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About Vietnam Visa

On 1st February 2017 Vietnam has introduced electronic visa. Vietnam e-Visa is an official electronic travel authorization that allows citizens from eligible countries, including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and many European nations, to enter Vietnam for tourism and a range of other purposes. The Vietnam e-Visa permits guests to go through as long as 30 days in the nation for a vacation and a scope of different purposes and is accessible for residents of 81 qualified countries. The straightforward online application measure takes a couple of minutes to finish. It means there is no compelling reason to go to an embassy or department or line at the fringe to acquire an approval letter, which requires paying an extra visa stamping charge.

The candidate gets the e-Visa for Vietnam through email and would then print a copy to introduce upon landing in 33 ports of the section to pick up quick access to the nation.

How to apply for the visa?

Applying for the visa is the simplest of all steps. It takes less than 5-7 minutes to complete your form and sit back and relax. Follow these steps to get ready and pack your bags

Online Application

Fill Complete application form online with supportive documents, pay the fee online, and submit for verification.

Visa Approval

Visa Approval Letter will be received by email. No need to visit the Embassy and other place. Safe Time and Money


Once you reach the destination, show the verified documents, passport & visas at the arrival. Enjoy hassle-free journey.

Easy Apply for Vietnam Visa with e-Visa Mart

Planning to travel to Vietnam during your busy schedule, you can’t afford to waste your valuable time in the paperwork required for Visa Process. Better to hire the Visa Professional to execute the Visa Formalities on your behalf. Although Government has launched e-Visa and approx 81 countries can travel to Vietnam after applying for Tourist, Business or To visit friends and family Visa with a maximum validity of 30 days having single entries. People applying for a visa may pay the fee online, can submit the documents online, and may receive the electronic Visa via email before traveling. Please note, e-Visa can be generated only after complete paper formalities, verification, and payment.

E Visa Mart facilitates you to complete paperwork, legal formalities involved related to the embassy and protect you from waiting time. Say goodbye to Government forms and multiple visits to embassies in your home country. If you are traveling to Vietnam, Our Visa Experts will offer world-class visa services. We will evaluate the visa eligibility in seconds and will help you understand the visa process. Get Vietnam e-Visa instantly and eliminate yourself from the frustration that occurred to obtain a visa and fulfilling the paper formalities.

To Obtain the Vietnam Visa, one must have valid Passport & requisite documents pertaining to their identity, address proof, income proof. E Visa Mart is one of the prominent sources to save your quality. Just mail your Visa query to us and our Visa representative will connect you for further Visa related formalities.

eVisa Types

Tourist Visa

Vietnam is a well-known vacationer location among Travelers. The nation has vacation destinations for an explorer. Guests who need to visit Vietnam for the travel industry purposes need a Tourist Visa. Famous vacationer locations in Vietnam incorporate Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Halong Bay, and Phan Thiet. A Tourist Visa to Vietnam substantial for 15 to 30 days according to your identification's ethnicity and can be extendable while you are in Vietnam.


In case you intend to do a business visit to Vietnam, you need to get a business visa. A business visa is a short-stay visa, which permits its holder to enter and stay in Vietnam for the motivations behind working with Vietnamese ventures or leading business exercises, such as gatherings and marking business contracts, and so on.

Documents Required
  • Passport: You must provide Original & duly signed passport, bearing personal information page and must have:-
  • 6-month validity as on the visa application date
  • Minimum 2 blank Passport pages for visa stamp (endorsement & amendments pages will not be considered for this purpose)
  • Not be torn, altered, separated or damaged

If the Passport does not meet the mentioned eligibility, do contact our representative for further details.

  • Photograph:- 2 Passport size colored photographs will be required meeting the following criteria
  • 3 month latest photograph on high-quality paper
  • Photo background must be white
  • Glasses can not be worn
  • No Cap or headwear allowed, except for the religious purpose


  • An email address for support purposes
  • A temporary address within Vietnam
  • Your entry and exit dates and entry and exit points/airports
  • Hotel Voucher.
  • Return ticket.

Instructions to Be Considered

  • The e-Visa is a Single Entry visa.
  • The e-Visa is legitimate for 30 days altogether from the date of entry demonstrated at the time of application.
  • e-Visa holders may stay in Vietnam for a limit of 30 days.
  • Visitors who need to visit Vietnam must have a passport with at any rate a half year of legitimacy from the arranged date of entry.
  • The candidate's visa must be legitimate at any rate one month after an appearance in Vietnam, and it must have two clear pages for a stamp/sticker from the migration/fringe control official.
  • Minors with their identification must finish a full e-Visa application. Minors matured 14 and under remembered for their parent's identification should be recognized for their folks e-Visa application.
  • Candidates are needed to convey a duplicate copy of their e-Visa consistently during their whole visit in country.
  • Upon appearance, you should likewise introduce a Medical Declaration to enter Vietnam.
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Eligible Countries

The vast majority of nationalities need a visa for Vietnam. Nationalities who are not eligible for visa-free entry (or those who are but wish to stay for longer than the visa-free time limit) need a visa to enter Vietnam. Citizens of the following 81 countries can apply for the Vietnam eVisa by completing the quick online application:

Andorra Cuba Kazakhstan New Zealand South Korea
Austria Cyprus Latvia Norway Spain
Argentina Czech Republic Liechtenstein Palau Sweden
Australia Denmark Lithuania Panama Switzerland
Armenia Estonia Luxembourg Papua New Guinea Timor Leste
Azerbaijan Fiji Macedonia Peru UAE
Belarus Finland Malta Philippines United Kingdom
Belgium France Marshall Islands Poland United States
Bosnia & Herzegovina Georgia Mexico Portugal Uruguay
Brazil Germany Micronesia Qatar Vanuatu
Brunei Greece Moldova Romania Venezuela
Bulgaria Hungary Monaco Russia Samoa
Canada Iceland Mongolia San Marino Macau
Chile India Montenegro Serbia
HONG KONG Ireland Myanmar Slovakia
Colombia Italy Nauru Slovenia
Croatia Japan Netherlands Solomon Islands
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E-Visa FAQs
What is an Vietnam eVisa?

The Vietnam Tourist E Visa is an official document authorizing entry into and travel within Vietnam, and it is electronically linked to your passport. The Vietnam e-Visa issued for Single entries for visits with a duration of stay up to 30days from the date of first entry.

How long does an Vietnam E-visa take?

Evisa approval will take 4 business working days for Approval.

What do I need to apply for Vietnam E-visa?

You have to Submit the following details for your application:- Passport(valid for 6 months after arrival in Vietnam), Credit / debit card to pay Visa fee, Passport Scan copy (Bio page) or Photograph.

What conditions must the applicant’s passport meet for Vietnam eVisa?

Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 30 days beyond the visa expiry date and should have at least one blank page. For example, if you enter Vietnam today and your visa expires in 30 days, then your passport must be valid for at least 60 days.

What do I need to present upon entry to Vietnam?

You must present a printed copy of your approved E-visa letter, your passport and proper fund proof with Accomodation details and flight return tickets.

How long I stay in Vietnam with an E-visa?

The evisa allow for a maximum stay of 30 days in Total.

Vaccination requirements to Travel to Vietnam?

Yellow Fever vaccine is required if travelling from a country with risk of yellow fever transmission. For More information click the link : -

Is it safe to use Evisamart to get my Vietnam E-visa?

Yes, totally! We are a professional Vietnam Visa Consultant. Many people believe that online information can leak easily and that their data is at a higher risk of getting into the wrong hands. But you should know that it's not common to experience something like this with our services. We offer you maximum safety for your personal information.