New Zealand ETA for German Citizens

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Like any remaining visa-waiver nationals, German citizens must obtain a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authorization (NZETA) before departure. NZETA, the Electronic Travel Authority, would enable German passport holders to visit New Zealand for tourism purposes for up to 90 consecutive days. Having an NZETA is fast and simple for German residents. Candidates must respond to the progress of necessary inquiries on the online application form. Although a response to the ETA could be anticipated within two business days, candidates are encouraged to apply three business days in advance to provide extra handling time if additional documents need to be submitted.

Frequently Asked Question about NZETA for German Citizens

Do German residents need a visa for New Zealand?

As of 1 October 2019, German passport holders have to keep the NZETA for tourism plans before the trip.
New Zealand's Visa Waiver's execution has been revised to strengthen boundaries and public safety in New Zealand, just as the line monitoring measure for visa-waiver country travelers has been faster.

What are the New Zealand ETA documents necessities for residents of Germany?

Applicants should meet different prerequisites to apply for NZETA from Germany and send a choice of supporting details, such as: -

  • Passport with outstanding legitimacy for three months from the date of the planned exit from New Zealand.
  • A rounded-out NZ ETA application form.
  • Fees for NZETA and IVL by credit or debit card.
  • Email address
  • Travel Insurance (discretionary)
Applications for Family ETA should be submitted separately. Try to round out their NZETA application form using the overall passport and person details when applying for a relative or minor. It's also compulsory, from its dispatch, for visa-excluded transit travelers to obtain the NZETA before departing from their country of origin. Explorers with a transit NZETA traveling through New Zealand cannot leave the air terminal, and the IVL will not be charged.

How did New Zealand ETA application work for German residents?

Concerning German citizens, the online application form for New Zealand ETA includes various important individual, passport, well-being, and safety issues, such as

  • Passport data: nationality, passport number, issue, and date of expiry
  • Personal data: name, email address, date, and location of birth.
  • Details on security:deportation and history of criminal convictions.
  • Health and clinical:the aim of receiving or meeting clinical treatment while in NZ.
The whole process of rounding out the application form does not take longer than 10 minutes. It is advisable to intentionally rethink all responses to avoid any errors as any mistake in the information submitted could defer the preparation period or even result in the application's dismissal.

What time does it require to get New Zealand ETA from Germany?

It will take up to 1 to 2 business working days to measure when an ETA application has been sent from Germany. Notwithstanding, any slip-ups that may be remedied or any extra documentation that might be mentioned to be submitted can prompt longer handling times or dismissal. These lines fit to apply in any event 3 business days before the regular flight date to New Zealand.

Through the email address given during the process, candidates will receive the confirmed NZETA in PDF format. The New Zealand ETA will likewise be electronically linked to the applicant's passport when obtained. Travelers are encouraged to print a copy of the endorsed NZETA on one or the other or transmit a computerized version as proof.

I'm holding 2 citizenships. Which passport would it be advisable for me to decide to apply for?

If your passport's nationality is from a country with a visa waiver, you can use it in your submission. Candidates holding dual citizenship can enter New Zealand with a passport identical to complete the NZETA online application form.

For how many days is the New Zealand ETA valid?

Since the date of issue, the New Zealand ETA has a legitimacy of 2 years.

How frequently can I enter New Zealand with an ETA?

The Multiple Entry allows on the New Zealand ETA.

How long can I stay in New Zealand with a New Zealand ETA?

However long you keep a New Zealand ETA, you can stay in New Zealand for as long as 90 days per entry.

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