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Russia manages the prerequisites that an unfamiliar public wishing to enter the Russian Federation should meet to get a visa to enter and stay in the country. Visa exceptions depend on reciprocal or multilateral arrangements. Russia has concurrences with scores of nations whose residents are either absolved from visas or can apply for a visa on the web (e-visa). Residents of countries without such a concurrence with Russia should get a visa ahead of time from a Russian strategic mission or visa focus. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia began to actualize the e-visa Program from 8 August 2017. From 1 October 2019, electronic visas have gotten legitimate for Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. On 24 January 2020, the new rundown for the Far Eastern e-visa was approved. Thus, the rundown of nations has gotten uniform for all areas where an electronic visa is applied.

On 1 January 2021, Russian Federation brought together to present Unified electronic visas in Russia. On 6 October 2020, as per the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2571/2020, the rundown of States was endorsed. These are the nations whose residents were permitted to enter Russia with an electronic visa as a pilot project component. The e-visa is a solitary passage visa, which is legitimate for a time of 60 days from the date of issue, and which permits a time of stay in the Russian Federation of as long as 16 days from the date of section. Unfamiliar residents reserve the privilege to the opportunity of development inside the whole region of Russia. The 16-day e-visas are given for private or business visits, the travel industry, to interest in logical, social, socio-political, monetary games. The application can be presented no sooner than 40 days and no later than 4 days before the entry's expected date. Applications for an e-visa will be handled in close to 4 scheduled days from the application's accommodation date.

Online application

The candidates need to fill the application with the supportive documents, pay the fees online and then finally submit the application for verification.

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Visa Approval

The visa approval letter will be sent via e-mail. The candidate does not need to visit the embassy physically.

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Once the candidate arrives at the destination, they must show the documents along with the passport.

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Wanting to make a trip to Russia, you can't bear to burn through your necessary time in the administrative work needed for Visa Process. Better to recruit the Visa Professional to execute the Visa Formalities for your benefit. The government has dispatched an e-visa office. The Russian Federation presented the e-Visa to advance the Russian travel industry. E-visa is accessible for 53 countries with a couple of exemptions.In the wake of applying for a private or business visit, tourism and participating in scientific, cultural, socio-political, economic, sporting events reason with a legitimacy of 60 days and permits Single entry with each stay in Russia can last 16 days. Individuals applying for an e-visa may pay the charge online, submit documents online, and get the electronic visa (e-visa) through email before voyaging. The point to be noted is that an e-visa can be produced only when the individual has done complete documents and visa fees.

Russia e-visa TYPE: -

UNIFIED E-VISA: - The unified e-visa qualifies you to enter the Russian Federation and stay in the Russian Federation for private or business visit, the travel industry, just as for partaking in logical, social, socio-political, financial, games and doing significant interchanges and contacts. If your trip to the Russian Federation is nothing from what was just mentioned, you need to apply to a conciliatory mission or consular post of the Russian Federation for a customary (not electronic) visa. The Government of Russia has released a rundown of those entire nations whose residents are qualified to visit Russia through e-visa from 1 January 2021. The rundown incorporates the 52 states whose residents have reserved the privilege to apply for the e-visa to visit certain Russian areas since the pilot project started in 2017.
Russian e-visa is of the following categories:

  • Tourist visa- for the purpose of tourism.
  • Business visa –for the business trip purpose.
  • Special visa for the purpose of participation in scientific/ cultural/ social/economical/ or any sporting events and delivering them all the relevant communications and contacts.
*** The choice to concede or decline a visa is the sole privilege of the Russian Federation. doesn't in any capacity impact the equivalent.

Looking at the Concern
  • Foreign residents showing up in the Russian Federation based on a brought together e-visa reserve the privilege to the opportunity of development inside the Russian Federation's whole domain, aside from visits to regions, associations, and offices to which an exceptional grant is needed as per government laws.
  • The allowed time of stay in the Russian Federation based on a brought together e-visa of as long as 16 days DOES NOT IMPLY the chance of remaining for 384 hours net time (24 hours x 16). The day of appearance and the day of flight is considered two days.
  • Before finishing the brought together e-visa application, you should give your agreement to the computerized handling, transmission, and capacity of the information in your application for the reasons for giving a unified e-visa.
  • The time of legitimacy of an electronic visa or potentially the allowed time of stay might be expanded distinctly in situations where it is difficult to leave the Russian Federation's domain because of the need for crisis treatment or unsurmountable conditions (power Majeure) or cataclysmic events.
  • Extension of the e-visa or potentially the allowed time of stay is completed by the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs or its regional bodies at the spot of relocation enlistment of an unfamiliar resident at the spot of stay, and if there is no movement enrollment at the spot of stay – at the spot of real stay via giving a common (not electronic) visa.
  • Your visa should be machine-lucid and given by your nation of ethnicity. Your identification should be legitimate for in any event a half year from the date of presenting the application for a brought together e-visa. On the off chance that your identification doesn't meet these prerequisites, the e-visa application can't be acknowledged for handling. There should be adequate space in your identification for line crossing stamps.
  • E-visa candidates are not needed to present a greeting letter, inn booking affirmation, or some other report affirming the motivation behind their movement to the Russian Federation


Ensure you have the accompanying:

  • The legitimate passport that you mean to utilize when crossing the Russian Federation's state border.
  • Digital scan copy of your main passport page where all details are mentioned.
  • Photograph of the applicant.
  • Bank card (Credit/Debit) for paying the visa charge.
  • Employment evidence (If visiting Russia for a business reason)
  • Invitation letter from Russian colleague (If relevant from the organization where you go for business )
Documents to show upon landing in Russian entry point; -
  • Original Passport.
  • Print copy of your approved e-visa.
  • Confirmed return Air Tickets
  • Contact subtleties of your family member, companions, or business contacts in Russia;(If relevant)
  • Actual Accommodation Confirmation (If Any)
  • Any extra records needed to demonstrate your motivation of visit (particularly on the off chance you are going on a business Visa).
Directions to Be Considered:-
  • The e-visa is a Single entry visa. The legitimacy time of a bound-together electronic visa is 60 days from the date of issue. The allowed time of stay in the Russian Federation based on a Unified e-visa inside its legitimacy period will not surpass 16 days from the entry date.
  • The Unified e-visa qualifies you to enter the Russian Federation and stay in the Russian Federation for private or business visits, the travel industry, to partake in logical, social, socio-political, financial, games and complete significant interchanges and contacts.
  • Suppose the motivation behind your outing to the Russian Federation is nothing from what was just mentioned. In that case, you need to apply to a discretionary mission or consular post of the Russian Federation for a standard (not electronic) visa.
  • If you have a substantial Russian visa in your identification, you don't have to apply for a brought-together e-visa.
  • The application can be presented no sooner than 40 days and no later than 4 days before the regular date of passage into the Russian Federation.
  • Before finishing the bound-together e-visa application, you should give your agreement to the computerized handling, transmission, and capacity of the information in your application for the reasons for providing a brought together e-visa.
  • Indication of the month, date, and year of birth are compulsory when rounding out the application structure. If your full date of birth isn't determined in your identification, the bound-together e-visa application can't be acknowledged for handling.
  • Your visa should be machine-intelligible and given by your nation of ethnicity. Your identification should be substantial for, at any rate, a half year from the date of presenting the application for a brought together e-visa. On the off chance that your identification doesn't meet these necessities, the e-visa application can't be acknowledged for preparation. There should be adequate space in your visa for line crossing stamps.
  • If you are going with minor youngsters demonstrated in your identification, a different application for a brought together e-visa should be submitted for every kid. All little youngsters going with their folks should have a different e-visa.
  • The data you give in your application should be finished and precise. Any off-base data may prompt the disavowal of the generally given visa at the Russian Federation's boundary-crossing point or in the Russian Federation region.
  • Foreign residents remaining in the Russian Federation based on unified e-visas are needed to have clinical protection legitimate in the Russian Federation's domain for the whole term of their visit, except for residents of the accompanying outside nations who are absolved from this prerequisite based on correspondence
The unified e-visa is substantial for the section into and exit from the Russian Federation just through the accompanying state line crossing points of the Russian Federation, the rundown of which is affirmed by the Russian Government Federation.

Airports (16)
Belgorod Krasnodar Moscow - Vnukovo Saint Petersburg
Kaliningrad Krasnoyarsk Nizhny Novgorod Samara
Kazan Moscow Novosibirsk Volgograd
Khabarovsk Moscow Rostov-on-Don Yekaterinburg

Seaports (6)
Kaliningrad (checkpoints in the cities of Kaliningrad and Svetly) Saint Petersburg - Big Port (Marine Station) Saint Petersburg - Passenger Port
Sochi (International Center for Sea Passenger and Cruise Transportation) Vladivostok- Sea passenger terminal Zarubino

Automobile checkpoints- Roads (14): -

Russia - Estonia border (3), Russia – Finland border (1), Russia - Latvia border (2), Russia - Lithuania border (4) Russia - Poland border (4)

Bagrationovsk Gusev Mamonovo (Grzechotki) Mamonovo (Gronowo) Bagrationovsk
Morskoje Pogranichny Sovetsk Chernyshevskoye Ivangorod
Ubylinka Burachki Vyartsilya Kunichina Gora Shumilkino

Mixed Checkpoint (1): -Blagoveshchensk - China side: Heihe (over Amur, during navigation - river crossing, during freezing - road crossing)

Railways (2): - Khasan Station - North Korea side: Tumangang Station Grodekovo Station (Pogranichny) – China side: Suifenhe Station

Pedestrians (1): - Ivangorod - Estonia side: Narva

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Countries Eligible for Russian Unified e-visa

Only citizens of the following foreign countries, the list of which is approved by the Government of the Russian Federation, are eligible for the unified e-visa.

Andorra Czech Republic Iceland Kuwait Monaco Romania Sweden
Austria Denmark India Latvia Netherlands San Marino Switzerland
Bahrain Estonia Indonesia Liechtenstein North Macedonia Saudi Arabia Taiwan, China
Belgium Finland Iran, Islamic Republic of Lithuania Norway Serbia Turkey
Bulgaria France Ireland Luxembourg Oman Singapore Vatican
China Germany Italy Malaysia Philippines Slovakia
Croatia Greece Japan Malta Poland Slovenia
Cyprus Hungary Korea,Democratic People's Republic of Mexico Portugal Spain
What is the Russia E-visa?

A Russian E-visa is an electronic visa requiring qualified residents to head out to Russia for a short stay. A Russia-wide E-visa is required to be actualized toward the start of 2021.

How would I apply for an electronic visa for Russia?

Qualified residents can apply for an electronic visa to Russia through a basic online application. Candidates can finish the online structure in only a couple of minutes, with the essential individual identification and travel data, to get an affirmed E-visa for Russia electronically connected to their passport.

Who is qualified for a Russian e-Visa?

Residents of 53 qualified nations can apply for the Russia e-Visa. Unfamiliar residents not qualified for any E-visa types are needed to apply for a Russian embassy or government office visa.

What ports of entry would I be able to use with the Russia e-Visa?

The ports of entry or exit that can be utilized with a Russian e-Visa are 16 Airports, 6 Seaports, 2 Railway stations, 14 Road borders, 1 Pedestrian, and 1 Mixed designated spot (Blagoveshchensk – China side). You can check the list of entry and exit points on our home page for Russia e-visa here.

Do I need to take entry and exit from the same checkpoint?

With the Russian e-visa, you can enter and exit through any of the authorized control; let's assume you are taking entry from Pulkovo's airport and exiting through Moscow's airport, or you can follow the vice versa. Border control points are equipped with the most advanced technology to control and check the electronic visa, and hence it is predicted that more border control points will be added soon.

What is the validity duration of the Russian e-visa?

The e-visa provided by the Russian Federation is allotted strictly for a single entry and is valid only for 60 days from its issue date; however, you can only stay for the maximum duration of 16 days from your arrival date in Russia. You need to focus on the point that the e-visa validity can't be extended, apart from the exceptional cases where an individual can't leave the Russian Federation area because of the need for any emergency treatment/ insurmountable factor/ pandemics/natural disasters. The above clarification may seem a bit confusing at first glance, but with an example, you can see it more clearly: 16 days does not imply that you can stay for the exact 24 hours for 16 days or 348 hrs, as the permanence of the Federation of Russia starts at midnight, for the context if you have e-visa from July 15 to September 13, and you took entry in Russia with that e-visa through passport control at 8:00 p.m. on August 1, then in that situation, you are bound to leave before 11:59 p.m. on August 16 for passport control against 8.00 p.m on August 17.

Is it mandatory to stay in the hotels or apartments I mentioned in my electronic visa application?

You are not mandated with this clause; in case you want to change your accommodation after you arrive in the country. In fact, giving details about your accommodation is not even necessary to send in your application for an e-visa.

In which conditions am I not allowed to apply for the e-visa, and which visa type should I get- regular or traditional visa?

You can apply for the regular/ standard visa under the following conditions:

  • If you are staying in Russia for more than 16 days duration
  • If your e-visa is denied prior
  • If you haven't got any notification after the 4 days of your form submission 
  • Suppose the type of visa you want to apply for is neither for tourism nor business nor any types of electronic visas allowed. Therefore, if you require a work or study visa, you must apply for a regular paper visa.
Which areas of Russia am I allowed to visit with my e-visa?

Before the year 2021, e-visa only allowed to visit certain Russian regions, namely Kaliningrad, Saint Petersburg, etc. Still, after January 1, 2021, this e-visa allowed its holder to move freely throughout Russia, with the sole exception of visits to territories, organizations, and facilities for which a special permit is required and which normally correspond to military or secret facilities.

What do I need to present an application for Russia electronic visa?

To present an application for a Russia electronic visa, it is important to have the accompanying:

  • Passport with validity of 6months from the planned entry date to Russia.
  • A current passport size photograph of the voyager taken against a white background.
  • A current email address at which to get a duplicate of the endorsed online visa for Russia.
  • Bank Card to pay the visa handling expenses (Credit/Debit Card)
Do I need a Russia E-visa for every one of my kids? Would it be desirable for me to mention them for my application?

Indeed, all explorers from E-visa-qualified nations, regardless of their age, are needed to have an independently affirmed visa for Russia to head out to the country. An individual E-visa application form should be submitted for every youngster, regardless of whether the minor is remembered for the parent/guardian's passport or not.

What amount of time will my Russia E-visa require to measure?

The standard online Russia traveler visa preparing time is between 2-4 business days. Candidates are encouraged to apply for an E-visa for Russia in any event 4 business days before Russia's expected arrival date to consider adequate handling time.

Do I need to print a duplicate of the Russia E-visa?

Indeed, voyagers are suggested to print a duplicate concerning the endorsed E-visa for Russia to present to immigration checkpoint and to border authorities upon arrival in Russia to access the country.

Would I be able to broaden/extend my E-visa in Russia?

No, it is preposterous to expect to expand an E-visa in Russia. To renew a Russian online visa, it is important to present another E-visa application from outside Russia and get another movement approval to return

How long can anyone stay in Russia with the approved e-visa?

The Russian federation allows 15 days of Single entry for eligible citizens with the Russian e-visa.

How might I check my Russia E-visa status?

Candidates can check their Russia visa status through the check status alternative referenced on our site (If apply through us). Updates and notices about the visa status will likewise be shipped off the candidate's present email address.

Do I need travel or health care coverage to be allowed a Russia E-visa?

The Russian government suggests that holders of an e-Visa have legitimate health insurance to cover their whole visit.

Do I need to apply and get an E-visa if I am simply on the way (transit) to Russia?

It isn't important to get a Russian transit visa if the explorer will go through under 24 hours in Russia while traveling to another destination without leaving the air terminal's travel territory.