Turkey Visa for Saudi Arabia Residents

Turkey is also officially known as The Republic of Turkey. Turkey has become a significant tourist destination in Europe in recent years. If you are a resident of Saudi Arabia preparing to visit Turkey, you will need a tourist visa. Turkey's visa conditions for Saudi Arabian residents differ depending on the planned duration of stay or the reason for the visit, as does the application process.

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Saudi explorers will apply for either a Turkish e-Visa or a visa obtained in Saudi Arabia from a Turkish government office or embassy. The simplest way to get a short term visa for tourism and business purposes is to apply for a Turkish e-Visa online.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an e-Visa from Turkey, and what does it?

Turkey e-Visa for Saudi Arabian residents is an online visa that permits them to travel to Turkey without applying for a visa at a government office or agency. The Turkey e-Visa was first introduced in 2013 to boost tourists' pace and accommodation to Turkey using a visa application measure. Residents of eligible countries, such as Saudi Arabia, can apply for an electronic visa to advance their tourism or business visit to Turkey using the e-Visa online application system.
You may use the Turkey e-Visa for multiple entries. For every visit, it allows Saudi people to stay for as long as 90 days. It is valid for 180 days from the approval date. Any time before their scheduled trip begin, Saudi citizen travel to Turkey may apply for an e-Visa. It is recommended that an e-Visa application be submitted 48 hours before take-off at any cost.

Do citizens of Saudi Arabia require an e-Visa from Turkey to live in Turkey?

For reasons other than short-stay tourism or for business purposes, such as working or studying, residents of Saudi Arabia who wish to go to Turkey can contact the nearest Turkish government office or embassy. Saudi Arabian nationals need a residency permit and different jobs or study visas to live in Turkey.
Any Saudi Arabian visitor who wants to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days for business or tourism must apply for a long-stay visa from Turkey instead of an e-Visa.

What documents are required for a Turkish e-Visa for citizens of Saudi Arabia?

To apply for an e-visa to Turkey, Saudi Arabian residents should have the following:

  • The passport is valid for six months from the date of arrival in Turkey.
  • An email address will be submitted for the approved e-Visa to be issued.
  • It would be best to pay the visa application fees if you had a credit or debit card.
It is also possible to approach Saudi Arabian candidates to provide extra documentation on their submission side. Explorers can enter Turkey on various occasions within 180 days of the date the e-Visa is issued.

How long is the turkey visa valid for?

The Turkish visa is valid for a maximum of 180 days after issue, and travelers can remain stay for a total of 90 days. The Turkish visa only grants you multiple entries to Turkey.
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What's the e-visa procedure for Turkey?

The procedure needs three necessary steps:

  • Complete the online application and choose a handling period as shown by your tilt.
  • Fill in the details of the supporting documentation if needed.
  • Check your data and correct any errors. Select a payment option, irrespective of whether a credit/debit card is used to pay.
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How do I obtain an e-visa from Turkey?

Explorers should expect an electronic visa from Turkey. They can search their email inbox, as at the agreed time, evisamart.com will send the approved e-Visa. Before leaving, remember to print your Turkey visa, as you can show it on arrival.

Do I need a visa to visit Turkey if I'm on a cruise ship?

If you are visiting Turkey on a cruise ship, a Turkish visa is not compulsory at that time. The following prerequisites you need to follow:

  • Near trips to urban communities for tourism purposes.
  • For more than 72 hours, explorers should not linger in Turkey for 72 hours.
  • You will have to apply for an e-visa to Turkey for a stay of more than 72 hours, or you will be fined.

I got a few more questions. Who am I supposed to contact?

For additional information on Turkey's visa, visit the application page. Likewise, every minute of every day, our professional support staff available! They will be happy to answer each of your questions!
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