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How US Citizens Can Apply For Indian Electronic Visa From USA?

India is a culturally rich and diverse country. There are so many different cultures and traditions and this makes it the perfect destination for adventure and travels. More than a million US citizens visit India every year. If you want to travel to India, it is extremely simple to obtain a visa for India. The citizens of the countries eligible can easily apply for an Indian visa online if they are planning a visit to India.

US citizens who want to enter India for tourist for work purpose or any other reason can apply for an electronic travel authorization. We allow the applicants to apply for an Indian visa from USA only days before their arrival in India through a consultant. You have to be a US passport holder and must fulfill all the rules and regulations to acquire a tourist visa or work visa.

What is a Tourist eVisa?

india tourist visa for us citizens

The Indian Tourist eVisa is an official document that is approved by the Indian embassy. This document permits the US citizens and other citizens of eligible countries can travel within all the states in India. This visa is electronically linked to your passport. We will make sure that the e-visa process is extremely simple and quick.

How to apply for Indian eVisa?

Since the Government of India has launched the e visa service, it has become easy and quick for people living in the US to apply for Indian visas. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to fill up the application form and only a few hours to get the entire process complete. Our services also offer quick delivery to all the applicants to avoid any delays in the visa application procedure.

Applicants from the US have to fill the online visa application form by visiting our website. You will have to fill all the information and details correctly and along with the required documents, you must submit the finished form. After the application is submitted, we will process the application and review it to complete the authorization and confirm the visa application. The applicants can check the visa application status on the visa inquiry page on our website.

All citizens of the US need to possess a valid Indian visa to enter the country. If you have an incorrect visa, your entry will be rejected. US citizens cannot stay in India for more than 90 days. Visas are not available on arrival for US citizens and you must get your visa application approved before making your hotel reservations and booking the flight tickets. We will assist you with your visa application process and help in formulating all the proper documentation that is required to get the application approved. One must always carry photocopies of their visa when arriving at the airport for security and immigration check.

What are the documents required for an Indian Visa?

list of required ducments required for Indian eVisa
  • Visa application form: This is the most important document for visiting India.

  • Proof of address: You must provide proof of address. For this, your passport will do the job.

  • Proof of income: You must show that you can support yourself during the stay in India. This is especially important if you are applying for a work visa.

  • Passport: The passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of arrival. The last two pages of the passport must be blank. You are required to present the original passport and not a photocopy.

  • Birth certificate for minor: If you are a minor traveling to India, you must have a birth certificate issued by the US Department of State. You must have consent from your parents.

  • Photographs: A photograph that is of a passport size in white background is compulsory. The photo must be a recent one and must be of a matte or semi-matte finish. The photo of the applicant must be of a neutral expression.

  • Proof of stay: You must show the reservations and or the place you will reside in Indian during your stay. If you are visiting a relative or friend, you must show the letter of invite during immigration.

During the time of the application process, the applicants must submit the visa application fee through an online payment. Without paying the fee, the application will not be processed. The online payment mode is extremely easy and secure. After the application is processed, the e- visa will be sent to your e-mail and you will also receive a message update on the contact number you have provided.

Students visiting India

You must bring your school identity and transcripts and degrees/diplomas if your purpose of travel is educational. Also, bring evidence of financial support. This could include monthly bank statements, fixed deposit slips, or other such evidence.

  • Working adults: They must bring an employment letter from their employer and payslips from the past three months.

  • Business visitors and company directors: They must bring all the important identification related to their company or workplace and remuneration.

  • Visiting a relative: Bring the photocopies of the relative's proof of status.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is it possible to attain a visa on arrival in India?

A. No. The Indian authorities do not provide visa on arrival to the US citizens. They must obtain their visa before arriving in India. Without a visa, they will not be permitted to travel to India.

Q. How long can the US citizens stay in India?

A. US citizens can stay in India for 180 days. The tourist visa grants multiple entry and exits for one year. Conditions may vary in exceptional cases.

Q. What to do after the visa application submission?

A. After submitting the visa application, you will have to wait for the confirmation. The visa will be sent via email provided by you after it gets approved.

Q. What to do when you get to the airport?

A. When you arrive at the airport, you will need to present your valid passport and picture and visa to the immigration officer. Make sure that you have all the important documents. Always keep two copies of the visa.

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