Kenya E-visa for UK Citizens

All far-off nationals aside from the residents of 43 chose nations required a visa to enter Kenya. Regarding residents of the United Kingdom, acquiring a Kenya e-visa is an absolute necessity, and entering the country without a visa will prompt genuine legitimate outcomes.

The United Kingdom residents can apply for a Kenya visa by visiting the Kenyan embassy or by applying for an electronic visa.


What is an e-visa?

A Kenyan e-Visa is an approval record that permits voyagers to enter Kenya, and it is linked with the applicant's passport automatically after approval.

How long is the Kenyan e-visa valid for?

This e-Visa is legitimate for 90 days after giving.

What are the documents needed for Kenyan Visa?

To finish the request structure, the voyager should give:

  • A photograph

  • A duplicate of the passport data page

  • A duplicate of the passport title page

  • A letter of greeting

  • Sufficient funds

  • Travel subtleties

  • Return Air-tickets

  • Hotel reservation

How often can I enter the country with my e-visa?

This is a Single Entry. This means you can just enter once.

What happens if I have to stay longer in Kenya?

An augmentation might be allowed inside Kenya at the Immigration Headquarters in Nairobi. However, recollect that you may just remain a limit of a half year in Kenya as a guest.

What is the acceptable purpose for applying to Kenyan e-visa?

If you are going for the tourism, business, training, work, clinical, religion, settlement/family, and "other," you are allowed to apply for an e-Visa.

How long can U.K citizens stay in Kenya?

With the Kenya e-visa, you can stay within the country for 90 days altogether.

Does it take a lot of time to apply?

On the off chance that you apply with evisamart, you will not have to burn through too much time in the application Form. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes only to complete the process.

As a U.K citizen, how many entries am I allowed to have with the visa?

We can't give you various sections to the travel visa; however, you can hold a Single Entry with a Kenyan e-visa. This implies that you can get to Kenya one time.

I'm traveling with my kids, what should I do?

You need to apply for them independently, paying little mind to the kind of visa. Everybody should have their separate visa and pay the comparing charge for it.

Where can I have more information about Kenya and its e-visa?

Do you need a superior goal? Snap hereand start a live talk with one of our experts. For more additional information, check FAQs.

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