Sri-Lanka Visa for Australian Citizen

If you plan to visit Asia for a holiday, let me tell you Sri Lanka is your best bet, and you must stay there for a few days. Be it excellent seashores or magnificent architecture, the nation flaunts all. But to enter the country you surely need a travel authorization. Ideally, Australia is among those nations that have qualified residents for a Sri Lanka visa. Hence before heading to Sri Lanka, you surely need a Sri Lanka ETA. It would be best if you didn't stress at all as we at claim to simplify Australians' visa process.

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Here we give you the details you need for SriLanka Visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of e-Visa/ETA?

If you have internet connectivity, you can surely get an e-Visa/ETA as it will help you save time, which you would spend on applications at Sri Lanka missions for a visa.

What are the requirements for Visa to Sri-Lanka?

For the Sri Lanka visa, the Australian nation isn't on the excluded country. But that the visa process is quite lenient, and thus, the necessities are met quickly.

  • The main requirement is a passport, as whoever wishes to travel to Sri-Lanka should have an actual passport. As per Sri Lanka's visa strategy, the passport must have a validity of 6 months from the arrival date in Sri-Lanka.
  • The traveler must also have a substantial email address so that eVisaMart will send you an approved ETA letter through email.
  • In the same way, you also need to have a method for online payment method. You will be approached to make the visa fees during the last step of the process with us. At eVisaMart, we accept Credit/ Debit Cards.
  • The last necessity is to fill in an application form for every other person, and it is quite simple as you will take 10 minutes to fill it. At; eVisaMart, we have a dedicated Customer support team that you can access all day, 24/7.

What types of e-Visa/ETA are accessible?

An e-Visa/ETA is ideal for Short Visits to Sri Lanka, including Business purposes, Tourism, and Transit purposes.

Do I need to get a different e-Visa/ETA for individuals going with me?

Yes, every traveler must have a different e-Visa/ETA.

I might want to remain in Sri Lanka for a while longer than the e-Visa/ETA allow. How would it be a good idea for me to respond?

You need to connect with the Visa Section of the Department of Immigration and Emigration, Colombo, Sri-Lanka, if you plan to stay in Sri Lanka longer than your e-Visa/ETA grants.

What do I need to fill in the Application Form?

  • You must enter your Passport number correctly.
  • Also, enter the correct nationality as per passport.
  • Enter the accurate birth date.
  • You must crosscheck the above data to learn that it has been entered correctly.
  • In the event of any mistakes in the above points of interest, correct it and then submit.
  • You must pay for the visa again on arrival if your information on the visa doesn’t match with your passport details. So please check before submission.
Above all, you must ensure that the same passport is used for applying online visa, which is being used for entering Sri Lanka. If you use a passport other than applying for an online visa, you have to pay the visa again on appearance.

What documents do I need to introduce at the Immigration checkpoint on Arrival?

It would be best to introduce your passports with reference in your application, along with a copy of your affirmed Sri-Lanka ETA, which is sent to you by mail. You have to show sufficient funds to stay in Sri Lanka along with your air tickets.

Do kids require a visa to visit Sri Lanka?

Yes, all travelers, including kids, must have a legitimate visa to visit Sri Lanka. For every child, you need to complete a different process. The guardians or parents need to apply on behalf of their children.

On the off chance that I, as of now, have a valid e-Visa/ETA, would I be able to apply for a new e-Visa/ETA once more?

E-visa / ETA's validity is six months, and you cannot get a new e-Visa/ETA using the same passport until the old e-Visa/ETA terminates. You can apply for a new e-Visa/ETA by paying the applicable charges again if you misplace the passport.

Do I need an Air-ticket before I apply for an e-Visa/ETA?

Even before booking your ticket, you can apply for E-visa / ETA.

Where can I exactly get more information from?

You can get more details by connecting with our representative clicking here, and getting more information about the Sri Lanka Visa for Australians on the website here.

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