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Sri Lanka is no doubt considered a gem of a place. It's an island wrapped in nature's glorious gifts, picturesque scenery, well-kept history, rich wildlife, substantial opportunities for adventure, and the list is very long. The beaches here will relax your nerves and calm your fears because the air is full of magic.

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Sri Lanka is also called the 'Indian Ocean pearl,' which is named for its stunning beauty, varied biodiversity (the highest in Asia!), and precious gemstones leading exports. Because of its perfect teardrop shape and being off India's coast, it is also called ' the' teardrop of India.
Sri Lanka's visa policy is the collection of laws, regulations, and guidelines detailing which foreign nationals are eligible to visit the country, the kind of Visa they will need to do as such, and the conditions for obtaining these visas. All foreign nationals require a visa, except for ambassadors and some others. For travelers from various countries, Sri Lanka has different kinds of visas. Most tourists can apply to Sri Lanka for an Electronic Travel Approval (ETA) via an online application form. The ETA should be shown alongside the visitor's passport to a Sri Lankan immigration official upon arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of e-visa available for Sri Lanka?

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) has three kinds:

  • Tourist Visa: Allow 30 days fordouble entry.
  • Business Visa: Allow 30 days for double entry.
  • Transit Visa: As long as two days. (Transit eVisas are provided to travelers on their way to other places only going through the country.)
If you want to stay in the country for a little while, given what you want to do there, you will need to find out what kind of Visa you will require.

What activities can I do on my Sri Lankan visa?

You might be surprised to find that an event you expected as a traveler is formally seen as a movement relevant to the business or tourism.

Activities you can perform on Tourist ETA:
  • Sightseeing, a vacation.
  • For family members or companions to meet.
  • Health care, including Ayurvedic.
  • Yoga.
  • Participate in socially-executed sports, tournaments, and events.
Activities you can perform on Business ETA:
  • Take part in conferences or negotiations.
  • Take an interest in a class, gathering, debate, or workshop.
  • Take an interest in a multi-month training program.
  • Take an interest in activities related to quality, music, or dance.
  • Take an interest in rigid circumstances.

What is the Sri-Lanka Visa Application Process?

The simple online framework of eVisamart makes it easy to get your eVisa as quickly as would be expected under the circumstances. There's no need to go to an embassy or office. You don't have to think about standing in line, overcoming a language impediment, or making unlimited copies of your documents. Your passport and an internet connection are everything you need.

Step-by-step Sri Lanka visa application instructions:
  • Decide whether you need an ETA tourist, business, or transit (see above for details on each kind).
  • Planning your date of arrival.
  • Pick where you'll stay in Sri Lanka. (You will be approached to provide the location of the hotel, relative, or partner with whom you will stay.) Booking a hotel earlier is not necessary; you need the address.
  • Complete an easy online form from evisamart. Try to use your passport so you can fill in details such as the date of issue of the passport, expiry date, and so on.
  • Credit or debit card for your application fee.
  • Check your email addresses. Evisamart will send you a confirmation that we have received your information, so you can relax knowing that your Visa is being processed.
  • Get your eVisa in your email inbox right away after approval. It's so easy!
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What about the Sri-Lanka eVisa Type and Document?

With, the structure of the online visa application is straightforward. It takes a few moments to fill out the form. You don't have to upload any additional supporting documents. That means you don't have to make copies/outputs or take pictures of any sort. Using only your PC console, tablet, or mobile phone, you can enter all the essential details.

How long did it take to get a visa from Sri Lanka?

It can take anywhere from 4 hours to 3 business days to get your electronic visa, depending on the processing time that you want. Before you wish to join the country, you should apply for your ETA for close to 3 months. It is just substantial for a very long period from the date of issue, so make your calculations carefully.

If my eVisa is rejected, how should I respond?

eVisamart will give you an email to enlighten you on the unlikely occasion that your application is denied and let you understand what you should do. We recommend that you apply for your visa application to be safe well before the date of travel.

How do I apply for an eVisa from China if I have dual citizenship?

If you hold double citizenship, the key thing is to choose which passport you're going to go with. With a similar passport, you can manage your papers and make a point of going with the same passport you used. You will adhere to similar rules as any passport nation public that you use.

Consider the risk of my passport expires. May I apply for a Sri-Lanka visa?

Your passport is linked to an electronic visa. You can apply for another ETA linked to your new passport number if your passport terminates. You can use the online support offered by eVisamart here.

How Long Does Validity last for an eVisa?

You've got three months to enter Sri Lanka from the date your ETA is given. Using the email, the travel document eVisamart shows you will clearly express the date it should be used. You are entitled to stay for as long as 30 days once you reach the nation with your Electronic Visa. It is conceivable to extend your visa once you are in the country if you want to stay longer.

Do I need a copy of the visa for Sri Lanka?

Honestly, it is strongly recommended. Airport staff at the air terminal and immigration officials should be asked for your electronic Visa while checking your passport. Yet, in any unforeseen problem, it is ideal to carry a duplicate copy of the visa.

What does an eVisa sample from Sri Lanka look like?

Here is a view of the electronic Visa that will be sent from your email inbox through Print this ETA and bring it with you to the air terminal. If you lose the printed duplicate, try not to stress; you can print it out the same amount of times as you need from the email again.

indian visa types
To complete the application form, how much time it takes?

It is almost complete in 10 minutes. We will deal with the rest, and we will inform you of the status of the application by email in the blink of an eye.

Is it secure for eVisamart to get my Tourist Eta?

Many individuals fear that online data spills and their data are at risk of falling into unacceptable hands. We owe your data the most severe welfare, confidentiality, and we put a lot into our data collection's security.

I've got more unresolved issues; where can I find more information?

You can contact our visa experts, and you will thoroughly be guided. All your queries will be answered here, or you can visit for more FAQs here.

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