Thailand EVOA for Chinese Residents

Thailand is famous for its fantastic beaches, welcoming people, elephants, Thai massage, and yoga. Thailand is renowned for other things: tasty foods such as som tum, pad Thai, and sticky mango rice, as well as temples, floating markets, tuk-tuks, and full moon parties.  visa

It's a breeze to fly to Thailand, as the country has a tourist-friendly policy as well as an extensive infrastructure and hotel network that caters to a wide range of business and leisure travellers. But it's good to know all the necessary details about the country before planning your next trip to Thailand, such as when is the best time to go, what to bring, getting around, cultural marks, numbers to call in case of emergencies and all the facts that will help make your trip as fun as it can be.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is the reason why a Chinese passport holder requires a visa from Thailand?

A Chinese passport holder is not a Thai citizen and therefore becomes an alien who enters Thailand. This means that there should be a visa for any outsider who wants to visit Thailand. The entry will not be allowed on the off chance that an adventurer does not possess a visa, and the entry will be treated as invalid.

Will a Chinese person obtain a visa using an online technique?

An individual from China is a qualified resident who can apply for a Thailand visa using an online technique. By testing Thailand's visa strategies, which states that which nations are eligible and which countries are not, this legitimacy can be verified.

How long can the Chinese residents stay in Thailand?

The most amazing Chinese stay in Thailand with the e-VOA is 15 days per entry, and it is for a single entry.

Which air terminals provide E-VOA service in Thailand?

E-VOA is currently accessible at four air terminals in Thailand, to be precise:

  • International Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • International Airport in Mueang
  • International Airport in Chiang Mai
  • International Phuket Airport

What is the difference between the E-VOA and the VOA at an immigration counter on the traditional path?

The E-VOA is electronically prepared and activated. The ordinary VOA asks you to stay in the immigration counter's usual direction and include your information and document to stamp your visa on your passport.

  • You may use your desktop, laptop, or cell phone to apply for an E-VOA.
  • The E-VOA as reported on the online application is substantial as of the date of entry.
  • The E-VOA is only available for short-stay/travel visas. The candidate must apply for the ordinary consular visa, which has an enormous number of subcategories that alter as indicated by travel, for some other motivation behind the journey.
  • Your visit to Thailand is limited to as long as 15 days for each trip on approved E-VOA.
  • E-VOA is not a crisis visa; the applicant needs to visit Thailand's nearest embassy for a crisis visa.

Will the Multiple Entry or Single-Entry E-VOA be legitimate?

For Single Entry, an E-VOA is typically relevant as it was.

What are the appropriate documents to apply?

Evisamart does much of the job, but we need a few reports from you to finish your submission. Here is the thing you are supposed to give:

  • Cover of Passport     
  • Copy of Passport Personal Information page   
  • Candidate Photograph 
  • Confirmation for Air-ticket
  • Return Ticket   
  • Accommodation confirmation: Must match the dates of arrival and departure from the country. This is a requirement required for the visa to be granted by the government.

Note: the immigration official will request the reason for your visit when you arrive in Thailand. She/he needs to know you're not going to go to Thailand for more than 15 days.

What are the Processing Times for EVOA to Thailand?

The cost of your visa application depends on what time of planning you want. Evisamart makes three excellent choices:

  • Standard Process: Within six days, your application will be treated. Since it is the most economical, it is the thing that people usually want.
  • Urgent Process: Your application is treated within only four days in this.
  • Rush Phase: For people who need their visas as quickly as could be required under the conditions, this option is brilliant. It takes 1 day to get into your email inbox for the Thailand visa on the arrival application form.

What happens after I applied for Thailand EVOA?

You need to trust that the document will appear in your inbox within the selected period. At that point, once you arrive at the air terminal in Thailand, you should introduce:

  • Return flight ticket, leaving no later than 15 days from your arrival date, per entry.
  • Pre-enlistment VOA form (provided by us)
  • Card for immigration.
  • Money for every traveller at your meeting (THB 2,000 in Thai cash) for the visa stamping cost upon arrival.

Note: During your visit to Thailand, you may be approached to display proof that you have assets of 10,000 THB for each individual at any rate (or 20,000 THB for each family)

How can I respond if I make a mistake in my application?

When completing the application form and before submitting it, it is necessary to recheck the information provided. If there is a mistake in your details on the site, please contact our customer service representatives to assist you as quickly as time allows with an online visit.

What is the arrangement that the confirmed Thailand E-VOA will be transmitted through an email?

A Chinese citizen can obtain access to Thailand visa in a PDF design that can be downloaded and printed to appear at the Thailand border.

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