Vietnam Visa for South Korean Residents

Vietnam is home to the most scenic beauty, fun-filled adventurous activities, welcoming individuals, and heavenly joys. Everybody can find something exciting for themselves in the towns and beaches of Vietnam. Before you could explore the immense beauty of Vietnam, you must get a visa if you are from another nation. The residents of South Korea have to get the Vietnamese e-visa so that they would be able to enjoy their trip to Vietnam without any issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a South Korean, do I need Visa to enter Vietnam?

The answer is yes. You do need to apply for a Vietnam Visa for visiting this beautiful country.

How to apply for Visa if I am from South Korea?

The next thing one could ask himself is how I can apply for the Visa, what do I have to do? The answer to that is straightforward. Yes, you have to provide some information for your e-visa application. There are some details which you need to submit with your visa application. These details are given as follows:

  • Valid Passport - As a citizen of South Korea, you do need to have a South Korean passport. It is easy in South Korea to get a passport if you don't have one. If you hold a Russian passport, make sure that it is valid by checking its expiry date. The expiry date should be more than six months from the date of your flight.

  • Email address- You are required to provide an email address so that the approved copy of your e-visa could be sent to you. At the immigration checkpoint in Vietnam, you do need to show a copy of your e-visa.

  • Payment mode- The next thing that will be asked of you is how you will pay the application fees. You can pay the fees through a debit or credit card, or you can pay through your PayPal account too.

Other than the things stated above, you might further need these additional documents to show up on your Vietnam arrival. These are the following:
  • Valid Visa - A copy of your e-visa will be sent to you in your email in a PDF format. You do need to have a printed copy of that before your departure.

  • Two Photographs - Two passport-sized photographs could be either of 4*6 cm or 3*4 cm.

  • The Original Passport - You do need to have the original passport with you.

  • Sufficient funds - You also do have to have enough funds for your warm stay in Vietnam.

Would it be advisable to give a specific date of arrival in Vietnam?

Well, all we could say is that the arrival date depends on your comfort, or whenever you are planning the trip. It's the date you choose for yourself and prepares your trip accordingly. Yet, it is advised that you should leave the country before the expiration of your Visa. For example: If you have applied for a 1-month visa and present your arrival date on 1st April 2021. The visa letter will be valid from 1st April 2021 to 1st May 2021. You can arrive whenever between 1st March to 1st April; however, you need to leave the country by 1st May 2021.

Note: You cannot arrive before the date given in your passport. However, if you wish to visit early than the date expressed in your approval letter, you must apply for another to make changes on the arrival date.

What happens when you enter an inappropriate passport number?

Upon submitting your application, you get an affirmation email on your email address mentioned in your application form. In this email, the data you have mentioned in your application is being affirmed. If you find any mistakes in your application, do get in touch with the support staff immediately. You can respond by sending an email or through the chat option. If you can't get things done in time, you should re-apply for another visa with correct information about yourselves.

Can I go without an Approval letter and get a visa when arriving in Vietnam?

No, one cannot arrive without an approval letter or Visa. When you board the plane, you need to show the approved Visa to the aircraft. This letter is necessary; also, you need to get the visa stamped at the Vietnam air terminal.

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