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About New Zealand Visa (NZeta)

Suppose you plan to visit New Zealand for vacation or spend quality holidays with your friends, family & relatives. In that case, you must have an NZETA or a tourist visa, except if you are an Australian citizen. Some of the guests or travelers are not required to carry a visa and could travel without a visa if they have an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority).

If travelers are from a visa waiver country, apply for NZeta before visiting New Zealand and entering New Zealand with a healthy & good character and having sufficient money to travel across the country. Buy a ticket and travel to New Zealand.

From October 2019 onwards, it becomes mandatory for the Visa waivers country residents to have a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) before visiting New Zealand for short trips. This rule of NZeTA is compulsory for all travelers coming through the Sea or Air mode of travel. However, some travel countries are exempted, of which information can be availed through E-Visa Mart representatives. Approved NZeTA is valid for 2 years of duration. People applying for the online Visa for New Zealand should forwards all the information correctly. Nothing is offline; from application to approval, everything will be online. Once the application was completed and submitted, the candidate will get acknowledgment online on their registered mail id. The applicant will be provided a reference number, which will be used throughout the procedure. Be in touch with us for New Zealand visa information!

Online application

The candidates need to fill the application with the supportive documents, pay the fees online and then finally submit the application for verification.

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Visa Approval

The visa approval letter will be sent via e-mail. The candidate does not need to visit the embassy physically.

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Once the candidate arrives at the destination, they must show the documents along with the passport.

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Simple Apply for New Zealand Visa with e-Visa Mart

You might be heading out to Travel to New Zealand, and it would not be easy for you to apply for a Visa for New Zealand. Making time out of the busy schedule to apply for a visa can never be easy. So better to enlist some Visa consultants for New Zealand Visas and hire them to fulfill the visa-related formalities. As per the Government, almost 62 countries are waived to apply for a New Zealand visa. They may move to New Zealand with approved NZeta with 2 years of validity. An individual who plans for a short trip to New Zealand may apply online, pay the expenses online with IVY, submit the documents online, and get the electronic NZeta through email before traveling to New Zealand. NZETA can be availed online after completing paper formalities, making payment, and getting acknowledgment to avoid the delay.

eVisaMart encourages you to complete your routine task and may apply for the New Zealand Visa Online. Our team will complete the legal formalities and take care of the government rules without holding you for visa approval. In short, save your quality time, provide your documents and payment and let us serve for your visa formalities. Say Goodbye to outdated Government structures, visiting embassies, & traveling to government consulates. If you belong to Visa waivers country, eVisaMart representatives will guide you to New Zealand ETA. If you are genuinely applying for New Zealand ETA, we will assess the documentation and qualification related to Visa eligibility and will help you understand the visa process. Get a Visa before traveling to New Zealand and protect yourself from the disappointment related to visa rejection. Save paper involvement and get everything handy.
To Obtain the New Zealand ETA, one should have a valid passport, legal documents related to your identity, address proof, payment method, etc. Evisamart is one of the well known Visa Consultancy offering quality visa services. You may mail us all your requirements and queries related to New Zealand ETA Visa, and we make sure to serve you with all the visa formalities.

ETA Visa Type

Tourist ETA: - Passport holders of some nations and territories do not need to apply for a visa before traveling to New Zealand yet should hold an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority).

This sort of visa is utilized uniquely for tourism reasons. It is legitimate for 2 years from the date of approval. Residents of right around 62 visa waiver nations and territories can apply for this document. If someone wants to visit New Zealand for a short period, you should demand an NZeTA before you travel if you:

  • Travel on a passport from a country of visa waiver nations and territories.
  • Visiting for as long as 3 months — or, on the off chance if you are a British resident, as long as 6 months.

Transit ETA: - If you go through New Zealand on your way to another country and do not plan to remain, you are a transit traveler. Residents of some nations need to apply for a visa before going through New Zealand as a transit passenger yet should demand an NZeTA. If you are going through Auckland International Airport on your way to another country, you don't have to apply for a visa if you are from a travel visa waiver country. It would be best to apply for an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) before traveling. If you are transit through New Zealand to another country, you should request an NZeTA before if:

  • You hold a passport of a nation on the list of travel visa waiver country or territories, or
  • You have a current Australian permanent resident visa that permits you to re-visitation of Australia from abroad, or
  • Regardless of nationality, your prompt or last objective in the wake of traveling to New
  • Zealand from Australia and you hold a current visa gave by the public authority of Australia to enter Australia, or
  • Regardless of nationality, you are traveling from Australia — including an individual who started their trip outside Australia.

Checking Out Concerns

Concerns frequently circle an individual when they apply for a visa unexpectedly. Coming up next are the worries of an assortment of areas.

  • If you have a valid visa for New Zealand, you don’t need to apply for an NZeTA.
  • Travel to New Zealand without applying for a visa — on the off chance you will identify from a visa waiver country, a cruise ship traveler, or a permanent resident of Australia.
  • Pass-through Auckland International Airport as a transit traveler while in transit to or from Australia.
  • Pass-through Auckland International Airport as a transit passenger while in transit to another nation.
  • Suppose a traveler is from a visa waiver or travel visa waiver country. Get somebody to assist you with your NZeTA demand — you should tell them regarding your criminal conviction history and whether you are looking for clinical treatment in New Zealand.
  • If the applicant is from a visa waiver country, you should hold an NZeTA before traveling allow as long as 72 hours for processing.
  • You have to pay an International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) simultaneously as your NZeTA.
  • Once you have applied for an NZeTA, you can check its status.
If you intend to arrive in New Zealand by cruise-ship and don't have a visa, you should hold an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority).

A) - Before you join your Cruise: - If you don't have a visa, you should have an NZeTA before joining your Cruise. If someone is flying into New Zealand to join your Cruise, you should have:
  • an NZeTA on the off chance that you are from a visa waiver country, or
  • A visa on the off chance you are from a country requiring a visa to visit New Zealand. If you are holding an Australian permanent resident, you should request an NZeTA before traveling to New Zealand.
B) - Checking in for your Cruise: -When you check-in for your journey, you need to show proof of your NZeTA or visa to registration staff. This can be:
  • Your NZeTA affirmation email on your cell phone.
  • A copy of your NZeTA confirmation email.

Travelers who don’t need to worry about an NZeTA?
Visa holders and some different explorers needn't to worry about an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) before traveling New Zealand. You needn't bother with an NZeTA if: -
  • You are a New Zealand resident going on a New Zealand passport.
  • Foreign Passport that has a New Zealand resident endorsement
  • Australian resident travel on an Australian passport
  • Hold a legitimate visa for New Zealand — including a Permanent Resident Visa.

Required Documents to apply for New Zealand NZeta :
  • Valid passport with having validity of 3 months, even after traveling and leaving New Zealand
  • Arrival and departure dates.
  • Passport size photograph of Applicant.
  • Credit/Debit Card for visa application fees.
Documents to show upon the arrival at the airport
  • Original Passport which was used to apply for Visa
  • Hotel Confirmation.
  • Tour Itinerary.
  • Air Tickets.
  • Print out of your confirmed NZeta letter got on email.
  • You must have enough cash to carry to New Zealand a minimum of NZ $1,000 at any point of traveling. If you have already paid for the hotel stay, you must have NZ $400 for every extended stay of your visit. You may be asked to show your assets that you have as your wealth proof.
Important instructions
  • Travelers will have the option to demand a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) this eTA will get obligatory for travel from October 1, 2019.
  • Travelers should have their passport with at any rate a half year of legitimacy from the date of arrival and have, in any event, 2 blank pages accessible for stamping.
  • The Tourist Electronic Travel Authority (Tourist eTA) permits candidates to multiple entries in New Zealand, starting on the visa's beginning date. Tourist eTA holders are allowed a continuous stay of 90 days Per Entry.
  • All air travelers from the 62 nations that could already enter the country with a visa waiver program, just as all journey voyagers, should hold a Tourist eTA before heading out to New Zealand.
  • Holding a New Zealand Tourist eTA does not give programmed right of entry to the country. The immigration official at any port of entry may decline entry to any individual if s/he thinks that such an individual cannot satisfy the migration necessities or that such individual's quality in New Zealand would be in opposition to public interests or security.
How to apply for an Urgent Visa?

Crisis doesn't accompany time. At times, one may have to apply for earnest visas. They attend the accompanying qualities.

  • You get your visa in or around 24 to 48 hours.
  • You will get affirmation and an approved visa through email.
  • You will likewise get an instant message after the department shows a green signal.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation in a given processing time, you have little probability of approval.

Visa Waiver Countries and Territories

Passport holders of particular countries and territories needed not to apply for a visa before visiting New Zealand; however, they should hold an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority).

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The following are visa waiver countries and territories.
Andorra Czech Republic Korea, South Netherlands Slovenia
Argentina Denmark Kuwait Norway Spain
Austria Estonia (citizens only) Latvia (citizens only) Oman Sweden
Bahrain Finland Liechtenstein Poland Switzerland
Belgium France Lithuania
(citizens only)
you have the right to
live permanently in Portugal)
you are a permanent resident)
Brazil Germany Luxembourg Qatar United Arab Emirates
Brunei Greece Macau(only if
you have a Macau Special
Administrative Region passport)
Romania United Kingdom(UK)
(if you are travelling on
a UK or British passport
that shows you have the right
to reside permanently in the UK)
Bulgaria Hong Kong(residents
with HKSAR or British National
–Overseas passports only)
Malaysia San Marino United States of America
(including USA nationals)
Canada Hungary Malta Saudi Arabia Uruguay
Chile Iceland Mauritius Seychelles Vatican City.
Croatia Ireland Mexico Singapore
Cyprus Israel Monaco Slovak Republic
Transit visa waiver countries
Bahamas Federated States
of Micronesia
Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands
Bermuda Indonesia Paraguay Thailand
Bolivia Kiribati Peru Tonga
Colombia Nauru Philippines Tuvalu
Costa Rica Palau Republic of
Marshall Islands
Ecuador Panama Samoa Venezuela
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E-Visa FAQs
What is the New Zealand Tourist ETA?

The NZ Electronic Travel Authority (New Zealand Tourist ETA) is an electronic visa waiver that grants the right to enter many times in New Zealand. There is no need for the Embassy or Consular Office to make an appointment or present original documents for a visa.

How long is the validity of the New Zealand Tourist ETA?

It is a Multiple Entry Visa and the New Zealand Tourist ETA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) has a validity of 2 years after issuance. After it is released, its expiration date will be stated in your eTA.
You can arrive in the country only after the starting date indicated on your visa and stay continuously for 90 days at the time of entry.

How many entries does allow on the New Zealand Tourist ETA?

The New Zealand ETA grants multiple entries to its holders.

Does obtain the Tourist ETA guarantees entry in New Zealand?

No. The ownership of the NZeTA doesn't provide the holder with an automatic power of entry in the country. An immigration official could deny anybody entrance if he determines that the person is incapable of complying with the immigration demands or that the presence of such a person in New Zealand would be conflicting with national interests or protection.

Which countries are eligible for the New Zealand Tourist ETA?

Andorra Croatia Monaco Denmark Finland
Argentina Cyprus Sweden Oman France
Chile Greece Switzerland Poland Germany
Bahrain Hungary Taiwan Portugal Kuwait
Belgium Iceland United Arab Emirates Qatar Latvia
Brazil Ireland United Kingdom Republic of South Korea Liechtenstein
Brunei Austria United States Romania Lithuania
Bulgaria Singapore Canada San Marino Luxembourg
Slovenia Malaysia Israel Netherlands Macau
Spain Malta Italy Norway Uruguay
Saudi Arabia Mauritius Japan Slovakia Vatican City
Seychelles Mexico Czech Republic Estonia

How many funds do I have to introduce at the immigration checkpoint?

If you want your entry to be approved, you need to display a minimum of 1000 New Zealand Dollars. You have to prove at least $400 if you booked your accommodation.

What do I have to apply for the New Zealand Tourist ETA?

To submit your application, we need the following:

  • A passport that is valid on arrival for at least six months
  • Times of arrival and departure
  • Credit / Debit Card or Account PayPal

Vaccination requirements for travel to New Zealand

The Yellow Fever vaccine is recommended while traveling from a country at risk of transmission of yellow fever.
More information in the following link:

What do I require to present upon arrival in New Zealand?

You need to show your passport and your New Zealand ETA reference number upon arrival in New Zealand.

When should I apply for the New Zealand Tourist ETA?

Travelers must apply for this ETA on their trip to New-Zealand for at least 24 hours.

What is the required applicant's passport to meet for the New Zealand Tourist ETA?

Travelers must own their passport valid for at least six months from the arrival date and have two blank pages.

Who issues the NZeTA?

New Zealand's government is still the issuer of the NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority). In particular, the Immigration Authorities accept or reject any NZeTA application, which is a decision beyond applicants' and visa-private agencies' control requests from NZeTA are still submitted online. Agencies will help by offering you professional help to correctly complete and apply your NZeTA application to the Immigration Authorities.

Who has to hold a visa to enter New Zealand?

To enter the country, Citizens need to obtain a visa for New Zealand, whose Country is not permitted for visa-free entry into New Zealand or the NZeTA. Besides, anyone who is from a visa waiver country who wishes to stay for longer than the permitted NZeTA to stay needs to obtain a visa. Please note that the eTA grants multiple entries into New Zealand, each of up to 90 days.
Until traveling to New Zealand beginning on October 1, 2019, all residents of the 60 visa waiver countries must pre-register an application by the Electronic Travel Authority. From the convenience of one's home or office, travelers can easily apply for their New Zealand ETA online.
International passport holders who are permanent Australian residents must apply for NZETA, regardless of their nationality, NZ (but the associated tourist levy fee is not charged) from October 1, 2019, onwards.
Visa-exempt travel to New Zealand is permitted for those who are citizens of Australia.

Can you enter without a visa, New Zealand?

Citizens of 60 + countries can travel for short stays or transit without a visa into or through New Zealand. Still, they must apply for a new electronic travel authority online: the ETA of New Zealand. Transit passengers carrying passports from countries with a transit visa waiver are expected to apply for an ETA transit before departure if a layover at Auckland International Airport is required for their journey.
The online pre-registration of an ETA application is compulsory for these people as of October 2019.
However, Australian permanent residents of other nationalities will also be eligible to apply for the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). Visa-exempt travel to New Zealand is allowed for those holding an Australian passport and an NZeTA application is not required either.