Malaysian Visa for Chinese Residents

To enter the country, Chinese residents visiting Malaysia need a visa. Nonetheless, having a Malaysia Visa for Chinese residents online has been conceivable since 2017. Malaysia visa policy is a set of regulations that determine the requirements that a citizen of another country must meet to obtain a Malaysian visa.

Chinese visa types

A Malaysian visa can be issued either through an embassy or consulate or through a simple online application process. The Immigration Department of Malaysia does not provide a visa at the time of arrival. Therefore, all foreign nationals seeking a Malaysian visa are expected to obtain a pre-departure visa, whether it is a government visa or an electronic visa (eVisa).

As it is more appropriate and quicker than applying for a visa at an embassy, most travelers who can obtain a visa online can access this option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an E-visa?

An E-Visa is an electronic visa. This means you can apply for the Visa online and get it at your convenience from our own house. 

Do all the Chinese passport holders need a Malaysian e-Visa to enter the country??

Chinese people are expected to apply for an e-Visa to enter Malaysia. If you wish to obtain a visa before your trip to Malaysia, there are some criteria you need to bear in mind. Before your travel, knowing these conditions dramatically decreases the chance of getting into trouble abroad.

What are the conditions of a Malaysian visa for Chinese citizens?

The visa application form for Malaysia allows eligible travelers to include essential information to be endorsed. Except when you are in Malaysia or Singapore, you can apply for an e-Visa from anywhere in the world. There is usually no valid reason to visit a department or government office during the entire visa process.

The documents you need for the visa requirements for Chinese residents in Malaysia include:

  • A current passport size photograph
  • Scanned copy of the passport
  • A confirmed flight ticket.
  • For minors – Birth certificate

Once this information is sent, the Malaysian Immigration Department or the Malaysian Mission Office can handle it. Your approved e-Visa will be sent to you by email when it is accepted, which you can print out before visiting Malaysia.

For how long could the e-Visa be valid?

The legitimacy duration of your e-VISA is three months from the date of issuance of the e-VISA by the Malaysian Department of Immigration.

Will I be able to stay in Malaysia with an E-VISA for a long time?

Up to the 30-day limit, you are allowed to stay in Malaysia. You have to pay a regulatory fine if you choose to remain longer, and your entry into Malaysia may be limited or barred for a specific period.

How many days prior will I be needed to Apply for the Malaysian Visa?

You have to apply for a Malaysia e-visa online 14 days before your travel date to Malaysia.

Can I apply for a Malaysian visa on my arrival?

No, the Chinese citizen can apply for a visa on their arrival. You will be required to apply for an e-Visa in advance to enter the country. 

Will I have to send any hard copies of my documents to Malaysia while applying for e-visas?

No, even if requested by the Immigration Department, you are not expected to send any actual documentation. To process your visa application to Malaysia, you need to send a simple, scanned copy of your application form.

If my travel dates change, will it be advisable for me to re-apply for a new e-VISA?

Honestly, you need to re-apply for another e-VISA because your Visa's legitimacy is just for 3 months as per the visa's date of approval.

A portion of the information fill by me is incorrect and required corrections during my e-visa application. How will it be corrected?

On the e-VISA application tab, you can edit your details according to the correct information before submission. If you submitted your application with incorrect information, you must immediately contact our customer service team via chat or email to correct the information that you want to update.

A few of my details do not fit my passport with my Visa. Can I enter Malaysia with this e-visa?

No, your e-VISA has become invalid. You can re-apply with the correct details according to your passport for another e-VISA.

Will I get a refund if I did not use my Malaysian e-Visa?

No, there won't be a refund for the expired Visa.

What documents are needed for them to apply for the Malaysian e-Visa??

To Apply for the Malaysian e-Visa, here is the list of documents you will be required:

  • Proof of residency (if relevant)
  • New bank accounts for three months (if relevant)
  • Employer or university Travel Permission (if appropriate)
  • Identification Scan of Personal Information
  • Confirmation of carrier
  • Return Ticket (if relevant)
  • Evidence of accommodation: The dates of appearance and take-off from the country must correspond. This is a provision demanded by the government to document the movement.
  • Last page of the passport (if relevant)
  • Minor Birth Certificate – For the minors traveling
  • Latest photograph of the traveler 

Note: Where a public authority requests additional records. We will contact you by email to obtain certain documents to apply your e-visa application to the approval authority.

Upon landing in Malaysia, what all documents will I be required to carry? 

Upon arrival at Malaysian immigration checkpoints, the following documents need to be presented:

  • Your Passport
  • Your printout of e-VISA
  • Proper funds to cover expenses during your visit to Malaysia (Cash/Travelers Check/Debit or Credit Cards)
  • Confirmed return flight ticket.
  • Malaysia Accommodation Evidence.

How long does the application form for e-Visa take?

The application form is straightforward, and it hardly takes 10 minutes in total to fill it. 

Whom to contact in case of further clarifications?

Our customer support team is always available to provide all the support you need. You can contact us any time of the day. 

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