Thailand E-VOA (E-Visa) For Indians

Thailand is the most popular holiday destinations and is packed with beaches and ancient temples. You can receive a visa on arrival for 15 days. Some of the most visited places to visit are Bangkok, Phuket, and Krabi in Thailand.

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There are reasons for Indians traveling to Thailand to rejoice, as they can now use e-Visa on arrival. This service would help over 1.5 million Indians who fly to Thailand every year.

The new e-Visa on Arrival (e-VOA) service will allow travelers from India and 20 other countries to arrive quicker and more conveniently in Thailand. As of February 14, the service has become accessible to applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an online visa to Thailand for Indian passport holders?

Via an online technique, an Indian wishing to go to Thailand can have early access to the visa. This helps the Indian passport holder provide all the details through an online portal and eventually obtain entry once they arrive in Thailand.

Is it mandatory to have this visa for every single Indian passport holder to enter Thailand?

Indeed, to enter Thailand, all Indian passport holders need this visa.

What is the time that an Indian passport holder is allowed to stay in Thailand if they have a Thailand visa on arrival?

At that point, if an Indian has a visa for Thailand, that person can stay for about 15 days with a single entry permitted in Thailand.

Consider the chance that I want to stay in Thailand for over 15 days. Now, what can I do?

If an Indian passport holder wishes to stay for more than 15 days, it will be advisable to apply for another visa since this single entry visa would not be expanded for 15 days.

What documents that an Indian should have to receive a visa from Thailand?

An Indian passport holder should have the accompanying records to secure a Thailand visa:

  • An Indian passport should have the legitimacy of more than six months.
  • The identity is demonstrated by a record, such as a delicate duplicate of the Aadhar card.
  • A valid email address to collect visa information for Thailand
  • Hotel reservations are made in Thailand, the details of which must be given.
  • A flight ticket bound for Thailand and a return ticket should also be sent.
  • These documents should be submitted after they have been prepared; details on these reports should be entered to complete the application.

How long is the e-visa valid?

Your e-VOA for Thailand is valid for 15 days after arrival.

What are the goals that I must consider while completing the application form?

When filling in the application form for a Thailand visa, you need to note a few focus points. As follows, they are given:

  • Be sure that the data you provide is substantial and confirmed. 
  • The data provided on the application form have consistency alongside the passport details. 
  • Give an email address that is working.
  • Any of the mentioned documents which probably won't be submitted may prompt the refusal of the application. 
  • The remittance of a visa should be possible by Thailand police only, and there can't be any progressions taken in a final official decision. 

With the most intense truthfulness and comfort, knowing these things will help you complete the entire cycle.

Once I finish the first phase, what should I do?

You have to wait for your e-VOA when your application is processed. You need to take a printout out of it and take it to Thailand with you. You can pay for the actual visa (2000 THB) and have your visa stamped when you arrive there. Inside the Thai borders, you can go through the most critical 15 days, and you have a single entry.

Where do I have access to a visa when I arrive at the air terminal?

You can display the receipt, which will have the insights about the visa at the counter when you arrive at the air terminal, and then you can get your visa without standing in a queue. Indian passport holders will certainly enter and exit the country with the Thailand visa for Indian citizens without worrying about the outcome. It is an absolute requirement to adhere to the rules expressed!

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