Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

When you are applying for an visa, there are a few terms and conditions that have to be followed and considered. These terms and conditions may include a privacy policy and service terms and conditions. 

Access and the Use of service

Registration Obligations

When you are applying for an visa you will be needed to register with one of the Websites so that you can access and put in use the certain features available of the Visa Service. If you are choosing to register for the Service, you will have to agree to give and maintain true, accurate, and up-to-date and complete information about yourself as it will be mentioned in the Service’s registration form. All the data that will be provided by you is governed by the Privacy Policy.

In case you are 13 or under 13 years of age, you will not be authorized to use the Service. Additionally, if your age is under 18 years, you can use the Service but only if you have the approval of a parent or guardian.

Account and Password and Security

You will be responsible for maintaining and managing the confidentiality of the password and your user account. You will be fully responsible for all the activities that will occur under your account. You will have to notify the Document advisor if you notice any unauthorized use of your password or account or if you notice any other breach of security. You should always ensure that you are exiting and logging out of your account after each session. If you fail to comply with any of the rules at your end, the document advisor shall not be liable.

Changes to Service

The document Advisor will reserve the right to make any changes or to discontinue the service temporarily or permanently. You will have to agree that you won't let the third parties make any modifications to the service. If you are using the mobile services, you will agree to let the services to communicate with you via SMS, MMS or text messages 

Service Regulation

The regulation and rules for the Visa are subject to change that too without issuing any notice. The document Advisor will not be responsible for changes or delays in relating to the changes.


The services will offer refunds on requests only when they fall under the standard and regular refund guidelines. You can find the guidelines in the FAQs. which you can also find explained in our FAQs.

If the application has not been reviewed by the team, it has not been submitted to the government and not been approved, in that case, you will receive credit for the full amount. This amount will be your visa application fee that you would have paid at the time of the visa application process.

If the applicant's application has been reviewed by the team but is not submitted to the government and is not approved, you will get a refund for the full amount of the visa fee. If the application has been approved and reviewed, then in such a case, you won't be refunded the amount. If your visa application is completely processed then there is a strict no refund policy that has to be followed.

The terms and conditions for visa rejection

In some rare cases, the visa application will be rejected, and in such cases, you will receive a complete refund for the Visa fee as 100% approval. This refund will be provided to the applicant through credit and you can use it for a future order. If there is a mistake at the end of the immigration in the visa application, the visa fee will be refunded.

Terms and conditions of Use

User Conduct

As an applicant of an visa, you will be held solely responsible for all user moral code, video, images, text data, information, software, audio, graphics, messages, and any other content that is uploaded and published. You will have to agree to not use any of the services unlawfully and will not violate any data, privacy, and export laws. You will not allow any third parties to use hacks and malicious software to disrupt the services.

After the visa application process, the Visa approval will be sent to you via email. You will have to verify your email and that all the documents that you have attached are genuine and all the information is correct. Your passport must hold validity for six months from the time you will arrive in a country. If you fail to get the email due to spam or incorrect information on your behalf, the document advisor shall not be held responsible. You will have to pay the visa application fee and meet all the eligibility requirements. For more information check out our website:- evisamart.com or write to us.