Malaysia’s Visa for Bhutan Citizens

Bhutanese people can get an e-visa to fly to Malaysia by only applying online. With a term of 30 days, the stay is usually short, and the visa expires in 90 days. When applying for a Malaysia online e visa, the applicant is not required to be present. A total of 6 documents are required to apply for a Malaysia online e visa. Visa exemptions and helpful advice from fellow travelers can also be found.


Malaysia's public authority heartily invites Bhutan's acclaimed residents for the Himalayas, Mountains, and Valleys. For Bhutanese travelers, students, business professionals, engaging activities were needed to visit Malaysia easily and quickly by e-Visa. Bhutanese residents planning a trip to Malaysia are eligible to apply for an online Malaysian visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Malaysian e-visa for citizens of Bhutan?

In January 2016, the e-Visa was presented by the Malaysian Immigration Authority. It is a travel archive of the authority that enables Bhutan residents to join Malaysia for tourism reasons. To streamline the visa process, it is electronically linked to the traveler’s passport.

For stays of up to 30 consecutive days, the e-Visa is valid. The visa is valid behind Malaysia's travel for the travel industry, business, or individual purposes. When the e-Visa is in full force, it appears to be used for trips within three months of the e-visa issue date.

Do I need a visa as a Bhutanese national to travel to Malaysia?

All citizens of this nation are required to apply for Tourist e-Visa to go to Malaysia. If you need to see the nitty-gritty essentials, please click here.

Is there a limit set for Malaysia's e-Visa?

If you receive an e-Visa, you will have 90 days to visit the country with Single Entry after approval. You will be permitted to stay inside when you reach Malaysia and join this nation

for 30 days per entry.

How long does it take for my application form to be completed?

The e-Visa for Malaysia is very easy and should only take 10 minutes.

How does the e-VISA application process work online?

There are almost three phases in the application for this e-Visa:

  • Fill the application form with essential details as per passport and select the processing period you want to obtain for the visa application.
  • You have to verify that your data is accurate and complete and pay fees.
  • Finally, you can respond to a survey and upload a photograph alongside various documents required for this visa form. Note that the candidate should exchange additional documents often.

 Click here to begin. After this, submit your form and wait for your visa to approve. For assistance in your application, connect with one of our client assistance executive.  

Are there minor children restrictions or special conditions applying for tourist eVisa?

With one of their parent's applications, any minor who needs to venture out to Malaysia can apply and submit a scanned copy of their birth certificate.

Does Malaysia guarantee entry in the country has an eVisa?

No. The Malaysian e-Visa endorsement does not guarantee the candidate the option to enter Malaysia. It will be based on the Malaysian Immigration Officer's decision to enter Malaysia.

How will I be communicated regarding the approval of my eVisa?

Our professionals at evisamart will do so. When the government accepts your visa application, and an e-visa is released, we will email it to you.

Will I need to get my e-VISA printed out?

Yes, you will need to get an e-Visa printout in an A4 paper. Your e-Visa must be printed in black or white contrast on an A4 paper; no other configuration will be recognized. Be careful to ensure that your e-VISA printout is necessary and should be put at the Malaysian entry designated checkpoint upon your landing.

I don't have my visa printout with me. Will I be able to use an electronic visa to reach Malaysia?

Your approved visa should be printed in A4 (with or without shading) format, which you need to print from your email address. This essential e-VISA document should be presented upon arrival at designated checkpoints in Malaysia for entry and exit. They don't accept a computerized visa copy.

What are the documents needed in the MALAYSIAN IMMIGRATION CHECKPOINT after landing?

The following documents must be provided upon arrival at the designated checkpoint in Malaysia are:

  • A passport valid for six months.
  • Your printout for e-VISA.
  • Enough funds to cover expenses during your visit to Malaysia (Cash/Check/Debit)
  • Returned Flight Ticket Confirmed.
  • Accommodation proof.

What is required for the necessary passport exact page, earlier entry to Malaysia??

Before entering Malaysia, three blank pages are required in a passport because immigration officers stamp your entry or exit details.

I found that my e-Visa details were not right and required correction after obtaining my approved E-VISA. What should I do?

It can't be corrected after the e-visa is accepted. Another e-VISA for visitors with the right details according to your passport should be re-applied.

If I don't use my tourist e-visa, Will I get a refund?

On unused e-VISA, there will be no refund.

Does my tourist EVISA assure me to enter Malaysia?

No. Tourist e-VISA does not guarantee your entry to Malaysia as it depends on the Malaysian Immigration Department's decision at the Malaysian entry checkpoints.

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