Welcome to the land of diverse nature and extremities. Expanding to more than 1/8 of the in-habituated earth's area, Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of area. It comprises a wide range of terrains and is further sub-divided into 11 different time zones; the country extends across Eastern Europe and northern Asia and shares its boundaries with 14 other nations, which includes China, Finland, Norway, Poland, and North Korea, and marine borders with US state of Alaska and Japan.
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Chinese citizen faces international e-visa application as a tedious process at certain times. The e-Visa program designed for entry in Russia usually requires fewer documents and at least four days for processing. Chinese residents can now apply for the Russia Unified e-visa from January 1st, 2021. You can read below the common questions asked by the travelers regarding the Russian e-visa.


What length of stay allowed on a Russian e-visa?

16 days is the limit for being in Russia with an e-visa. Depending on the situation, restriction travel, an e-visa policy, this process can be a little longer or shorter.

Authorized entry and exit port accept Russian e-visa

If you want to enter or leave Russia with the help of this electronic visa, then it can be done through the following border control points: -

  • You can take entry through any of the 14 Russianairports, including even those situated in Moscow and Saint Petersburg (FYI-most travelers enter through them only.)
  • You can only enter from China with the help of a train. You can't apply for an e-visa to Russia if you are traveling by train from Helsinki (Finland) to Saint Petersburg or the opposite.
  • You can only access road entry from Estonia/ Latvia/ Lithuania/Poland but only through certain Russian regions of Kaliningrad.
  • If you want to enter through thewaterways,then you can enter through the port of Saint Petersburg or Vladivostok, or Zarubino.
Documents and information required for the Russian evisa application?

For your application for an e-visa, you will need the following listed documents.

  • Passport-Size Photos - Colored photos only, white background, a ratio of 3.5 x 4.5
  • A Valid Passport with 6 months validity.
  • 2 Blank pages for stamping purposes.
  • According to your stay's duration, you need to have valid adequate health proof for insurance for emergencies.
  • If you are staying in different regions of Russia, then you have to showcase the invitation letter from each host of your stay regardless of the reason for your visit (business, study, tourism, or personal reasons)
What is the expiry date of the Russian e-visa?

You will find the "Date of Issuance" on the approved e-visa and add 60 days to it. There is a window of 60 days in which you can use your Russian e-visa.

You can't apply earlier than 40 days and no later than four days of your planned entry date into the Russian Federation.

If you have more doubts regarding the Russian e-visa, Please contact our support staff here.

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