Vietnam Visa for Chinese Residents

Vietnam offers you a tremendous touring opportunity and provides you with various amusing sites to see. Vietnam is among one of the most likely to visit nations in south-eastern Asia. It is well known for its beautiful sceneries and tourist attraction towards its paddy fields, limestone islands, cavern framework, National Park. The nation provides you with some great opportunities to explore on your visit. Although once torn apart by the war, Vietnam today stands very much above its ground. Today all you could see is the towns overflow with tall buildings, urban communities, floating markets, and mopeds running in the streets.

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Vietnam, among some other few nations, has begun giving e-Visas by following a small procedure. Applying for a Vietnamese e-Visa is a straightforward and effortless process. The application for the e-Visa is filled online. With all the required details given, one can get the e-visa for Vietnam for 30 days. The Vietnamese e-Visa process is effortless and saves time. You won't need to visit the embassy face-to-face or apply for a visa at the air terminal, which can indeed be a long ride and very much time-consuming. However, as long as you have all the necessary documents to fulfill the Vietnamese e-visa application's prerequisites, you are good to go. Generally, you would get your visa through email once your e-visa application got accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Chinese residents need an eVisa to visit Vietnam?

Yes, you do need to apply for a Vietnamese e-visa before entering Vietnam. This applies to all the Chinese residents who might hold an international passport for Macau or Hong Kong. The Chinese e-passport holders are not eligible for getting Vietnamese e-visa online. The holder of Chinese e-passport holders might have to apply through the nearest embassy or consulate. However, the tourist visa for Vietnam can be easily acquired online by those Chinese residents who hold travel papers for China, Macau, or Hong Kong. The online process for applying visa for Vietnam is far more comfortable and saves you from visiting the consulate or meeting them face to face.

How can I get eVisa online?

To help you in the matter and make getting a visa easier, has developed an online framework to apply for a Vietnamese visa. It could either be a business visa or traveler visa according to your needs for traveling to Vietnam. This online system of getting an e-visa helps the guests getting visas without any hustle of running down in the embassy with their passports and waiting for weeks to get their visa application approved

How can I get a visa to visit Vietnam?

To apply for a visa for Vietnam, you have to:

  • First, fill the application form for getting your visa to Vietnam. You can get the visa letter from any travel agent or accomplice in Vietnam or send the structure of your passport online. 

  • Second, you must pay the fees of the visa application process for the Vietnam visa. After spending the costs, the approved letter of your visa for Vietnam will be sent to you by email. It could be sent to you through fax or email after you have provided all the detail regarding your passport.

  • Lastly, you need a printout copy of your pre-approved copy of your visa letter sent you in your email. You have to show that printed copy of your e-visa and passport upon landing in any global air terminal in Vietnam at the "Immigration checkpoint."

For the Chinese residents, how many types of visas are there?

As a Chinese citizen, you have the option of choosing from two types of Vietnamese e-Visas. These are the Vietnamese e-Visa and the Vietnamese e-Visa on arrival. Neither of them is a substitution of an embassy visa, which is more uncomplicated and easy to get. Getting the e-Visa for Vietnam is easy and less time-consuming than getting the visa in traditional ways.

For the Chinese residents, what does eVisa imply?

The e-Visa for Vietnam is a kind of pre-travel document needed by outsiders to enter Vietnam. It's required for all those who are from different nations other than Vietnam, including Chinese residents. The e-Visa authorizes you to enter Vietnam through an electronic system connected to your passport.

With a Vietnam eVisa, how long can we stay in the country?

You can stay for 30 days or a month if you have applied for a Vietnamese e-visa. So it would help if you thought for yourself which period is most likely to suit your travel in Vietnam and how long you are planning to stay in Vietnam.

What are the documents necessary to apply for the Vietnam eVisa?

An advantage of applying for an e-visa is that it's more suitable than visiting the Vietnamese embassy. Here are the things that are needed if you are applying online for Vietnamese e-Visa:

  • A valid passport with a scanned copy of the front page.

  • Your passport size photograph

  • Your email address to get further updates and e-visa.

  • Credit/Debit card for application fee payment

 Note: -  your passport should have six month's validity from the date of arrival in Vietnam.

How long is the eVisa valid for?

The Vietnamese e-Visa is valid for as long as the period of 30 days.

How many times can we enter Vietnam with the eVisa?

The Vietnamese e-Visa has Single Entry; you can enter only one time with one such e-Visa.



Tragically, that is impractical because this e-visa is accessible just in specific ports of the section:
There are additionally some Airports, land ports, and seaports where this e-Visa is acknowledged. You can check the entire list here.

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