport should have mandatorily two blank pages and must be valid for a minimum of six months when you get your visa insured.
  2. Photograph: The applicant is required to submit a total of two passport size photographs, and the photo must be recent.
  3. Travel Proof: The applicant is required to submit a computer-generated flight schedule that shows the proof of the departure from the U.S.
  4. Residence Proof: Applicants are required to submit a legal copy of the residential proof of either their driving license or the state I.D.

Important Facts to Obtaining Indian e-Visa for US Nationals

For US citizens, it is mandatory to now obtain an e-Visa to visit India for any purpose. Especially for the short-stay, not many procedures need to be followed for obtaining an e-Visa to travel to India. In the year 2014, when India had introduced the concept of e-Visa and transformed its visa process from offline to online to make to obtain visas. India has undoubtedly become the hub not just for traveling but also for many opportunities. Many US citizens have been lounging to visit India over time. The e-Visa is available not only for tourism purposes but also for other purposes such as medical treatment.

Indian Visa on Arrival for US Citizens

The Indian e-Visa has made it easier for US citizens to travel to India. However, America's travelers need to keep in mind a few requirements to apply for an Indian visa. Firstly, all the applicants will be required to carry a passport with a minimum of six months of validity, right from the date of arrival. The applicant also is required to have a debit or a credit card from an international bank.

The US travelers have the accessibility to travel to India for multiple purposes such as tourism, medical, business, employment, etc. As per the laws, the US citizen will get an India visa to stay for 60 days from the date they arrive in India. Also, one should note that the traveler can get an Indian visa two times a year. One should note that the duration of the e-visa cannot get extended. Hence, this is why foreign visitors are asked to apply for the e-visa at least four days before they arrive in India. Every application of the e-Visa gets processed by the government authorities.

Documentation and other facts to know for obtaining the Indian e-Visa:

As stated above, the passport is a must, which has a validity of at least six months. There is a detailed application form which the US national has to fill, that asks for multiple details such as full name, address, nationality, passport details, date of birth, contact information, email id, etc. One should note that every piece of information should be true and authentic because there is a background check conducted to verify the US National's information. Also, the US nations are required to submit a copy of their colored passport size photographs as per certain criteria that focus on the size, background, etc.

What are the eligibility criteria to get an Indian visa for USA Citizens?

To enter India, travelers from the USA need to obtain a Visa. As of now, for short-term stays, Nationals from America can India eVisa. The country first introduced an electronic visa system back in 2014. Under this system, citizens of over sixty countries can apply online for their visas. India added more countries to the eligibility list in the years down the line. For an India e-Visa, U.S. citizens are eligible. Ideally, it is a double-entry visa that allows a citizen to stay up to sixty days in the country.

People from across the globe are looking forward to visiting India as it is the hub for yogis. They also plan to join retreats and discover more about themselves. Besides tourism purposes, travelers can get an electronic visa for business or medical treatment purposes.

Travel to India from the U.S.

In the Indian economy, tourism plays a crucial role. By 2028, the industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6.9 percent. To apply online for their Indian visa, American travelers need to meet a few requirements. Passport with a six-month validity is mandatory for all applicants from the expected date of arrival. From the first date of entry in the country, e-Visa for the U.S. will grant them a stay of up to sixty days. Up to two times per year, you can get an Indian e-Visa, and it cannot be extended. At least four days before the arrival day, the visitors are advised to apply for the India e-Visa. The Government of India processes the applications.

What is the Process to get Indian Business E-Visa for US citizens

When a US citizen plans to visit India for a business purpose, he would be required to apply for an E-visa to access the country. The Indian E-visa USA is an official document that permits US citizen's entry to India only for business purposes. The maximum duration for which the US citizen can stay in India for business e-Visa is for 180 days, and this visa type also allows multiple entries.

Under the Business E-Visa, the US citizen is only allowed the following activities:

  • Sale or purchase of the trade
  • Setting up of the business
  • Attending business meetings
  • Recruiting the manpower
  • Conducting business tours
  • Participating in business fairs
  • Act as a specialist in any ongoing project

Process of Applying for the Indian Business E-visa

As stated above as well, the process of applying is straightforward. All you have to go through is the following three steps:

  1. The first step is to fill out an online application form and choose a processing time.
  2. The second step is just to go through the first step and revise it thoroughly.
  3. In the last step, you must fill a questionnaire and upload the photograph as per the guidelines.
How Much Time Does It Take to Apply for the Indian Business E-visa

It will hardly take about 10 mins to apply online, and it takes around 2-3 business days for the business to get accepted.

Documents Needed to Apply for the Business E-Visa

Here is a list of documents that you require while filling your business E-Visa application form – A digital copy of the passport's bio page in PDF format. A passport in the JPEG format along with a copy of the business card in the PDF format, a debit or a credit card to pay.

How long does it take to get an Indian e-Visa for US Citizens?

The Indian E-Visa application process has become super-easy for US citizens. If all the authentic documents are provided, then it will hardly take a few seconds to fill the online form. Travelers need to take care of the information provided and double-check the information provided mistakes can lead to rejection of the visa. Most US citizens can receive the visa within 24 hours as well. However, the Americans are advised to apply for the e-Visa at least before 4 business days of the arrival to India, to avoid any kind of complications further. The sooner they apply the better.

What is the Processing Time? What are e visa India fees for us citizens?

If you are getting the Indian E-Visa for the USA through e-Visa Mart, The pricing will entirely depend on the type of Visa and Processing time. If you want the Visa on an Immediate basis, the pricing would be higher as compared to a regular Visa. While applying for Indian Visa for the US, you may opt for the following options:-

  • NORMAL: Standard Processing Time is 5 days and it is the cheapest option. US Applicants may choose this if they are applying for the Indian Visa at their own comfort. The fee including services charges with government visa fees.
  • URGENT: The cost is a bit higher than the normal Indian Visa. It takes 3 days to get an Indian visa. The fee including services charges with government visa fees.
  • RUSH: It is also called super rush processing Visa as you can expect the Visa in just 2 days. The fee including services charges with government visa fees.

Is it possible to attain Indian Visa on arrival for US citizens?

No. The Indian authorities do not provide visas on arrival to US citizens. They must obtain their visa before arriving in India. Without a visa, they will not be permitted to travel to India. EVisamart facilitated the US Citizens to apply in advance to get the Indian Visa beforehand traveling to India. So if someone asked - “IS INDIAN Visa on Arrival is Available for US Citizen?” The answer would be: Visa on Arrival is not available for US Citizens. They have to apply for an E visa first and after receiving an e-visa letter on the email they have to take a printout of it and at the time of immigration in India, their visa will be stamped on their Passport.

Some other Frequently asked questions
Q. How long can the US citizens stay in India?

A. US citizens can stay in India for 180 days. The tourist visa grants multiple entry and exits for one year. Conditions may vary in exceptional cases.

Q. What to do after the visa application submission?

A. After submitting the visa application, you will have to wait for the confirmation. The visa will be sent via email provided by you after it gets approved.

Q. What to do when you get to the airport?

A. When you arrive at the airport, you will need to present your valid passport and picture, and visa to the immigration officer. Make sure that you have all the important documents. Always keep two copies of the visa.

Q. What documents to be submitted before applying for an Indian Tourist E-Visa?

A. We require the following to be submitted for your application:

  1. Applicant Photo
  2. Personal Details with Scan copies of ID proofs
  3. Last Page of Passport (if applicable)
Q. What are Indian Entry Points When I Use Indian E-Visa?

A. Any US Citizens visiting Indian based on Tourist E-Visa is required to enter India through the designated 28 Airport which is - Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bagdogra, Bengaluru, Calicut, Chennai, Chandigarh, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Tiruchirapalli, Trivandrum, Varanasi & Vishakhapatnam. Entry Points can be selected based on the Indian city to be visited. US Citizens coming through 5 Sea Ports, which are:- Cochin, Goa, Mangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai.**

Q. Is it Possible to Travel to India with a Refugee Travel Document Instead of a Passport?

A. No, all travelers are required to have a valid Passport. If you want to travel through a refugee Travel document, better to contact the Nearest Indian Consulate to avoid any further discrepancies.

Q. Do I need to have a Vaccine When traveling To India?

A. Vaccine regulations are implemented by the Government only. So, vaccine requirements will depend on these regulations & the current situation. Some governments require proof of Yellow fever vaccination if you are arriving from a country with the risk of yellow fever. So it is the traveler's responsibility to check with the concerned government's regulations and get it verified by Own.

Q. What if I made a mistake while filling the application form online?

A. If you made a mistake in your application, contact our representatives. They will be ready to serve you 24*7 through messages, chat, or online queries. If you have already submitted the applications, you can’t make any changes and you will have to apply again for the Indian Visa. While applying through our E-Visa portal, we won't charge any service fee again.

Q. If I have more unsolved queries, from where I can get the information?

A. If you have some specific queries related to Indian E-Visa for US citizens, feel free to call our representatives or fill the query form here to get the callback. Alternatively, You can check the FAQs mentioned here and May explore the Blog section.

Q. Which types of Indian e-visa is available for US citizen?

A. For US citizens, we are offering Tourist Visa, Business visa, Medical eVisa & Medical Attendant E-Visa.

Q. Do I need to get separate visas for my minor children?

A. You will have to apply for your children separately. Ensure that your child’s Passport is valid for the next 06 (six) months from India's date of arrival.

Q. What Documents US Citizens Need When They Get to the Airport?

A. US citizens need a Passport with their e-visa letter printout. They have to show proper funds for their stay in India & return Air Tickets

Q. How India E Visa Look Like?

A. Indian Visa for Australian Citizen

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