Thailand E-VOA for Taiwan Residents

Thailand is a beautiful country in the middle of South East Asia in the Indochina peninsula. It is situated on the eastern border of Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, the north, Andaman Sea, and the south of the Thai Gulf. It covers an area of 513,120 square km as a fantastic destination. This lovely country is a multi-cultural potpourri. Thailand boasts a wide variety of items, from ascetic lives by the monks to spectacular nightlife and beach rave parties.

Taiwan visa types

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To get more information for the visa application process, you have to read the below FAQs.


I have a passport from Taiwan. Do I hold a visa to visit Thailand?

Taiwanese passport holders need to apply for an e-VOA. To get your pre-enlistment file here with, you can review the prerequisites.

What is an eVOA for Thailand (Visa on Arrival)?

If they enter Thailand at the migration checkpoints, E-Visa on Arrival (VOA) is where residents of particular nationalities can receive their visas. Please notice that we do not grant original visas. A pre-enrollment administration gave specific nationalities, entering Thailand through Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Mueang Airport, Phuket Airport, Chiang Mai Airport, Chiangrai Hua Hin Airport, Samui International Airport, Sukhothai Airport, Surat Thani International Airport, or U-Tapao International Airport. 

What is the Visa protocol of Thailand for Taiwan Passport Holders?

Evisamart offers a fast and quick application form that takes just a few minutes to complete. The measures you need to take to fill out your application form are below; -

  • The applicant must complete the online Thailand visa application form
  • All fields should be completed, ensure that the information presented is accurate
  • A piece of incorrect information can prompt the visa to be refused or dismissed
  • Online payment of the visa fees with a credit/debit card.

For E-VOA, the applicant must apply the online E-VOA application structure between 30 days and 24 hours before the anticipated date of arrival. Necessary information, like name, date of birth, itinerary items, and passport information, should be given by the applicant.

What are the prerequisites for the Taiwan Citizens' for Thailand Visa?

The following are the conditions for citizens of Taiwan to apply for e-VOA in Thailand: -

A) -  Passport:
  • Passport with half-year validity from the date of issue of the visa.
  • The passport bio-page in the scanned copy should be visible.
  • No watermark on the scanner program should be included in the scanned Passport.
  • The Passport must have 2 blank pages for your visa to be stamped on arrival.
B) - Photograph: 
  • The candidate's passport size photo (4x6 cm)
  • The photo should be of the front face.
  • The picture should have a white background.
C) - Information &Email address of the bank: -
  • The candidate's email address will be needed so that the visa approval email can be sent.
  • Duplicate of the bank statement, authorized by the bank manager.
  • The applicant's bank should have sufficient assets.
  • Credit card and the Thailand-relevant Master-card.
  • On the two sides confirmed tickets.
D) - Extra info: -
  • All details on traveling to Thailand, such as booking a hotel.
  • The applicant should have a duplicate copy of the Inclusion of health insurance.
  • The applicant's profession or company information.

How long will a tourist stay in Thailand with an eVOA?

For Taiwanese with an eVOA, the most extreme stay is 15 days per entry, and it is for a single entry. This means you need to apply for an alternative visa if you want to stay longer than 15 days in Thailand.

What is the processing time?

Three choices are offered to you by evisamart: -

  • A standard processing- This alternative is usually preferred by individuals who use the online application platform because it is the most affordable. It takes 6 days to manage the application. 
  • Urgent processing.  However, the expense is far more significant. This choice abbreviates the holding up of a perfect opportunity to just 3 days.
  • Rush processing- you will find the fastest option in this. Your submission, however, will be processed in as little as 1day.

Snap here to begin your application. 

How long would it take for a pre-registration document for my VOA to apply?

Within 10 minutes, you can complete your application for Thailand eVOA. 

What happens after I have applied it?

It would help if you held tight to receive the document to your email in a specific timeframe after stand up to your application form. At that point, once at the air terminal in Thailand, you should introduce:

  • Return flight ticket, withdrawal not later than 15 days from the arrival date per entry.
  • Pre-enlistment type VOA (given by us).
  • Card for migration (appearance and takeoff).
  • Money for every traveler at your meeting (THB 2,000 in Thai cash) for the visa stamping cost upon arrival.

Note:  During your visit to Thailand, you may be approached to display proof that you have assets of 10,000 THB for each person (or 20,000 THB for each family) in either case.

How do I apply for my family or friends?

You should apply for companions or relatives forever. Make a point of getting all the required records (referenced previously). Click here and submit by displaying their data on the off chance you apply for a single companion or relative. You can do this by tapping on 'Add new applicant' in the application structure and completing the necessary data if you need to apply for more than one person.

How can I respond if I make a mistake in my application?

When completing the application form and before submitting it, it is necessary to review the information you provided. By chance you made a mistake when entering your details online please contact our customer service executive as soon as time permits to use online talk to assist you.

Where can I find more details about EVOA from Thailand?

Click here and start talking with one of our customer service agents for a faster target. To each of your inquiries, they will reply. You will find more data and FAQs here, on the other side.

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