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Valid for 6 MONTHS

Tourist Card

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Valid for 6 MONTHS

Tourist Card

Single Entry

Government Fees

Apply Now

About Mexico tourist card

All the foreign residents who want to travel to Mexico are bound to fill the Official Entry Immigration Form (FMM) before reaching Mexico. To ease out the entry process, you can fill out the Immigration application from your home's comfort as it is very convenient. All you need is the details of your passport, flight tickets, and details of your hotel stay, along with the print of your Official Entry Tourist Card.​ THE TOURIST CARD is needed for every traveler, INCLUDING CHILDREN.

​ ​As soon as you enter Mexico, you need to present your printed Tourist Card and passport as your information is already in the database. Then Immigration Officer only needs to put a stamp on your Tourist Card, and boom, you are done! Enjoy Your Stay in Mexico!

Don't Waste Your Time in a long queue at the airport - Get Your Tourist Card Now, IT IS TOTALLY ONLINE!

How to apply for the visa ?

Applying for the visa is the simplest of all steps.Ittakes less than 5-7 minutes to complete your form and sit
back and relax.Follow these steps to get ready and pack your bag.

Online application

Fill Complete application form online with supportive documents pay the fee online and submi for verification.

fill out application for US evisa online
Visa Approval

Visa Approval letter will be received by email.
No need to visit the Embassy and other place safe Time and Money.

receive document of US evisa online

Once you reach the destination show the verified documents,passport & visas at the arrival,Enjoy hassle-free journey.

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Wanting to make a trip to Mexico during your busy schedule, you can't waste your important time on the paperwork needed for Visa Process. Better to consult the Visa Professional to execute the Visa Formalities on your behalf. The government has dispatched an Electronic Mexico Tourist Card by email. The Mexican Immigration presented the FMM (Mexico Tourist Card) Authority to advance the booming Mexico travel industry. Mexico Tourist Card is accessible for all countries with 69 visa exemption countries. The Mexico Tourist Card is a single entry visa that allows a stay of up to 180 consecutive days in Mexico. Individuals applying for a visa may pay the charge online, present the details online, and get the electronic Mexico Tourist Card (FMM) through email before voyaging. Kindly note Mexico Tourist Card can be produced solely after complete paper customs, check, and installment.

eVisa Mart encourages you to finish administrative work, and legitimate customs included identified with the consulate and shield you from holding up time. Bid farewell to the Government application structure and numerous visits to consulates in your nation of origin. If you are heading out to Mexico, our e-visa Experts will offer elite visa administrations. We are trained for assessing your visa qualification within a second and can even assist you in understanding the visa interaction. Get Your Mexico Tourist Card (FMM) immediately and take out yourself from the disappointment of getting a visa and satisfying the paper conventions.

To Obtain the Mexico Tourist Card (FMM), one should have a substantial Passport and imperative documents relating to their character, address confirmation, pay evidence, Travel Itinerary, and so on Evisamart is one of the noticeable sources to save your quality. Mail your Visa inquiry to us, and our Visa agent will interface you for additional Visa-related conventions.


The FMM Tourist Card, Known formally as “Forma Migratoria Múltiple,” is a requirement for all tourists visiting Mexico. According to the laws based on the nation they are residing in; foreign nationals also have to choose an additional visa. FMM (Forma Migratoria Múltiple), the official name of the Mexico tourist card, is the utmost important document required for all those traveling to Mexico regardless of their purpose of tourism, business, or leisure.
FMM was introduced by Mexican Immigration Authority to keep the official record of visitors traveling in-country. FMM can only be used as a single entry mode either you are traveling through air or land and is valid for 180 days after your arrival, starting right from the time the immigration seal is stamped.

Apply for a Simple online application form for a Tourist card if you are flying to Mexico or crossing its land borders. For the application, you need some basic information that includes submitting basic personal information and your travel details and takes just a couple of minutes for the submission. The approved FMM is sent to the applicant by email and must be printed and presented at border control. The FMM is not a visa. Travelers hailing from countries exempted from the application of Mexican visa should still apply for Mexico Tourist Card. Residents of other countries should apply for a more relevant visa along with FMM to visit. All tourists should have their individual copy of FMM, which includes child also whose applications can be filled either by their parents or legal guardians.

Looking at the Concern

  • Incomplete applications will be rejected.
  • The possession of a Tourist Card is not the final authority to enter MEXICO. Some Countries need Mexico Visa with Mexico Tourist Card.
  • Please Note every person who wants to visit Mexico needs to apply separately for Mexico Tourist Card, including children.
  • Providing false information will lead to the automatic rejection of visas.
  • No need to upload any documents. Just fill correct details as per your passport or flight booking.
  • VISA Processing Fee is non-refundable or transferable.

Documents Required :-

  • Passport Details.
  • Personal Information
  • Trip Information
  • Flight Details
  • Hotel Details
  • Credit or Debit Card to pay administration fees

    • The Tourist Card is for PER PERSON. Everyone needs a Tourist Card with their information.
    • The Tourist Card is Necessary for ALL visitors traveling "By Air" through a Major Commercial Airline.
    • Your arrival in Mexico is within 30 days if you want to apply for Mexican Tourist Card.
    • Your passport validity will be for 180 days to apply for a Tourist Card ONLINE.
    • The information in the application should match as per the information mention in the PASSPORT.
    • You have to mention your flight information (Airline Name and Flight Number), your ARRIVAL FLIGHT to Mexico.
    • Take out a printout of your Tourist Card either in "BLACK & WHITE" or in "COLOR," whatever suits you; just note that the printout should be clear and legible.
    • Your passport must have 2 blank pages, and DO NOT cut or alters the forms in ANY WAY, leave them as they are.
    • It is possible that some Immigration Officers in some Airports may not accept the Tourist Card if they find that your information does not match with your passport or if they ask, you have to submit a "manual" form. The selection or rejection of your application is in the hands of the Immigration Officer.

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Countries Eligible for MEXICO TOURIST CARD without having a Visa to Mexico: -
Andorra Argentina Australia Austria Bahamas
Barbados Belize Belgium Bermuda Brazil
Bulgaria British Virgin Island Canada Chile Colombia
Costa Rica Croatia Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark,
Estonia, Ecuador France Finland, Germany,
Greece, Hungary Hong Kong Iceland Israel
Ireland Italy Jamaica Japan Latvia
Lithuania Liechtenstein Luxembourg Malta Macau
Marshall Island Malaysia Micronesia Monaco New Zealand
Netherlands Norway Palau Panama Peru
Portugal Poland Romania San Marino Singapore
South Korea Switzerland Slovakia Slovenia Spain
Sweden Trinidad and Tobago United Arab Emirates United States United Kingdom
Uruguay Vatican City Venezuela
Countries Eligible for Mexico Tourist Card with a Valid Visa to Mexico
Afghanistan Bosnia and Herzegovina Curacao Ghana Jersey Martinique Nigeria Saint Barthelemy South Sudan Tuvalu
Aland Islands Botswana Democratic Republic of the Congo Gibraltar Jordan Mauritania Niue Saint Helena Sri Lanka Uganda
Albania British Indian Ocean Territory Djibouti Greenland Kazakhstan Mauritius Norfolk Island Saint Kitts and Nevis Sudan Ukraine
Algeria Brunei Darussalam Dominica Grenada Kenya Mayotte North Korea Saint Lucia Suriname United States Virgin Islands
American Samoa Burkina Faso Dominican Republic Guadeloupe Kiribati Moldova Northern Mariana Islands Saint Martin Svalbard and Jan Mayen Uzbekistan
Angola Burundi Egypt Guam Kuwait Monaco Norway Saint Pierre and Miquelon Swaziland Vanuatu
Anguilla Cambodia El Salvador Guatemala Kyrgyzstan Mongolia Oman Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Syrian Arab Republic Vietnam
Antarctica Cameroon Equatorial Guinea Guernsey Laos Montenegro Pakistan Samoa Taiwan Wallis and Futuna
Antigua and Barbuda Cape Verde Eritrea Guinea Lebanon Montserrat Palau Sao Tome and Principe Tajikistan Yemen
Armenia Cayman Islands Ethiopia Guinea-Bissau Lesotho Morocco Palestinian Territory Saudi Arabia Tanzania Zambia
Aruba Central African Republic Falkland Islands Guyana Liberia Mozambique Papua New Guinea Senegal Thailand Zimbabwe
Azerbaijan Chad Faroe Islands Haiti Libya Myanmar Philippines Serbia Timor-Leste
Bahrain China Federated States of Micronesia Honduras Macedonia Namibia Pitcairn Islands Seychelles Togo
Bangladesh Christmas Island Fiji India Madagascar Nauru Puerto Rico Sierra Leone Tokelau
Belarus Cocos Islands French Guiana Indonesia Malawi Nepal Qatar Sint Maarten Tonga
Benin Comoros French Polynesia Iran Malaysia New Caledonia Republic of Cyprus Solomon Islands Tunisia
Bhutan Congo Gabon Iraq Maldives New Zealand Reunion Somalia Turkey
Bolivia Cook Islands Gambia Isle of Man Mali Nicaragua Russian Federation South Africa Turkmenistan
Bonaire Cuba Georgia Ivory Coast Marshall Islands Niger Rwanda South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Turks and Caicos Islands
Application related Questions
How can I apply online for Mexico’s FMM?

Those who want to apply for Mexico’s FMM can fill an online application form that includes submitting your personal details, for example, your full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, and address. The applicants should also fill in their passport card details and give specific information about their travel plan.

What are the documents required for an application for Mexico Tourist Card?

Documents that an applicant requires are a valid passport (passport card if you are planning to enter Mexico via road), your active email ID, including your method of payment (credit or debit card) for Mexico’s FMM.

Do I have to send my Passport for review?

NO, you DO NOT have to send us your passport. On the application structure, we will ask you for the data we need from your visa to handle your Tourist Card. When you land at Mexico Airport, you will be needed to introduce your visa and your Tourist Card to enter Mexico.

What should I do if my Mexico Tourist Card entry application is rejected?

FMM applications' most common reasons for rejection are minute and typo errors, or it can also be due to the inconsistent way of providing information. If this is the case, the individual can re-apply the application online, taking care to submit all their details accurately.

What do I have to do after I receive my Mexico FMM?

Applicants will receive their approved Mexico FMM via email. They should then print a hard copy and present it at the Mexican border to have it stamped. After that, the Tourist Card will prove their right to be in the country. Visitors should carry their Tourist Card with them at all times, including when crossing the border again to leave Mexico.

How can I make payment for My Application?

The Mexico Tourist card application fee can be paid by credit or debit card through the secure payment system. If there are any issues, please reach us at

I submitted my application for the Mexico FMM, and I still haven’t got a confirmation; what I have to do?

Once the Mexico application form has been submitted and payment has been made, the applicant will receive a confirmation email. Also, at times, this message can be sent to your Spam/Junk mail inboxes. All communications regarding the Mexico FMM application will be sent via email. All applicants are suggested to carefully check their email inboxes before contacting us via email at

I’ve realized that some information on my Mexico FMM is incorrect; what should I do?

We strongly emphasize the fact that the applicant should double-check the information provided by them for the application. Rechecking your details before the submission is a vital process that shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Any errors in the data provided can result in the rejection of the Mexico FMM application. All information given must match exactly that on the travel document (passport) provided. If you submit your Mexico FMM application form and later realize it contains incorrect information, please contact us immediately at

Tourist Card Information
What is the Mexico Tourist Card, and why do I need this?

FMM or Mexico tourist card is a requisite document required for all foreign citizens visiting Mexico for tourism, leisure, and business. Forma Migratoria Múltiple can say an "admission document" is issued to only vacationing visitors of certain nationalities. FMM is popularly known as a tourist "visa," even though it is not officially a visa. The Tourist Card is per individual, paying little heed to age and how long you will remain in Mexico. The data gave in the Tourist Card is kept by the Mexican Immigration Authority as an authoritative record of your visit to Mexico.

When is a tourist card (FMM) required?

A Mexico tourist card (FMM) is required for all tourists who enter Mexico.

How long do I need to keep my Tourist Card?

There are two (2) portions of the Immigration Form, the Entry Form, and the Exit Form. We will email you the two structures previously finished with the appropriate data. When you show up in Mexico, you will quickly continue to the air terminal's migration corner, where the movement official will keep the ENTRY Part of your structure. They will stamp the Exit Part of the form, which you will keep while in Mexico. When you are checking in for your trip back home, you will introduce the Exit Part of your structure alongside your passport.

How can I apply for a Tourist Card?

Travelers can directly apply for FMM or a Mexico Tourist Card through a simple online application.

What is the time frame of the validity of the Mexico Tourist Card?

The maximum duration of a Mexico tourist card is 180 days, starting right from the moment it immigration officer stamped on it once you enter the country.

How long FMM allows you to stay in Mexico?

Your stay in Mexico depends on an immigration officer upon your arrival in the country, depending on your nationality and visa type (e.g., online e-Visa, embassy visa, or visa-free). After considering all the legalities, the maximum duration of a foreign national who can stay in Mexico via FMM is 180 days.

Who are eligible for a Mexico Tourist Card?

Regardless of their nationalities, every traveler is eligible to apply for a Mexican Tourist Card: it is the essential document required to enter the country visit for tourism, leisure, or business. Foreign nationals who want to visit Mexico for a different purpose of visit other than mention above, such as employment or even if they want to relocate to Mexico, can’t use FMM to enter the country.

Why my nation isn't on the rundown of Eligible Countries?

"Qualified Countries" will be nations that have an arrangement with Mexico to have the option to visit each other without having a visa before your visit. This DOES NOT imply that you CAN NOT visit Mexico; it is only that you MUST acquire a Mexican Embassy or Consulate visa before your visit with the end goal for you to enter Mexico.

Would I be able to have a passport of an Eligible Country and live in another country?

Indeed. To acquire a Tourist Card online, you MUST apply with your passport from the Eligible Countries.

I have a passport from one of the Eligible Countries; however, it terminates under 180 days. Would I be able to apply?

NO, your identification should not terminate on the following 180 days because the Tourist Card is for 180 days, and the most extreme stay in Mexico of 180 days; in this way, your visa CAN NOT lapse before your Tourist Card does.

Can we apply for the Tourist Card online if our passport is not from an eligible country?

NO. Your passport must be from one of the Eligible Countries to apply.

Question-related to Mexico Tourist Card
Is the Mexico Tourist Card is a Mexico visa?

No, FMM and visa for Mexico are very two different things altogether. Mexican Tourist Card is required by those who want to enter the country as a tourist. Still, visitors who belong to different countries need a Mexico visa (online e-visa or embassy visa). It is also essential to check the visa requirements according to your nationality and double-check all the travel documents you need.

Should I also have a printed copy of the Mexico Tourist Card?

Yes, you must carry a copy of the Mexico Tourist Card along with the traveler’s passport at the Mexican border if you want to take entry into the country.

Where can I get the Mexico FMM?

The easiest way to obtain a Mexico FMM is online, as the application can be completed in minutes. Visitors should note that they will still need to have their Mexico FMM stamped at the Mexican authorities' border.

What if I lose my Tourist Card while I am in Mexico?

Two things can occur:

  • If you got your Tourist Card on the web, you discover a PC and print another structure. You just may know that you may have to pay a fine of up to USD 60.00, relying upon the Immigration Authorities.​
  • Assuming you lost a "manually written" Tourist Card, you need to make a meeting with an Immigration Office to get another structure. Kindly know that you may have to pay a fine of up to USD 60.00 to supplant it.

What ports of entry are authorized on the Mexico Tourist Card?

The Mexico Tourist Card allows you to enter Mexico via land borders or by air. Your mode of arrival in the country should be specified beforehand on your online application form. Those who are flying to Mexico with the Tourist Card are required to have a passport, while that tourist who is entering Mexico through a land border checkpoint is also allowed to use a passport card to get an entry into the city.

Can I take multiple entries from Mexico Tourist Card?

Mexican Tourist Card can only be used once for entry in Mexico.

Do children need to apply for a Mexico FMM?

All travelers aged 2 or older must hold their own individual untransferable Mexico FMM to obtain permission to enter Mexico. This means that no children over the age of 2 can travel on their parent's or guardians’ Tourist Card. Minors must have a valid passport or passport card to complete the application successfully. Parents and legal guardians can assist their kids in applying for and obtaining the Mexico FMM before traveling.

What should I do if I have two (2) passports?

If you have two passports due to dual-nationality, you must choose which passport you will use to travel and show it at the Mexican border. There cannot be any inconsistencies between the approved Mexico FMM and the passport information provided on the Mexico FMM application.

Can you apply for a Mexico FMM as a group?

No, you cannot. The Mexico FMM is a personal un-transferable document. Each traveler must obtain one individually. For example, if a family of 4 plans to visit Mexico together, 4 individual Mexico FMM applications must be submitted, one for each family member. Each applicant must pay the processing fee for their Mexico FMM. However, you can assist your family members in completing their individual applications online.