UAE Visa for the USA Residents

The United Arab Emirates is the most demanded nation in the world for tourism! Especially for the people of America, this is a desired holiday destination. The United Arab Emirates is also considered one of the most welcoming nations, as its visa procedure is very simple. When you apply for the UAE visa from e-VisaMart, we make it further easy, like icing on the cake.

UAE Visa for the USA Residents

The United Arab Emirates has people visiting from worldwide; hence they do not have such stringent visa standards. Each American resident will require a visa from the United Arab Emirates to enter the place. In this thread, we will answer all your basic and advanced queries that will help you to allow for a United Arab Emirates visa.

Frequently Asked Questions by the USA Citizens for UAE evisa

Do All the American residents require the United Aram Emirates to enter?

The answer is yes; each American resident is required to obtain a visa from the United Arab Emirates. A few nations have been exempted for holding a United Arab Emirates, and the USA is not one.

How can I obtain a UAE Visa?

United Arab Emirates has made the entire visa process extremely simple for USA citizens. The USA residents can apply for the e-visa through eVisamart. You can now easily apply for an eVisa by sitting at home, and now you are not expected to travel to the embassy to get your Visa. helps in solving all your visa application issues.

What is the procedure to get a United Arab Emirates Visa for an American Resident?

The process of getting an e-visa is straightforward. You have to do is to visit and check out the application form. You will be expected to fill the application form by filling in all your data. If you are traveling with the family, you can always add the information of those individuals separately.

Here is the list of necessary documents that you would be required to carry: - 

  • A recent passport size photograph

  • Front and back page of the passport.

  • Flight tickets, whenever confirmed

Whenever you are finished transferring the documents, continue to make your visa fees, and you are finished!

How will I be communicated that my Visa has been approved?

Once you have applied for the Visa on our website, post the acceptance, you will get an email about the same along with an application number. You can utilize this application number to follow your United Arab Emirates Visa Status. You will likewise receive your United Arab Emirates E-visa at your email address when it is approved.

If I am a citizen of another country, but I live in America, how will I get a Visa for UAE?

You don’t be anxious if you are not an American citizen to get a UAE Visa. Just visit and choose your destination and nationality, as per what is written on your passport. For example, if you have a passport from Sri Lanka, but you live in the USA, you will select your nationality as Sri-Lanka, and your destination will be UAE.

What is the duration for which I can receive a Visa for UAE?

Depending on the visa type, which could be either single or multiple entries, one can get a visa ranging from about 14 to 90 days. However, you are expected to apply for the Visa well in advance to avoid any instant mishaps. When you use it through eVisamart, it will take anything between 2 to 7 days to process your Visa, and you will get the Visa over your email.

Why should I apply for UAE Visa via eVisamart?

Getting an eVisa does require a few steps to follow, which means a considerable amount of effort time. However, when you go via the visa experts from eVisamart, you can be at ease, as you can expect the best services at competitive prices. Our record for visa acceptance for the UAE has been almost 100% for American citizens. Instead, you can focus on your shopping and trip preparation, and let us handle your admin work.

The procedure to apply for the Visa here is very easy. You could be a citizen of any country living in America, and you would quickly get a visa. Be stress-free throughout about your Visa, as we are there to handle this part for you.

I still have some query, where can I get more information about the UAE evisa? 

In, we understand that there might be another query about UAE evisa, and that’s why we’re ready to help. You can reach out to our customer service or explore other information on the website.

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