Russia has gone a step ahead to upgrade its tourism sector by developing a new model of creating e-visas which is very simple, easy, and quick; all you need is your passport and photo. Still, this e-visa can be attained only by the citizens of certain nationalities. Russia validated its e-visa from January 1, 2021.
On January 1, 2021, Russia allowed citizens from 53 different countries to enter Russia with a simple electronic visa which will allow the nonresident citizens of the country to stay in Russia for the duration of 16 days instead of the previous duration of 8 days; you can extend your visa validity to additional of 60 days instead of 30 days which were allowed before.
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You can process your Russian e-visa 100% online through highly intuitive platform from the comfort of your own place, and get it in less than 10 days without the hustle-bustle of the busy lines at the airport; all you have to do is fill a simple application form which can be easily accessed through your desktop or mobile. So, if you're visiting Russia soon, learn all you need to know about how to get the available Russia Unified e-visa directly to your email before you travel.


What is Russia's E-visa?

The e-visa is an official document issued digitally by the Russian Federation's consular department; it is a simple alternative to the paper visa.

This visa should be requested at least 4 days before your arrival in Russia, which states that it is mandatory to have your visa before your arrival; you can't get your visa on the day you enter the country.

Which e-visa categories exist?

Russian embassy provide you with the following e-visa categories-

  • For trips or tourism, a common tourist visa is allotted.
  • For business, you can opt for the business visa 
  • If you want to take part in any of the scientific, cultural/political/ economy/sporting related events, then you can opt for a visa for this purpose 
How long will it take for approval?

It takes a maximum duration of 4 days to get approval for your e-visa.

What to do at the border of Russia? 

Those who have e-visa can enter Russia through 29 different border crossings, including airports of Moscow, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Kazan, and Novosibirsk. Every visitor is bound to show their e-visa along with the passport at the border.


While applying for an electronic visa through the platform, all you need is the following set of documents-

  • The valid German passport that you intend to use when crossing the border of the Russian Federation.
  • Photo of your passport information page in JPEG format.
  • Photograph of the applicant in JPEG format with white background.
  • Bank card for paying the visa fee.
WHAT is the standard time taken to get my visa approved for Russia?

We totally get why this is your main concern. Lucky for you, has designed an easy-to-use and reliable system for you to process your Russia e-visa while you still plan for your trip ahead. You can select the standard processing time of your Russia e-visa according to your need and requirement from the below-mentioned list

  • Standard Processing Time – you'll have your document in 7 days, 
  • Urgent Processing Time – you'll receive your document in 5 days
  • Rush processing Time: - You'll receive your document in 3 days

Please keep in mind that you can contact us any time you want, and if you have more queries/doubts and need more of our assistance while submitting your application for your e-visa, please feel free to contact us.

Can we talk if I have more questions related to my application?

You can talk to any of our customer service representatives anytime you want! We are all eager and excited to solve your query and take care of all your needs 24/7 round the clock. You can send us your query at or directly connect to us through our website's chat option.

Visiting Russia is not a difficult process if you choose to get your travel documents ready with! 

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