UAE Visa for Citizens of Philippines

Are you looking to explore Dubai? It is not so far due to cost-effective flight rates and the easy availability of Visa services. Spare few hours & spend quality time with friends, relatives, loved ones in UAE or Dubai. If you want to establish your career or hunt for a job in Dubai or looking for a study option, Dubai is open for all. E-Visa Mart facilitates the Philippines to get Visa to Travel to UAE.

UAE Visa for Citizens of Philippines

UAE has become a significant vacation destination due to its attraction cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, etc. They were having amazing visiting places such as Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Al Hajar Mountains, Yas Marina Circuit, etc. No doubt, Burj Khalifa is the most popular place in the world, having 259 storeys. Enjoy the desert life here and experience off-road shoppings, dining, safaris, beaches & nightlife. Philippine Citizens or Filipinos are required to present a valid UAE visa to enter the country. E-Visa Mart and its representatives are here to guide you and apply for UAE E-Visa for the Philippines. 

Filipinos apply for a United Arab Emirates visa to visit the country & to explore the lifestyle.

Questions & Answers Research by PHILIPPINES or Filipinos while applying for UAE E-Visa.

Do Philippines or Philippine citizens need a visa to visit the UAE or the United Arab Emirates? Does a Filipino citizen need a visa to Dubai?

Various countries are eligible to apply for Visa for the UAE on arrival but not the Philippines' citizens. The residents of the Philippines are required to apply for a visa in advance before entering to UAE. E-Visa Mart has made the visa application process simple and easy for Filipino citizens to apply for a UAE visa online. They will have to fill the online application, and they will get the visa approval via e-mail.

What documents are required to apply for UAE Visa Online for the Philippines?

There is always a common set of procedures while applying for UAE Visa Online. Philippines citizen are required to submit the following documents, which are:-

  • Passport size photographs (clean, white background & front face)

  • Passport copy having front and last page too

  • Valid application form

Note; To apply online, one should have the documents in acceptable formats, i.e., PDF, JPG, JPEG.

What Other Supporting documents required while applying for a United Arab Emirates visa by the Philippines?

Having a passport size photograph, application form, and passport is not enough to apply for UAE Visa in the Philippines. Additional & supporting documents will help the people to get early approval on Visa. Some of the additional documents to apply for a UAE visa are:-

  • Employment proof or income proof

  • Bank statement

  • Travel insurance

  • Birth certificate (for minors)

  • Identity proof

  • Accommodation Booking

If you are applying with evisamart, you don’t need to submit these supporting documents while applying for UAE evisa.

For how long UAE Visa will be Valid for Philippines citizens?

Usually, the visa validity is for 14 days to 90 days after approval. This validity is for a single entry visa only. For multiple entries, Visa, Nationality matters. Please check your visa validity here.

What are the various types of United Arab Emirates (UAE) visas applicable for the Philippines' residents?

Philippines' residents can apply for an alternate visa such as a Tourist Visa & Transit Visa. Tourist Visa or Visit Visa is valid for 14 days, 30 & 90 days. Transit Visa is approved for 48 hours or 96 hours. The type of visa will depend upon the traveling purpose. At E-Visa Mart, you have legitimate types of visas with validity. While applying online, you need to select the citizenship and destination to know the availability and accessibility of the Visa.

If I stay in the Philippines and have a place with another country citizenship, how can I get a UAE Visa?

The process is still the same as for the resident of the Philippines. Visit the E-Visa Mart website, choose citizenship as per your “passport,” and enter the destination city where you are willing to explore. You would then be able to apply for a United Arab Emirates visa. The remaining system will remain the same. For more information, our representatives will be there to help you.

How would I travel to the United Arab Emirates from the Philippines?

The best way to travel is through airlines or flights online to have long-distance travel. A few carriers carrying the Philippines' citizens to UAE are Emirates, Hong Kong Airlines, Etihad Airways, and Cathay Pacific. The travel journey may take 10- 12 hours to reach UAE or United Arab Emirates from the Philippines and cost you around 20000-30000 pesos.

UAE is inviting the countries to visit the cities and to spend luxury there. Suppose you belong to Filipino and willing to travel to the United Arab Emirates. In that case, we recommend you do your bookings and Visa approval through E-Visa Mart to get Visa approval in advance.  


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